Friday, March 6, 2015

Molly at 14 Months (And A Week)

  • Molly thoroughly enjoys hitting people in the face. Daddy and I think you know what you are doing. You're laughing as you are do your patty gets lightly slapped and you are told NO NO. Sometimes this sends you into hysterics and other times you could care less.
  • On March 4 Molly climbed down our neighbor's stairs for the first time. And in the following two days she has climbed down our stairs multiples times. Yea Molly!!!
  • Molly is not a big television fan but does love her some Baby Genius (DVDs).
  • Molly has 9 teeth. Five teeth came in during the month of February. Saying it was a rough month is putting it lightly.
  • Molly loves trying on her shoes in her closet. She could sit in there for hours (with me) putting pair after pair on and off.
  • Molly is wearing 12-18 or 18 month clothing and size 3 Kirkland brand diapers. Size 3.5 or 4 shoes.
  • Molly's next well child check-up isn't until April 15. Guessing her to be upper 20 or low 21 pound range.
  • Molly still takes a 5oz bottle in the morning and gets a night time bottle but only drinks 1-2 ounces out of it before she hands it back to me/daddy. 
  • Bedtime is 7pm. Mollys been waking around 6:30/6:45am. (Wishing she would push this back to 7 or 7:30am).
  • Molly loves iPhones, remotes, and pushing the on/off button on my computer.
  • Molly loves look and find books, taking her socks off, and toothbrushes too.
  • Molly finally loves eating grapes and strawberries...just took us since 6 months!
  • Molly has been a once a day napper since she turned one.  She was fighting the morning nap so much that we just nixed it. Her nap always varies in length. Lately its been 2 hours long but sometimes its as short as an hour and a half and on really good days its three hours long. If we're just hanging out at home she's ready by 12:30 for her nap but if were out and about she can make it until 1:30...sometimes even 2:00. 
  • Ever since 9 months you have slept through the night. I can count on one hand since then how many nights we've been up with you. So thankful your such an amazing sleeper. 
  • Molly is a WOMAN in CHARGE. No body will get the best of her. She will fight back. (Oh and you can obviously tell she has a big brother).
  • I'm not sure if its a girl thing or a Molly thing but she LOVES to scream and whine. Its pretty much 24/7. The only times she's not screaming/whining are if I am carrying her around, I'm sitting on the ground with her, or if she is sleeping. Some days I can ignore it pretty well but some days it just drives me plain C-R-A-Z-Y. On those days you get time outs in your crib. She is worse with this with me or when I am around...lucky lucky me ;)
  • Favorite word (and person) is BY FAR mama. Occasionally says dada but Brian is typically referred to as are grandparents.
In her HAPPY place by her MAMA!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Ten On Thursday

1. "Mom take my picture." (If you can't tell we were at Costco).
2. Them sitting together (at Costco) lasted about 5 minutes. Then Mason wanted to walk (typical for him). And a few minutes after that she started screeching because she wanted down too. And Molly down equals bad news.
3. On Saturday we made a Home Depot run for a couple things. Same story as above. Mols is as happy as can be UNTIL Mase wants down. Then she's too good for the cart too.
4. The kids and I went bowling with my parents and Cole and Brinley (whom they were baby-sitting) one day last week. It was a close game and in the end they (Mason, Cole, Brinley, and gma) were all winners!!!
And yes Brinley and Molly showed up wearing the SAME shirt.
5. Once up from her nap all she wants to do is wake her brother up. Gotta watch her like a hawk.
 6. The view I see 95% of my day. Good thing I LOVE her and her whining.
7. All ready for church in their hand me downs from cousins Cole and Brinley. (All the way down to their shoes).
8. Not sure why but this picture cracks me up. Watching some cartoons and refusing to smile before heading to church.
9. As much as they love the snow...mommy IS ready for Spring...please!!!
10. Christmas pj's in March? Couldn't resist this adorable hand-me-down from my sis. My girl is looking SO big.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Ten On Wednesday

1. He still loves {everything} Mario...
2. My two {little} Valentines (from over two weeks ago)...
3. Unfortunately this little guy came down with influenza the day before Valentines...but he still managed to open his presents with a smile :)
Play doh + a chocolate bar = Happy Boy!!!
4. She loved "opening" her present...
Blocks + a chocolate bar = Happy Girl!!!
5. What my daughter's hair looks like when I'm not home...
6. Leaving the library after having us some fun.
7. We I picked up all their toys before leaving to go bowling late one morning. Within two seconds of being home he dumps out the blocks and she the letters. And then two seconds later they are moving onto the next toy. Anyone else's kids love to dump and not necessarily play!?!
8. And he's stuck. Of course mommy said it was because he had his bop in his mouth. (He's only allowed bops IN bed).
9. Brian sent me this picture at work one night. This would be Molly in her pooping position.
10. Mason said he wanted to snuggle Molly. (Notice his hand on her shoulder)? LOVE LOVE LOVE these two!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Journey To (Earthly) Baby #3: Week 15

March 3
How Far Along: 15 weeks

Picture of Baby: Next week.

