Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Ten On Tuesday

1. Sandy pictures NEVER get old to me...
2-5.  I've been LOVING this fall. Thankful to enjoy another glorious God-given day this past Monday. And even better to enjoy it with these 3 little people. Spring Grove Park for the win!!!
(So many pictures~my apologies)!!!
6. Another beautiful Monday means we just had to hit up another park. Hughes Park for the win!!!
7. And yet another park day because well we just aren't going to have but one more nice day until winter HITS.
8. A visit to the mall with these three goons...
9. This kid is a ticking time bomb...hits {bruises} his head almost weekly.
10. Mason from a trunk or treat a few weeks back. Went with our neighbors. Obviously switched it up from a Hunter to THEE ultimate Spiderman.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Ten On Tuesday

1. Happy Halloween 2016 from {most of} the "Vugteveen" grands. This year they were a Witch (Addisyn), Leia Skywalker (Kylynn), a Bee (Cambrey), a Gorilla (Cole), Luke Skywalker (Easton), a Crayon (Brinley), a Hunter (Mason), Ariel (Molly), d naa baby deer (Crew),
2. Happy Happy BIRTHDAY (on November 1) to this guy!!! We love you!!!
3. Hanging with cousins while Grandma baby-sits ALL OF THEM!!!
4. My heart melts every time Crew goes in for a hug. He loves his big bro SO!!!
5. Yep-he thinks he's big stuff. Just "trying" to drive the neighbors Gator.
6. Snoozing boyz...
7. When moms at work on a weekend...this is a pretty common sight. (Pjs all.day.long).
8. Time change was a definite struggle for this lil guy. (This is Sunday at noon). I had told Brian (I was at work) to try his best not to let him nap until the afternoon. He just couldn't anymore...
(I have NEVER had a kid fall asleep in the highchair before. A first for everything)!!!
9. Monday morning he was up at 5:15 (again). This time I snuggled with him (versus trying to make him cry it out) so he fell back to sleep until 6. Would have slept longer but his sister woke him up.
 10. NO fear Helmholdt...

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Ten On Tuesday

1. Preschool picture...I would say it was a successful take!!!
2. Enjoying themselves a lil Sprinkles donut action. YUM!!!
3. And after donuts a trip to Sunrise Park. What a B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L fall we have had! Thankful for these last few park play days.
4. Enjoying ourselves a lil nerf action in the basement.
 5. "Daaaaaaaaaaaaaa"
6. Trick or Trunking at my parent's church last weekend.
7. And after trick or trunking at my parent's church Mase went with our neighbors to ANOTHER trick or trunk. Quick costume change into Spiderman.
8. Michigan vs Michigan State Game...GO BLUE!!!
So H-A-P-P-Y with a Maize and Blue WIN.
9. My sweet {err...super super sweet} baby boy chilling by his daddy.
10. And after a successful trick or trunking (x2 for some) and a Michigan W-I-N, we ended our perfect Saturday by painting our pumpkins. Pictures are a slight bit deceiving. Our pumpkin painting was actually a fail. The paint I bought was very staining and since Crew didn't have clothes on...the glue was a bear to get off him.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Ten On Thursday

1. 10th Annual Pumpkin Walk at 2nd (Allendale) CRC in Allendale. (Only our second year but who's counting). A super fun (and FREE) event.
2. This lil guy refused to take a second nap for the day. Mommy was {obviously} very sad about this incident. 
3. 8th Annual Helmholdt "Fall Front Porch Picture." I prayed for NO rain. Got my wish. Should have prayed for NO sun too. Kids had squinty eyes and I couldn't get rid of the shadows but I guess pictures are not meant to be perfect.
4. Because I wasn't completely happy with the outdoor pic...made them take another one inside. Besides Molly's scowl I was happy with how it turned out!
5. Love Love LOVE fall Sunday afternoon walks.
6. Mason Dale~4.5 years.
7. Molly Elayne~2.5 years.
8. Crew Bryer~1 year.
9. My 3 BLESSINGS. So very blessed to be their mommy!!!
10. JD Expressions once again did a fab job on these late summer/early fall pictures.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Ten On Tuesday

1. October 15-Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. Lighting their candle in remembrance of their big sisters.
2. Wearing red in support of our Pastor who happens to be a Buckeye fan. (In our defense it was Pastor Appreciation Sunday). Go BLUE!!!
3. These two wild boys melt my heart.
4. Meijer is always fun with these two...
5. Boyz being crazy boyz. Mols had to pee so of course EVERYONE needed to troop the mile (slight exaggeration) to the bathroom.
6. After the potty break we headed on a walk {Hager Park trails}. Love this beautiful park. Crew found himself a branch. Only slightly larger than himself...
7. Heading out to Zoo Goes BOO...Ariel, baby deer, and a hunter. 
8. So.Much.FUN at Zoo Goes BOO.
9. Yes that would be Molly Ariel shooting the bear.
10. Mommy had ONE quick stop at Tanger...that turned into 5 stops (stores) and ended with the play area. After two stores (the second being Toys R Us) this kid was getting too heavy. He was out cold.