Thursday, September 7, 2017

{Asher & Jax} Two Months

Stats: The boys next appointment (well child check-up) is next week Wednesday (September 13th) so best guess is Asher weighs in the mid to upper 12lb range.  And Jax is pry in the lower 11lb range. I'll update here after the appointment with weights/heights/stats.

*Update...Asher weighed in at 12lb 9oz (75th%) and measured 22 and 3/4 inches long (50th%). His head circumference was 15 and 1/4 inches (25-50th%). Jax weighed in at 11lb 7oz (50th) and measured 22 and 1/4 inches long (25-50th%). His head circ was 15 and 1/2 inches (25-50th%).
Sizes: The boys are still wearing 0-3 or 3 month clothing. Asher will definitely be ready to move up a size before Jax but thinking I'll just keep them in the same size at least as long as I can. (Better to be a touch big on Jax than too small for Asher. And I prefer they stay in the same size for matching/coordinating purposes. They are still in size 1 Kirkland diapers but once the size 1's run out its on to size 2.
Food: The boys have each received a few more bottles. I first started giving 4-4.5oz bottles but now its 4.5-5oz bottles. They still eat on demand. Typically every 2-4 hours during the day. And every 3-4 hours at night. I rarely pumped this last month (just don't have enough time in the day to do it). But two nights ago I started pumping to give them a 9:30/10pm bottle. Would have even larger spans of sleep at night if I only had Jax. Rarely does Jax wake at night before Asher. And same as last month when one twin wakes/is ready to eat I wake/make the other one eat too.
Routine: No set routine. No typical wake up time. Eat every 2-4 hours. Still napping randomly, Sometimes together and sometimes not. I try to get them to bed between 9:30 and 11pm (although I will be bumping up this time during this next month). Two nights ago I started giving a 4.5-5oz bottle around 9:30/10pm. I pump right before and will supplement with formula to make sure they each get 4.5-5oz. The first night I had a 4.5oz bottle already ready to go and I pumped another 4.5oz so no formula was needed. Last night I pumped 10oz so once again I was all set. I have a mix of free formula samples in the cupboard so they'll get whatever I pulled out. During the night their sleep has been very different each pattern what so ever. And like I already said no set wake up time.
Developmental Milestones: Asher has phenomenal head control and Jax isn't too far behind. Both boys started smiling more this month.
Loves: The boys love their momma!!! Love to eat!!! (Jax) loves his bop more so than Asher!!! And they love being held.
Dislikes: Sitting in a poopy diaper.
Other Things I Don't Want To Forget:
  • The boys have slept a {very} few 5-6 hour stretches at night. The longest stretch I've been getting lately is a 4 hour stretch.
  • Asher is definitely the more fussy babe. For a few weeks it felt like if he wan't sleeping he was fussing. Where as Jax is content just chilling awake. But in the last couple of days he (Asher) has been more chill.
  • Jax is an ANGEL baby. By far my BEST baby. So incredibly relaxed and chilled. I think he just makes Asher look bad (or Asher makes him look good). I really feel like Asher's temperament is similar to the three Bigs at the same age but obviously with two of them I compare then to each other...and hence Jax gets good baby status and Asher gets fussy baby status.
  • Both boys hand out smiles but Jax hands them out MUCH quicker.
  • Asher is a gassy baby (cause of his fussiness)? Swaddle him up and he tends to calm quicker.
  • First night in their crib was Sept 5. They slept the same as the previous night in their rock n plays. Second night Jax woke (after a freakin 5oz bottle) after a mere 3 hours. Popped in his paci and he fell back to sleep. Fifteen minutes later heard more fussy...this time it was Asher. Popped his paci in. We played this rotating game for an hour and 15 minutes until I finally gave in and fed them at 2:20am. But then they slept until 7:05 (Jax) and 7:30am (Asher). I'll be super honest I am not afraid to let them fuss at night if they are not (in my opinion) due to eat or fuss in the early morning when they were just fed and its not awake time yet. I feel like they should be able to make a 4.5-5 hour stretch at this point.
  • Its funny when looking back at the other kids 2 month posts I read that I cut Mason's nails for the first time at 8.5 weeks. The twins have had their nails cut 4-5 times already.
  • Asher has bad {really bad} cradle cap so I jumped right to the dandruff shampoo (Selsun Blue). I wash his hair a couple times a week with the shampoo, apply some baby oil to it afterwards, and comb the dry skin out. Might try to reverse the order (oil then shampoo) to see if that works better.
Jax above and Asher below
  • Pretty sure Asher is going to need a helmet like Mase did to fix the shape of his head. Stay tuned for confirmation (which we won't get until after his 4 month appointment and most likely a MFB appointment).
  • Asher still has his three birthmarks on his face and one on his lower back.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

