Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Journey To {Earthly} Baby #3: Weeks 25 and 26

May 20
How Far Along: 26 weeks (and 1 day)

Picture of Baby: Had my first appointment with Dr. J that didn't include an ultrasound :/ no picture this week.

Weight Gain: According to the scale I'm up 29 pounds.

Picture of Baby IN the Belly:
{25 weeks above}
{26 weeks below}
Sleep: Some nights are better than others. Still loving me a short afternoon nap although I do not always get one.

Movement: Baby is a mover and shaker!!!

Symptoms: Back pain (especially after working a 12 hour shift at work). Hungry. T-I-R-E-D. Acne (on back and shoulders).

Food Cravings: Popsicles

Gender: Either a boy or a girl!!!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Ten On Saturday

1. Sweet baby girl loves her playhouse that our neighbors gave us for free last summer!!!
2. Mason and Adryanna enjoying the Mega Rider.
And this is what most of my (and my neighbor Stosija) Saturday looked like last week...
Let's just say the swing set is a HUGE success!!! Good work daddy!!!

3. Brian sent me this pic last week Sunday while I was at work. Love this peanut!!!
4. Last week Sunday (after I worked most of my on-call shift) we headed out to Brian's cousins property to return him his trailer and tools. The kids are obsessed with visiting "Uncle" Bob and "Aunt" Joanie's property/house. Best part of visiting are the Gator rides and Molly did NOT want to get off.
5. Molly loves her baby. And is always lifting up my shirt to pat, kiss, hug, or "see" the baby!!!
(Don't mind my large scar. I had a mole removed last May).

6. Sprinkles for a donut and chocolate milk treat with mommy!!!
7. After paying a visit to the donut shop we headed over to Hughes Park to run some bases...
This kid LOVES (is obsessed) with baseball.

 8. But before running bases we played some at the park.
9. Tulip Time {take 2}...

The only part of Tulip Time that we partook in was the carnival. The kids (especially Mason) had the time of their lives!!! First ride of the night and by far and wide the most favored was the "car ride"!!! Pretty sure Mason rode this ride and the same motorcycle at least 5 times. And since it was the only ride Molly could ride (besides the carousel) it was a hit with her too.
She SO badly wanted to go on every ride that brother went on. Sadly shorty just isn't tall enough.
Mommy had to do lots of candy keep her happy.
Waiting patiently for a ride... 
Watching daddy "fly"...
A selfie on the ferris wheel...
Love these boys!!!

10. After the carnival I snapped a quick pic (yes again) of my cuties in front of some gorgeous tulips. As you can see by their mouths...they got "CHEESE" down pat.

Friday, May 8, 2015

The Journey To (Earthly) Baby #3: Week 24

May 8
How Far Along: 24 weeks (and 3 days)

Picture of Baby:
{Waving at mommy}
{23 weeks and 6 days}

Weight Gain: Up a total of 26 pounds as of this past Monday morning.

Picture of Baby IN the Belly:
{24 weeks}

Sleep: Loving me some short afternoon naps. And loving that (at least as of lately) I have not been having any sleep insomnia at night!!!

Movement: Baby is a mover and shaker!!!

Symptoms: Was on my feet (continuously) for 2.5 hours this past week in the 80 degree heat and yikes-a-roonies did my feet swell. These next 3 months could be very interesting in the swelling department.

Food Cravings: Salty almonds. Slushies.

Gender: As of this week Mase wants it to be a brother...AND HE MEANS BROTHER!!! One morning I asked him if he wanted to feel baby move. He said NO. I said you're just like your dad. (Although in his defense he was comfy on the couch playing with his phone when I asked). Molly gets up and immediately lifts my shirt and says BABY!!! She LOVES "her" baby. I said to Mase are you sure you don't want to feel your brother or sister move, He screams BROTHER but no he still did not budge off the couch. We could have something with {Mase} if baby turns out to be another sister!!!

Had my 24 week cervical check (last one this pregnancy!!!) and growth scan this week. And I am very happy to report that all is well. Cervix was back up to 38mm. Baby H's heartbeat was 155. Baby is estimated to weigh 1lb 11oz (as of this past Monday). And blood pressure was 124/72. Next appointment is simply a blood pressure check at 26 weeks and the following appointment (at 28 weeks) is another growth scan. Can't believe I won't see my sweet baby's face for a whole month. Gonna be in some serious withdraw ;)

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Ten On Thursday

1. Slow and steady progress on the shed with helper Mason.
 2. A rare night out with my besties and our hubbies to Kobe!!
 3. Helping mom return $13 worth of popcans...
 4. Tulip Time...a week early!!!
5. Mason was playing at our neighbor's house the other night and I was sent this picture to show Brian. FYI...we are Michigan fans...obviously our neighbors are not. Lol.
6. We met my friend Lindsey and her daughter Maddie in the mall play area last week. Go figure in the hour and a half we were there Mase had to pee once and poop once. Molly didn't mind...
7. Praying my kid is not the only naughty one out there. (This was at JCPenny).
8. After a long day of playing outside in the sun this kid was sleeping by we were on our way to get ice cream. And no we did NOT wake him.
 9. How Molly's hair looks every morning...
10. Loving (absolutely loving) that Spring/Summer (depending on the day) weather is here. On Monday we took a walk to see the goats. Unfortunately they were in the barn.
Picking the beautiful flowers...
Girlfriend was sick of walking.
Mase giving sis a ride...
And this is how our walk ended. SO SO SO glad I took the stroller with.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Ten On Wednesday

1. Mase (and Mols) Mega Rider (for their new swing set) arrived...
 2. Daddy has been hard at work...
 3. is GOOD!!!
4. I turned and saw them randomly hugging. Of course momma snapped a quick pic.
5. Girlfriend cannot keep her hands off the T.V buttons. Tell her "NO" and she stares you down...
6. Building {the shed} + rain ='s a muddy muddy mess.
7. One of Mason's favorite activities as of late...picking worms and
putting them on his head.
 8. Another fave {activity}...running through mud puddles.
 9. "Up" is this girls most favorite word.
10. Hanging with cousins, throwing rocks in the water, and eating chocolate makes for a good day!!!