Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Journey To (Earthly) Baby #3: Weeks 19 and 20

April 8
How Far Along: 20 weeks (and 1 day)...HALFWAY BAKED!!!

Picture of Baby:
(19 weeks and 6 days)

Maternity Clothes: Can get away with some non maternity (depends on the style and comfort).

Weight Gain: Up a total of 19 pounds...EEK!!!

Picture of Baby IN the Belly:
19weeks {above}
20 weeks {below}
Sleep: Already dread working my 12 hour shifts. They leave me SO exhausted. Naps are a necessary part of every day (unless I'm working). Need to NOT drink so much after dinner but that is when my thirst kicks in...

Movement: Baby started moving a little more frequently after my 18 week appointment and now I feel baby move every day to some degree!!!

Symptoms: Really no more retching (except for the morning of my BIG ultrasound)!!! Just tired and still "dealing" with acne on the back/shoulders...need the sun to dry them out.

Food Cravings: Pop.

Gender: Mason really wants a baby brother. Told him I wasn't making any promises.

Had my 20 week appointment yesterday. And I am SO SO SO thankful to say we had a wonderful report!!! What a relief. My history and my occupation do not help the anxiety. Yesterday morning I was not feeling so hot because of all my nerves (retching, crampy, etc) but that all disappeared when Dr. J said everything looked GREAT. I say everything because even my placenta is normal looking again. What an answer to prayer!!! Baby measured 3 days ahead...weighing in at 13oz (90th percentile). Heartbeat was 152. And my cervix measured 37mm. Next appointment is in 2 weeks for another cervical check and then back two weeks after that for another cervical check/growth scan.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Five On Monday

1. As I wrote in my last "Ten On" Molly loves strawberry jelly and peanut butter toast...she also LOVES ketchup..

2. And guacamole...
3. FIRST trip to John Ball Zoo for the year on April 1. A beautiful sunny and 63 degree day!!!
4. Our friends arrived!!!

Adryanna and Mason
Checking out the bear. Or as Molly says..."dawgie"
These crazy kids have SO much fun together!!!

5. Happy Easter {2015}!!! So thankful for our RISEN Savior. We (I) started the morning off snapping a few pics of my cuties. Molly needs to be bribed with candy which means her hand is often by her mouth...
My heart could explode with LOVE...
After church we went to G&G Vugteveen's with most of the Vugteveen clan. We enjoyed a delicious meal followed by gifts, an Easter egg hunt, and dessert. (Oh and the kids somehow got the daddies to take them to the park).
(Mase had NO time for pictures).
Had to taste test an egg (or two). And yes mommy put on Molly's "running" shoes.
After our afternoon naps...G&G Helmholdt came over. Kids got another small present, went on another Easter egg hunt, ate a yummy dinner of appetizers, followed by a little Mario Cart, and finally some ice cream dessert.
Mase was PUMPED about his cadbury eggs from mom and much so that he shoved one whole one in his mouth...
Love the excitement on her face. She understood the hunt this go around. No time wasted on taste testing!!!
Showing off his egg.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Ten On Wednesday

1. All ready for church. Maybe if we dress Spring-ish...Spring will really truly COME!!!

2. Molly loves loves loves homemade strawberry jelly and peanut butter toast...
3. Nix the toast part. Maybe she just loves the jelly and peanut butter!!!! After she licks it clean she piles it up!!! (And yes my 15 month old still takes a bottle in the morning and at bedtime. Don't judge).

4. Grandma's ARE THE BEST!!! After spending an hour and a half with my mom developing pictures with my two littles in tow (no easy task)...grandma bought Mase a happy meal. (Molly conked out on the ride home). And the day before that Gma H gave mommy money to buy the kids lunch on my way home from my doctor appointment. Mase chose McD's cause he wanted guessed it...a happy meal. (Molly just split mommy's food. She doesn't know the difference yet).
5. They suckered mommy into letting them ride the motorcycle...
6. My little model. If you knew my niece Kylynn you know where he got his moves from. All I said was let me take a picture...he did the pose.
7. Cousins definitely make the best of friends. G&G Vugteveen were baby sitting Austin and Connor so we met them at Frog Hollow (best park ever)!!!
(Don't mind Mason's hat...major mommy fail...I took two Molly hats...whoops)!
All this lady wanted was the cookies.
I could EAT her ALIVE!!!
Sweet boy swinging!!!

