Friday, July 11, 2014

Happy 4th of July

We had an awesome Fourth of July this year. Pretty sure the best part for me was the 5am phone call saying that my WHOLE 12 hour shift was straight up canceled!!! I wasn't even on-call...and that (not being on-call) doesn't happen very often. So I got to spend 12 extra hours with my favorite two littles...
Late morning we headed over to my sister's house for a pool day. The weather was awesome. The water refreshing. And the company was great. My parent's also came and supplied most of our dogs, potato salad, chips & dip, fruit, and cookies. YUM!!!
At night we biked the Kent Trails. Neither of the kids really enjoyed the ride. (Mason doesn't like to be confinded and I really do not know what Mollys deal was). Lots of screams were heard. But go figure right as we finished Molly cashed out.

We skipped the fireworks for the 3rd year in a row. Just not worth it to us. Maybe next year?!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ten On Thursday

1. I've said it before. And I'm saying it again. (And will most likely say it a thousand times more in the future). But here's what I have to say...I AM SO THANKFUL for my Rainbow babies!!! LOVE them to absolute pieces!!!
2. Mase's (or maybe daddy's) find during our picture session this past Saturday. (In case you don't know it's a deer antler). Either way daddy was proud!!!
3. that's the way to eat an ice cream cone ;)
4. Cousins by blood. Friends by choice!!! Love how they love being together. Doesn't hurt that grandma and grandpa supplied the yummy Sunday lunch and the boat for them to play in.
And can't forget these two cuties...
5. This was his face when we pulled into our driveway (after releasing the balloons the other night) and his friends Drana (Adryana) and Blake were no longer outside to play...
Poor kid!!!

6. Mason is obsessed with watching different YouTube videos that show Easter eggs wrapped in play doh. You take the play doh off...pop open the egg...and find a SURPRISE. So we reinacted it the other day...
*The surprise was his bop!!!

7. Love watching them interact...
8. Molly sporting her HOPE College bib. Maybe she'll follow in her mommy's footsteps someday?! (And a note for all my fellow Hope Alums. Email Hope that you had a baby and they send you a free bib)!!!
9. He cleared out my pumping supply drawer this morning. Crazy kid. He has toys galore and this is what he chooses to play with.
10. Someone is getting B-I-G...
First time sitting up (sans carseat) in the grocery cart!!! She loved every minute of it!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Celebrating Alayna and Ella's 4th Birthday

This past Thursday (in celebration of the girl's 4th birthday) we went to Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park. It was a perfect zoo day. Temps in the high 60's and pure sunshine. Both kids had a blast and that's all that truly matters to this mama!!! 
Mommy & Molly and Daddy & Mase on the safari ride.
Mason once again LOVED feeding the giraffes...
And the birds...
After the zoo we grabbed lunch to go. (Yea for Wendy's dollar menu)!!! The zoo must have really tired the littles out because once home they crashed almost immediately. While the kids slept Brian and I each took turns running errands. Then for dinner we grilled out (kabob style) and after dinner we made our way to the cemetery to release some balloons.  

Love this family God gave me!!!
He was SO excited to release the balloons.
Mase watching his balloon go up...up...and away.
And Mols watching her balloon do the same.
Happy Birthday balloons for my "big" girls.

To end the night we did birthday cookies (chocolate chip-style) instead of birthday cake. They were delicious!!! Obviously Mase enjoyed them...
All in all a GREAT day celebrating our angel babies!!!

Monday, July 7, 2014

2.5 Years + 6 Months = Picture Fun

I LOVE getting my kids pictures taken...however I do NOT like paying for it every 3 months. (Yes...I'm that mom who needs to get newborn, 3, 6, 9 month, and 1 year pictures taken). Molly's newborn pictures were taken by Jess from (JD Expressions). Loved them!!! Portrait Innovations took her 3 month. (I wasn't terribly impressed). And since her 9 month and 1 year will be taken by Jess I decided that I would take her 6 month pictures. And if I must say they turned out SO stinkin CUTE!!! Here are some of my faves... 
Since I did not get 2 year pics of Mase taken...I took a few of him too!!! So here are a few of my fave shots of my 2.5 year old...
I tried to snap a few of them together but Mase was less than cooperative...
(For this shot I wanted Molly in the rocking chair and Mase on the blanket but he refused to get out of the chair).

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ten On Thursday

1. Someone got her toesies painted for the very first time...
(And this someone has also recently become quite entralled with her paci)!!!

2. When you ask Mason who his best friend is...he always answers with Mawee. Hope it stays that way ;)
3. How on EARTH is my baby 6 months old?!? Here are a couple more pics from her 6 month photo shoot...
4. Mason's favorite two sayings lately...Why?!? and What happened?!? (When he uses them together I'm pretty sure he makes his own day). He fell out of the trailer when we were camping last weekend and I'm pretty sure he asked me 50 times within that first hour "what happened." Would say "oh yeah" when I answered him and then "what happened" again. He was on auto-repeat!!!

5. Went in for Molly's 6 month check-up on Tuesday and thankfully (although I wasn't worried) she checked out GREAT!!! She weighed 16 pounds 1 ounce (60th%) and measured 25.75 inches (50th%). 
Only issue is her eye. It's still draining. If it's still draining at her 9 month check-up then we'll be sent to an opthamologist (to decide if surgery is neccessary or not). Praying it doesn't come to that. This is how she felt about mama after her 3 shots and 1 oral vaccination...
6. We had an awesome time camping with family last weekend (for 4 nights) at Muskegon State Park. Weather was fantastic. Company was great. And the kids had a blast. Be prepared for picture OVERLOAD... 

We didn't arrive to the park until Wednesday dinner-ish time. After unpacking a few of us walked to the channel.
7. Thursday morning started off a bit cloudy (so we hung out at the park) but by early afternoon the sun was just a-shining (so to the water we went)!!!
Cole's bike was a hit...
as was Brinleys...
Morning f-u-n!!!
8. Friday was a beautiful day. The kids played in the morning around the campsites again and then the five oldest went fishing with all the men. (Sadly neither of mine made the cut)!!!
The girls...Kylynn, Cambrey, Addi, and Molly. (Brinley didn't care to be in the picture).
The boys...Cole, Easton, and Mason.
The afternoon was spent "relaxing" at the beach. I say "relaxing" because really how relaxing is the beach with a 2.5 year old and a 6 month old?!
Molly and Mommy
Mason and Daddy
And the evening was spent partying!!! While camping we celebrated my niece Kylynn's 8th birthday and my niece Brinley's 3rd birthday.
The Vugteveen TEN!!! (Austin and Connor joined the party)!!!
After the party all the littles (minus Molly and Connor) went on a boat ride...
9. Saturday brought more trip to the ice scream shoppe...and kite flying at the big beach!!!
Mols LOVED her some icecream!
10. And I got enjoy a Happy 4th of July tomorrow!!!