Maternity Clothes: Started wearing maternity clothing this week. When I was sorting through the clothes I got to a pair of camo shorts...they immediately brought me back to June 2010. They were the pants I was wearing when my world came crashing down. Funny how I remember every detail of that day...right down to the outfit I was wearing.

Weight Gain: Up a total of 13 pounds already. EeeeeeeeeK!!! But when I looked back at my posts during Mols pregnancy I was also up 13 pounds at 15 weeks. (For the record I was only up 5.5 pounds with Mase).

Picture of Baby IN the Belly:
Sleep: Waking every 2-3 hours starting at 6 weeks (for NINE MONTHS) gets a little old. So when I slept 4 and a half hours the other night I was in great spirits!!!

Movement: Thinking I am feeling baby move a little here and there. Started right at 14 weeks.

Symptoms: Retching like crazy (mostly in the mornings). Every morning I work is a for sure given. I've even thrown up some bile here and there. And that lovely sciatic nerve pain is back. 

Food Cravings: Meat, bread, and mandarin oranges. Oh and of course eating OUT!!!

Gender: Was leaning towards girl (and still mostly am because of exhaustion and weight gain) but this retching like crazy and throwing up bile is more of a boy pregnancy thing. Hmm...

Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Journey To (Earthly) Baby #3 : Week 14

If you haven't already noticed I have not been near as good at documenting (or taking belly pics) this pregnancy. I have been so exhausted and thus in bed by 8/8:30 most nights and if I get both kids down simultaneously to nap then mama is napping too. And as for picture taking...I feel like I rarely get ready these blistering cold winter days. Anyways...

February 24 28
How Far Along: 14 weeks 14 weeks and 4 days

Picture of Baby:
13 weeks 2 days with a heartbeat of 167

Maternity Clothes: Pulled them out of storage this past week. Guessing I'll start wearing some of my maternity pants here real soon. My leggings and sweats have served me real well up to this point.

Weight Gain: I started at 148 pounds. (Two more pounds than the start of Mol's pregnancy and 1 pound more than the start of Mase's pregnancy). I stink at getting on the scale so I've maybe only done it once or twice this pregnancy. I'm (guessing) I'm currently plus about 8-10 pounds.

Picture of Baby IN the Belly:
Sleep: The moment I hit 6 weeks I am up peeing 3-4 times a night. gets old...26ish weeks to go!

Movement: Nothing yet. But I have an anterior placenta so won't feel it as early I've been told. We shall see.

Symptoms: From the beginning...back and shoulder acne. Tiredness. Hot flashes. General "blah" feeling. Hunger. Cramping. Bad taste in my mouth. Bloating (especially after meals and gets worse as the day goes on). Retching started at 10ish weeks. Worse when I am tired.

Food Cravings: Meat and fruit. And eating OUT!!!

Gender: Going for the surprise again!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Journey To (Earthly) Baby #3: Nerves and Sharing The WONDERFUL News

January 30, 2015
I told Brian last night that I had actually told my mom about the pregnancy back on the day I tested. I could tell he was slightly annoyed :) but all he said was that I was terrible at keeping secrets. I on the other hand feel like I keep them quite good. After all he didn't know that I told my mom 6 weeks prior. So just the kids and I went over to my parent's house to tell my dad the news. Mason gave him the picture (that announced our pregnancy)...and he immediately "got it" and was of course very happy for us. He even said...this was a surprise wasn't it? I said did you know? His response...normally I hear a play by play when its fertility and I haven't heard a thing.

Later that night we went out for dinner with my in-laws to tell them the news. Again I had Mason hand (my mother-in-law) the picture. It took her a minute before she got it but was quickly all smiles. She said when did you implant? You guys never said a word about it. To which I said we didn't. And then her excitement multiplied by a million.

January 31, 2015
Went to my nephew's soccer game this morning and afterwards went to my sister's house to eat lunch (and to tell her the news)!!! Gave her the picture and she was definitely surprised.

February 1, 2015
A few weeks back my mother and I concocted a plan. Nothing crazy but we thought it would be fun to tell the family when everyone was together. So she invited everyone over for Sunday dinner. While eating dessert I gave both my sister-in-law's the picture. Needless to say they were excited AND shocked when we said it wasn't fertility.

Later that night I texted my close girlfriends the picture. Once again the response was one of excitement and shock.