8. Look who we ran into at Home Depot!?! on our Friday night errand(s) run!!!
9. Play date with my besties and their kids!!! 10 boys and 2 girls...missing 2 little ladies since their momma had to work. And believe it or not THREE more kids will be coming to this group in August!!! (Thankfully two of the three will be Helmholdt sex unknown...getting closer to evening the score)!!!
10. What my kids do when I am in the shower...

Friday, March 27, 2015

The Journey To (Earthly) Baby #3: Weeks 17 and 18

March 27
How Far Along: 18 weeks (and 3 days)

Picture of Baby:
18 weeks

Maternity Clothes: Can get away with either on top but must be comfy or maternity on bottom.

Weight Gain: Weighed myself on 3/25 and was a mere 12 pounds up. Thinking the lovely flu played a part in that. Hoping to not be up by 5 pounds next week when my appetite is back to normal.

Picture of Baby IN the Belly:
17 weeks {above}
18 weeks {below}
All I can say is I NEED color and I NEED it bad. Poor pasty me...

Sleep: Been pretty good lately except for the night I was up every hour with the flu and the nights here and there that my pregnancy sleep insomnia hits.

Movement: Have felt the baby a little more consistently lately. Hoping in another month it is consistent. Dislike this anterior placenta business.

Symptoms: Been retching less!!!

Food Cravings: Nothing in particular.

Gender: My mixed symptoms are throwing me for a loop this go around. But sticking with my gut (its been right 2 outta 2 thus far) and going with girl.

Had my 18 week appointment this past Tuesday and PTL my placenta looked BETTER. Whatever was there has gone away some. Doc can't explain it but said everything continues to looks great. What an answer to prayer!!! Baby's heartbeat was 173 and my cervix was 30mm. AND my blood pressure was 112/62 (YEA)!!! Next appointment is the BIG 20 week ultrasound on April 6.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Ten On Thursday

1. Sunny (well kinda) and warm (well kinda)...either way enjoying the last of the snow (earlier this month) before it melted away. (Mason didn't want the sun to melt the snow away...mama definitely did not share those same sentiments).
2. Molly loves (and I mean LOVES) the great outdoors. Comes in KICKING and SCREAMING :)
3. Went for a walk a few Saturdays ago at Brian's cousin's house. We were going to take Mase to the circus but the Dutch in me opted for a free fun day instead with the whole fam. It was a good choice cause the kids had a blast!!!
4. Then the following afternoon (Sunday) the kids decided to nap poorly so we headed out to the beach (Holland that is) for the first (of many) trips this year. Can't wait for summer!!!
5. This girl will throw a tantrum anywhere.'s all one can do at times!!! (We were at the mall play area).
6. This stud picked out his first pair of shades. Camo style. Dad would be proud!!!
7. They love shopping with mama...or maybe they just love looking at themselves in the mirrors?!?
8. STOMP ROCKET TIME!!! (This was a Birthday present). Yea for sun and NO snow. Don't mind the Pj look.
9. I left to run an errand with Mase. Brian said Molly threw the biggest tantrum in her 15 months of life. Refused to budge from the door. So when we pulled into the driveway 25 minutes later...there they were in the garage playing. We went to the backyard where the sun was still shining to play with Mase's stomp rocket. But all Molly wanted to do was swing. Girlfriend loves to swing!!! (And mama loves that she loves to wear mittens to keep those fingers warm).
10. Pregnant + stomach flu + chasing around 2 littles kids ='s a living nightmare. Thank heavens for moms who come to the rescue. I had my 18 week appointment (which I refused to miss) so instead of bringing my kids to my mom came to my house and then she took the kids to a park and back to her house until nap time so I could nap. Couldn't have made it through the day without her. And the hubby was a rockstar in the evening...letting me get my third nap of the day in...and I still went to bed for the night at 9:30. So glad to be feeling better!!!