{Crew} Two Years

Stats: Crew's TWO year old well-child check up isn't until August 15. But according to my scale he weighs a whopping 26.8 pounds. I'll update with what the doctor's scale says on the 15th...along with his height and percentiles. *At today's appointment Crew weighed 25lb 4oz (25th%) and measured 34 inches (50th%). His head circumference was 19.5 inches (50-75th%).*
Sizes: Crew started summer wearing 18 month, 24 month, and 2T clothing but as of late is mostly wearing 2T (tops and bottoms) along with some 18/18-24 month bottoms. He is just finishing wearing a size 6 and is moving on to 6/7 or 7s in the shoe department and a size 4 in the diaper (Kirkland brand) department.
Food: Crew is a wonderful eater. Willing (most often) to try anything out. If he doesn't like it he just spits it out. He likes most dairy (drinkable yogurt smoothies, cheese, ice cream, and milk to name a few). As for fruit he'll eat grapes, strawberries, raspberries, pineapple, and apples. He dislikes all vegetables. As for meat he loves sausage, chicken nuggets and hot dogs. He loves eating breakfast. Breakfast faves include cereal, french toast sticks, or {Eggo} waffles.  He loves his white {and chocolate} milk, apple juice, Capri Suns, lemonade, and Gatorade but mostly drinks water or white milk. Also loves all things chocolate, candy, wheat thins, and mac & cheese.
Routine: Back the first weekend in July we moved Crew from his crib to his big boy bed. I didn't really think we needed to yet but Brian wanted to just get both cribs in the nursery. He transitioned like a champ!!! But for the last two weeks when put to bed at night he walks himself right back out (like a million times) and only wants Daddy to put him back down. Talking about putting the gate up like we did for Molly. (He can get the childproof lock off the inside door knob of his door in like 2 seconds. Third child problem). For most of the last year Crew woke typically between 7:30 and 8am but as of the last month it's been more like 6-7am. Thankfully if earlier he just climbs into our bed and falls back to sleep. Crew goes down for a nap asomewhere between 1:45-2:30 if we're home but if we're out and about as late as 3:30. He typically sleeps for 2 hours (occasionally 2.5 hours). Crew from (last) August thru end of April went to bed at 8pm. From early May til present 9pm. But with all his walk back outs he pry doesn't actually fall asleep until 9:30/10. His bedtime routine includes...brushing his teeth, then laying in bed reading Little Blue Truck (his fave book) with Daddy, and finally saying his prayers. Then he gets tucked in with his 50 bops (pacis). Well actually in his mouth and one for each hand.
Loves: Crew loves his toy mower. Crew loves going for mower rides with dad. (I'm a nurse so let me add here with blades UP...never down).  Crew loves his bops (pacis). Crew loves watching Animals on iPhones. Crew loves his cousin Cole Rich. Wants him to watch everything he does. Crew loves swimming and tubbies. Crew loves trucks and dozers and balls of any kind. Crew loves loves loves being outside. And Crew loves wrestling (and saying to his brother "neener neener neener you can't get me").
Watching Daddy mow.
If you can't find Crew...look in the shed!!!
Mowing with Daddy. (Blades ALWAYS up. He just goes for mower rides).
Dislikes: Crew does NOT like sitting in a poopy diaper. Isn't always a fan of getting his face wiped. And going (and STAYING IN) bed like a good boy. He also isn't always a fan of getting his picture taken. Oh and he doesn't like veggies. (This dislike list was basically Mols except the sitting in a poopy diaper).
Other Things I Don't Want To Forget:
  • First and foremost you became a BIG brother to TWINS at (just shy of) 23 months!!!
  • You didn't care for your baby brothers initially but you sure love them now and always want to hang on to them. Oh and give them kisses.
With Asher (above) and with Jax (below).
  • You're favorite phrases include...stop it and best {mommy/daddy} ever. Oh and if mommy yells at cry for daddy (or Mason or Molly if Daddy's not around) and say Mommy mean. 
  • You occasionally bite (this started within the last two month). Every bite equals a time out. Thankfully you don't bite often.
  • Your vocabulary exploded in the past 6 months.
  • Mommy put you to bed every single night until maybe May then you switched to Daddy and ONLY Daddy. A mommy's boy no more {tear}. You love your Daddy and always want to be with him.
  • You enjoy reading books.
  • You try your absolute best to keep up with the big kids.
  • You LOVE (are OBSESSED with) watching the movie Zootopia. You also like the movies Sing or Pets (The Secret Life of Pets). Zootopia though we watch multiple times a day.
  • You are the only one in our house with your own bedroom. Mase's bed was in your room until end of November (he typically slept in a sleeping bag on the floor of mom and dad's room) but as of the end of November when Mase and Mols moved downstairs you slept all by yourself.
  • You climbed out of your crib just one mere time (at a fresh 22 months).
  • Your car seat was turned around just shy of 23 months because of the new van.
  • We call you Boozer, Crewsers, and Crew Bry. Mommy calls you Angel boy and Best boy.
  • You are the sweetest boy ever. I tell you all the time that I just want to eat you alive. You of course say Nooooo.
  • You will often put your little hand on my cheek and I melt. And you let me kiss you to deathers yet.
  • You have the BEST hair and you get comments on it ALL THE TIME.
  • You listen so so SO well. We tell you to do say NO...but then almost immediately do what we say. You are BY FAR our easiest child (thus far anyways...Jax might give you a run for your money).
  • My apologies that I did not write an 18 month post or get 18 month photos taken. I was completed exhausted and had no desire to do anything.

