Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter 2014

Here's how Easter morning started...during a first thing Sunday morning diaper change Mason saw his Easter basket present (sitting in Molly's crib) and wanted to open it ASAP. I told him not until he was showerd and dressed. He gave me a fight but I won. (Mommy always wins)!!! He was so excited opening his gift that he didn't have time to smile for the camera...until he started throwing the tissue paper at me that is.
Couldn't pick just one...beautiful baby girl in her Easter best.
And then my morning got a little more chaotic. I had warned Brian all week that under NO circumstance was he to give Mase a chocolate donut after church. So when I heard an "oh shoot" BEFORE church come out of Brian's mouth I said...WHAT?!? And then I saw. Mason's white polo shirt had blue spit running down the front...(cotton candy he decided he didn't like from his Easter bag). SOOO NOT awesome. I tried to rub stain remover on it but it wasn't cutting it so into the wash machine it went. Thankfully he tested out his cotton candy at 8:30 in the morning....leaving me plenty of time to get it washed and mostly dried.
I wanted a picture before church because it gets a bit crazy at my parent's house plus I wanted a clean shirt. With limited time this is what I got. He didn't want sis "by" him because she was going to spit on him. Where he got that idea I have NO idea. Hence why his lip is quivering in the picture below.
After church we headed over to my parent's house for a delious ham meal (with all the Easter fixings) and for the beloved Easter egg hunt. The kids were SO excited they could hardly contain themselves. We couldn't find one of Mason's shoes and everyone was teasing him that the hunt was going to start without him which sent him into a tizzy. Thankfully we found it just in time ;) 

The Hunters...
Back: Addisyn, Austin, Kylynn, and Cambrey
Front: Brinley, Easton, Cole, and Mason

The NON-Hunters...Molly and Connor
To add to my day Molly decided to poop through her (white) diaper cover and onto my white pants right after eating. She must have wanted to add a little more excitement to my day!!! 
Mason kept giving Austin ALL his eggs...and Austin was happy to comply!!!
After a trip to the park (my parent's backyard backs up to an Elementary School) we headed home for naps. After naps grandpa and grandma Helmholdt came over for a light supper and lots of outdoor play. So thankful it was SUCH a beautiful day!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ten On Tuesday

1. A trip out to Holland (to Gap Outlet) meant a visit to the ducks...
Mason loved "feeding" the ducks. His feed was sticks and stones...poor ducks.

2. Mason refused to nap after our trip out to Holland...(something he's been doing on occasion as of late) so go figure on our way to the mall later that night (a mere 10 minute drive) he cashed right out...
We went to the mall so daddy could have some peace and quiet to grid out the chevrons for Molly's room. We met grandma H to hit up Younkers (coupons in hand). After Younkers grandma treated Mase to a carousel ride and an "airplane" ride... 
We parted ways with grandma but since we still had some more time to kill we headed to Kohl's. Wouldn't you know we ran into Grandma V. We shopped some more and then grandma treated Mase to a pretzel before we headed home. One spoiled little boy by two grandmas who love him oh so much!!!

3. Call us crazy but last week a friend and I drove an hour and a half (well she drove two) to meet another friend in New Buffalo, Michigan. (The other friend lives in a Chicago suburb. She too had to drive a little over two hours). We chatted (kid free)!!! for just under three hours and then all drove home. Crazy maybe. Worth it...YES!!! Love my two bestest college buddies!!!

4. On Saturday morning Mase took part in the annual Hudsonville (Huges Park) Easter egg hunt. He so badly wanted to start before the whistle blew. Kept saying ready...set...GO. He was quite mad we wouldn't let him. Then when the whistle finally blew it scared the ba-jeebies out of him. So much so that he pretty much refused to "hunt" for eggs. He ended up with a mere 10 egss. Oh well...there's always next year!!!
Three of his ten!!!

5. Mason enjoying his first outside ride on his "new" ride...

6. Came into my room and saw this...

7. I finished feeding Molly one day and walked into the kitchen and saw this. I almost crapped my pants. I thought he was standing in a drawer.
Thankfully he was not...
He's getting a little slap happy moving that chair around. Not only does he use it to get to his "drums" (aka...the silverware)...he also uses it to get to the candy jar.

8. I was trying to take Molly's picture and Mase wanted to cheese too. Easy does it boy!!!
Much better. Oh I love these two!!!

9. Nicer weather means Mason gets to hang out with his bestest neighor friends...Adryana and Blake.
These three have so much fun together!!!

10. I gave this outfit to my niece Brinley when she was born. Love that my little girl gets to wear it now!!!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Molly's REdecorated Room

After Molly was born my mother-in-law kept asking if I wanted to redo Molly's room. I didn't think it was neccesary but when she asked for the third time I thought...why not!?! So a huge thanks to my mother-in-law (and father-in-law) for purchasing the paint, new bedding, diaper stacker, hamper, and toy bin, to my hubby for doing all the measuring work for the chevron wall, and to my father-in-law for painting her room. I am in LOVE with how it turned out!!! 
View from the closet.

Close ups...
Mommy and Daddy with each of our four precious babes!!! Don't mind the fact that the hubby did NOT hang them in correct birth order! (Ella and Alayna on top and Molly and Mason on bottom).
View from the window.
Another close up.
View from the door.
View from the bookshelf.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ten On Tuesday

1. We filled last week with lots of F-U-N!!! On Monday the kids and I along with Gampa and Gamma Vugteveen went to the Critter Barn. Mason loves himself some baby critters!!!
He wanted to pet every.single.animal!
Mason with Gampa and Gamma
Mommy, Molly, and Mason
Sweet baby Molly

2. On Wednesday the kids and I went to Catch Air with my girlfriend Rachel and her three boys. It's a new indoor play center in Grand Rapids. It was amazing. Mason had SO much fun!!! (I apologize for the poor quality pictures...they're all from my phone).
3. On Thursday I took the kids to my Mason's favorite store...Target. I mean what kid wouldn't love to walk down (what seems like) aisles of toys. Guess he hasn't hit up Toys'R'Us lately.
4. On Friday we went to the Kroc Center with Gamma Vugteveen, Aunt Kristi, Aunt Jana, and cousins. Mase was a little tentative at first (per his norm) but by the end he DID NOT want to leave.
He found a whistle on his new life jacket.
The "N" ending grandchildren...Easton, Austin, Kylynn, Mason, and Addisyn
And then a shot with Gamma and Molly
5. After swimming we all headed to Frog Hollow for some playground fun and lunch.
Kylynn and Molly
Mason and his "baby-sitter." She was such a sweet big cousin following him all over the playground!!!

6. For dinner we grabbed a Little Ceasar's hot and ready and took it to one of the local elementary playgrounds. We didn't take a jacket for Mase. Didn't think he would need one but with the sun no longer shining it was a wee bit chilly. Mase kept saying "brrr cold" so here he is wearing my jacket... 
7. Mase has an obession with this stool. It has gotten him to places (and to things) where he's never been before.
8. On Saturday (while I worked) Brian took the kids to his parents. Mason loves their huge sandbox (aka...beach). Who cares if its a bit chilly. And who needs a swimsuit!?!
9. Mason was desperate to play outside on Sunday...nevermind the rain...
10. (Today) in a matter of 10 minutes Mason banged his head against the headboard of my bed and ran into my bedroom door. The red mark (from the door) went away asap but the goose egg (from the headboard) just got nastier.