February 6, 2015
I made it a mere week and a half before my nerves started to get the best of me. The fact that my next appointment is still 3 weeks away is definitely NOT helping. I woke up with diarrhea this morning (at 11w3d) and have no appetite anymore. Guessing this is because we told everyone over the last few days so then I start freaking out that something bad is going to happen. And per my norm with nerves I lose my appetite. My OB's office called today saying they had to change my appointment because Jelsema was not going to be in the office on Feb 26. Asked if I could move it up to the 24th. Nope I work. Then asked if I could move it back to the 3rd. Thankfully I worked that day too but there is NO way I was moving it back 5 days with how I was already feeling. So it was moved up a week to February 19. Two weeks to go.

February 10, 2015
Decided that today I would doppler myself at work to hopefully hear the baby's heartbeat. Now let me say here that this doppler is actually to help find pulses and blood pressures. Stretching a bit to find an 11 week heartbeat. One of my friends at work helped me and initially all we could find was my own but then we heard that blessed sound. Sweet music to my ears. Wouldn't you know within an hour I was starving hungry again. Oh I loathe you.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Journey To (Earthly) Baby #3: Ultrasounds Galore

December 29
Was giving Molly a bath when I felt some sharp cramping. Immediately checked and sure enough blood on my pad and blood when I wiped. Feeling like its the beginning of the end...again. But (as always) life goes on and I have dinner plans with my girlfriends so I slap on a smile and make the most of the night.

Jan 7, 2015
US day #2. Left a few minutes early due to the terrible roads but didn't leave nearly early enough. I was 15 minutes late. (I have NEVER been late to a fertility appointment IN MY 5 YEARS OF GOING...took me 50 minutes to get there when it normally takes 25). I surely didn't need the extra nerves (added to those I already had). Thankfully I was seen right away and after telling Dodds about the spotting and being prepared for this US to go either the probe went and Praise The Lord we immediately saw a baby and a heartbeat!!! Baby measured in at 12.2mm or 7w3d (and today I am only 7w1d). Heartbeat of 144. According to Dodds everything looks perfect at this point. We did schedule one more US because I'm still nervous about miscarrying (because of my betas not doubling and the bout of spotting). US scheduled for Jan 22. I WILL (trying to be positive) be 9w2d at this appointment.
7 weeks and 1 day
8 weeks
January 22
US #3. Arrived plenty early today (didn't want to be late again)! Of course (fitting for my nerves) in walks a resident who says I'm so and so and I'm going to start your US and Dodds will be along in a minute. Thankfully I am a pro at "reading" ultrasounds by now because I immediately saw a baby with a heartbeat. (Whew)!!! The girl was fairly quiet so after a minute I asked if everything looked okay. Thankfully it did but I could have used some quicker reassurance. I am so use to Dodds saying everything looks great as he's checking things out. Dodds walked in and also did a once over and (per Dodds) told me immediately how great everything looked!!! I said to him at that point that I think its a girl. He laughed and said why and I said based on my symptoms. He asked what those symptoms were and I said EXTREME tiredness and EXTREME hunger. After getting dressed I met with him in his office and he told me I had officially graduated!!! He recorded his note to be sent to Jelsema and said blah blah blah...we were getting Lindsey set for her final implantation when she took matters into her own hands and went and got pregnant on her own :). (When I was leaving he told me not to tell "our secret" he wanted to stay in business. Love that guy!!! As for baby #3 s/he measured 27.5mm (coming in at 9w4d) with a heartbeat of 188.
9 weeks and 2 days

And just for my record symptoms started right at 6 weeks. Symptoms included EXTREME tiredness, hunger (however very picky about what I'll eat because not everything sounds good. Going out to eat though always sounds good), bloated belly, general blah feeling all.the.time, water sounds terrible, milk is my go to drink, peeing all.the.time (and 3-4 times a night), and I have had 1 migraine. No wretching until I hit 10 weeks.

January 27
US #4. After my third ultrasound on Thursday I called my OB's office Friday morning and they squeezed me into the schedule for the following Tuesday at 3:30. Only problem was I was suppose to work that day. Long story short I had to tell my manager (but didn't get a hold of her until Monday late morning) and she okayed me to leave for my appointment and had the Charge Nurse cover for me. Per my norm I was nervous all day but was quickly relieved when I saw my sweet baby moving with a strong heartbeat. Crazy how much can change in 5 days. Baby was waving his/her arms and kicking his/her legs! Heartbeat on two different measurements was 183 then 175. Afterwards I met with my (high risk) OB and he said that everything looked perfect and that this pregnancy would follow Molly's but with a few change ups. Since this one was conceived natural...I will not have an ECHO and I will not have as many growth ultrasounds. (They do the growth scans because IVF pregnancies can cause more growth restrictions). My nurse was so excited to see me (and was SHOCKED when I told her this was not an IVF pregnancy). And Jelsema per his norm made me feel normal despite my nerves. (And he told me to tell Brian..."he's the man!") LOVE LOVE LOVE my doctors (and their nurses)!!!