Monday, August 7, 2017

{Asher & Jax} One Month

Stats: The boys next doctor appointment (well child check-up) isn't until September 13 so best guess is Asher is 8lb 12oz-ish. (A week and a half ago he was 8 pounds 4 ounces at 21 days young). And Jax is pry 8lb 6oz-ish. (A week and a half ago he was 7 pounds 14 ounces). I am going to bring the boys in with me to get weighed at Crew's 2 year well child appointment on August 15 so I'll update here after those weight checks.*Update Asher weighed in at 10lb 4oz and Jax weighed in at 9lb 7oz.
Sizes: I packed away most of the boys newborn clothes (except for their PJs) a few days ago. They are now wearing 0-3 or 3 month clothing. The 3 month clothing is a bit big but I prefer bigger over too tight. They are still in size 1 Kirkland diapers.
Food: The boys got their first (well since the hospital) bottles on July 29 (at 3 weeks and 1 day). Fed by daddy and Grandma Vugteveen-they sucked them right down with no hesitation. Each took 3 ounces. In other feeding news...they still eat on demand. Typically every 2-4 hours during the day. And every 2.5-4.5 hours at night. I rarely pump but know I need to. Just don't have enough time in the day. Would have even larger spans at night if I only had Jax. That kid is SO chill but Asher is always waking to eat so I make Jax wake to eat too.
Routine: No set routine. No typical wake up time. Eat every 2-4 hours and still sleeping a lot but starting to have more alert periods. Asher tends to have more awake/alert stretches than Jax. And they go to bed between 9:30 and 10:30pm...just depends on when they last eat.
Developmental Milestones: Getting better and better neck control. 
Loves: The boys love their momma (tummy to tummy time and my voice especially)!!! Love to eat!!! Love their bops!!! And love being held.
Dislikes: Sitting in a poopy diaper.

Other Things I Don't Want To Forget:
  • You boys have no baby acne {yet anyways}.
  • You boys don't mind your car seats or tubby time. {Yea}!!!
  • In the last week you both have become more and more alert.
{Jax-above & Asher-below}
  • Daddy went back to work after a wonderful 3 week paternity leave.
  • Appearing that you will be our fourth and fifth blue eyed babies. (No brown eyed babies like daddy).
  • Asher you tend to be more fussy but nothing out of the ordinary. Its just that Jax is way beyond chill. And I mean WAY chill.
  • Asher you are a really gassy baby (cause of your fussiness)? Swaddle you up and you tend to calm quicker.
  • You guys went to your first birthday party (for big bro Crew and cousin Easton).
  • Don't think I noted it in your two three week post but you went to church for the first time at 9 days young.
  • Mommy made her first solo trip with more than 3 kids!!! I took you boys along with Crew and Molly to Kohl's while Mase was at VBS.

Friday, July 28, 2017

{Asher & Jax} Two Weeks

On July 12 Asher and Jax had their first well child check up. When we left the hospital Asher was down to 7lb 2oz. At this appointment he was down another ounce to 7lb 1oz. Jax was down to 7lb 8oz (when we left the hospital). At this appointment he was down another 3oz to 7lb 5oz. But the sub doctor was happy with their weights so no weight check before their two week appointment (scheduled for when they are 3 weeks on 7.28.17).

Stats: At their appointment today Asher weighed in at 8lb 4oz (30th%) and measured 20 inches long (10th%). His head circumference was 13.75 inches (10th%). Jax weighed in at 7lb 14oz (25th%) and measured 20 inches long (10th%). His head circumference was 14.1 inches (10th%).
(Asher and Jax)
Sizes: The boys both fit nicely into newborn clothing but since I do not have much in newborn size today I did put them in 0-3 month clothing (fits just a mite bit big) for the first time. They are wearing size 1 (Kirkland) diapers. (They wore newborn diapers for 2.5 weeks but when I ran out of newborn size I just switched them to size 1 (Kirkland) diapers.
Food: Boobie milk on demand!!! Typically every 2-3 hours during the day and every 3-4 hours during the night. Each boy gets one boob. Sometimes I tandem feed and sometimes they eat back to back. If one is ready to eat (and the other is still sleeping) when the first one is done I ALWAYS wake the sleeping one. Wanna (gotta for my sanity) keep them on the same schedule. I pump very rarely. Who has time for that?!! But need to start doing so more regularly soon to get a supply going for when I go back to work. I have a few days worth in the freezer thus far so not doing too terrible.
Routine: No schedule as of yet. I feed them on demand. So when they want it...they get it. If we have to run out (church, errands, etc) I always try to feed them before so I don't have to stop and feed them so quickly into my chasing or during church. They are great sleepers during the day (and actually at night too-typical newborns). They go to bed around 10:30/11. I typically feed them around 10pm and put them down for the night. Always hopeful for a 4 hour stretch. Occasionally my wish comes true!!!
Developmental Milestones: Working on neck strength. Asher is a champ at this. Jax just lays on the boppy and doesn't even attempt to lift his head.
Loves: Their momma, their milk, and their pacis!!! 
Dislikes: Both do not like sitting in poopy diapers.

Other Things I Don't Want To Forget:
  • Neither of you startle easily which is a good thing because your brothers and sister are SUPER loud (and that's putting it mildly).
  • In the first three weeks of life you boys went to your doctor's office twice (for your scheduled visits), to G&G Helmholdt's house and G&G Vugteveen's house a couple each times to hang by their lakes, to Rosewood playground, to the mall (a couple of times), Carters and Target, to "Uncle" Bob and "Aunt" Joanie's house in Middleville, church, John Ball Zoo, Boulder Ridge Zoo, Holland Discovery Center followed by Taco Bell, Red Geranium followed by Aunt Courtney's pool, the Hudsonville Fairgrounds for the Grand Rapids Balloon Festival, Hungry Horse Campground (Dad, Mase, and Mols went camping for 2 nights), and Holland Beach. What a fun first three weeks you guys have had!!!
  • Jax's cord fell off after 7 (stinky) days. Asher's cord fell off a day later.
  • Jax had a blocked tear duct for a few days but after some gentle massaging it {mostly} cleared up.
  • Asher tends to be more fussy than my SUPER chill Jax but nothing to write home about
  • Asher has more of a shrill (piercing) cry.
  • You guys moved into your room after a mere 3 nights in mom and dad's bedroom. Asher was a fussy bucket those first four nights (at home) and I needed sleep. And I needed it bad. Having you in your own rooms allowed me to sleep a little bit more.
  • You boys got your newborn pictures taken at 11 days old.
  • Both of you made it through your first cold (compliments of your sister).