Wednesday, February 7, 2018

{Asher & Jax} Seven Months

Stats: The boys next appointment (well child check-up) isn't until 4.12.2018. Guessing that Asher currently weighs in the low 19lb range. And Jax in the lower 18lb range. (It's amazing to me that they're only a pound different but feel 5 pounds differen)t.
Sizes: The boys are still wearing 6-12 and 9 month clothing (although these days are very numbered) and size 3 {Kirkland} brand diapers.
Food: They've been doing Enfamil all month except the last few days its been Similac. They still get five 6oz bottles/day. Typically at 7, 11, 1:30, 4:30/5, and 7:30. Asher AND Jax both love them some baby food!!  They have the same likes and dislikes. Like all orange vegetables and all fruits. And dislike all green vegetables. Only "real people" food they've had has been a bite of banana and a bite of banana bread. Jax swallowed his and didn't seem to mind it but Asher immediately spit his helpings right out.
Routine: We've got a pretty established routine these days. Typically one or both of the boys feel the need to wake between 4:30 and 5:30am for a paci pop which time I also typically snug a blanket tight around them and 9 times out of 10 they immediately go back to sleep. Wake up time is most often 6:45/7am. They immediately get a bottle after waking. Play for a bit. Eat baby food an hour after their first bottle and take their first nap around 9/9:30. Sleep for 2 hours and get their second bottle (around 11/11:30am). (When one wakes I always wake the other within 20 minutes). Lots of play time followed by third bottle at 1:30pm and then second nap of the day follows that third bottle. They typically sleep 2-3 hours for this second nap. Fourth bottle around 4:30/5pm along with more baby food (when the rest of the fam is eating). More play time and then Asher gets his helmet off for an hour in the evening. Asher gets a bath almost daily and Jax gets one every other time I give Asher one. And they get their fifth and final bottle at 7:30pm and get put down for the night at 7:40pm
Developmental Milestones: We got some professional sitters!! Asher sits great and rarely falls but Jax often tips over and ends up on his belly...which is fine because he likes to roll around. Asher does NOT like to roll (although he can). If Asher is on his belly and he's sick of it he'll scream until someone rolls him.  Still can't get enough of their giggles, open mouth kisses, and big smiles. Its my (our) saving grace that they continue to be professional bottles holders. Both starting to know what "come" means...especially if the person saying "come" is mommy!! And lastly both like standing on their legs holding onto mommy's hands.
(As the month went on you guys became better and better in the sitting department).

Loves: The boys love me and my voice (literally light up every time they see me)!!! Love watching the bigs play. Love love love their bottles!!! Love to suck/pull on anything and everything (especially paper when they get their hands on it). Love to be talked to!!! Love jumping in their jumperoos. And they love their blankies and pacis.
Other Things I Don't Want To Forget:
  • Just after 6 months Jax finally started eating better and a week later was eating like a champ. Some days he even out eats Asher.
  • Get oatmeal mixed in with your fruit in the morning. And so far no constipation!!
  • Started eating (solids) twice a day after WCE (well child exam) on January 18.
  • Both of you DESPISE(D) green beans. Was hilarious watching you "try" to eat. Your faces were great. Go figure you didn't care for peas either. Banana is both of yous least favorite fruit.
  • Started drinking water out of your sippys this month too. 
  • Jax sucks his bottle dry within (what feels like) seconds. Always finishes before Asher.
  • Some new toys came out towards the end of this month.
  • Asher was officially sitting at 6.5 months and Jax a week later.
  • First "big boy" stroller ride and they seemed to LOVE it. I say seemed because they barely made a peep. What a beautiful end of January day (Sunny and highs in the 50's).
  • Asher got his first tooth (bottom front left) on Jan 23 and his second tooth (bottom front right) came within a week after.
  • Asher had his first helmet check on January 25. Was told he had some great growth and that we definitely shaved some time off. So here's to hoping no more than 3 months in the helmet. Original estimation was 3-4 months.
  • Asher got diagnosed with his first ear infection at his 6 month WCE.
  • Started sitting in your small tub within the big tubby at 6.5 months.
  • You still spend most of your days at home.
  • Asher can't help but have his tongue out 98% of the time.
  • Asher had his first fever along with a lil cold/congestion/cough, vomited once, and contained diarrhea. He actually stayed happy through this four day stretch. And by some miracle Jax stayed healthy.
  • Mommy's friend (Rachel) took you handsome dudes "6 month" pics. You may have been closer to 7 months (2 days shy) but Mommy wanted you guys sitting so it is what it is. Since you technically were still 6 months they still count as 6 month pics!

 Individuals of my sweet 7 month olds...

 Heart {and lap} always FULL...

 And because I like this pic. Sweet Asher always grabbing at his feetsies...

Thursday, January 11, 2018

{Mason} Six Years

Stats: Mason's SIX year old well child check up was today. Mason weighed 47 pounds and 6 ounces. (60th%). And measured 45 and 5/8th inches tall. (60th%). Mason gained just over 5 pounds and grew just over 2 inches in exactly a year and 6 days.
Sizes: Mason is wearing size 6 or Small (5/6 or 6/7 depending on the name brand) clothing. And size 13 shoes. 
Food: Mason is a good eater. His tastes haven't changed much from last year. Typically willing to try anything. He still does NOT like vegetables, pasta, nor eggs. He's not much of a breakfast eater. Prefers just a glass of chocolate milk in the morning before heading off to school. But if he had to pick I think he'd say a cinnamon roll or a donut. He still loves ALL meat. He still dislikes ALL dairy (except ice cream). His taste in fruits have also stayed the same (grapes, apples, raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries). Other fave foods include pizza, bread sticks, PB and jelly sandwiches, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, and chocolate. And lastly he still loves chocolate milk, and likes water, lemonade and pop. Greatly dislikes white milk and orange/apple juice.
Routine:  I wake Mase up Monday-Friday at either 6:30 or 7am (depending on if he has to ride the bus or is getting picked up by the neighbors). On the weekends its more 7/7:30am. Mase goes to bed at 8pm during the week and more like 8:30/9 on the weekends. At bedtime its potty, brush, story, Bible story, and prayers. And then he's out cold a few minutes after his head hits the pillow.
Loves:  Mason loves playing with the tablet or iPhones!! Mason loves school!!  Mason loves likes Spiderman, Batman, Guardians of the Galaxy and the Avengers!! Mason loves playing with his cousins and neighbor friends Luke & Blake!! Mason loves playing with Legos!!  Mason loves anything/everything U of M. (GO BLUE). Mason loves (playing and watching) baseball, basketball, football, and (going) bowling. Mason loves playing the wii and board games. And Mason loves to wrestle and hunt.
Other Things I Don't Want To Forget:
  • You still love playing with our neighbors Adryanna and Blake but Luke is a new buddy that you've been playing with lots since late July. 
  • You started your third year of Awana this fall. You're now in Sparks. (You graduated from Cubbies). Thankfully you still enjoy it. And mommy and daddy LOVE seeing you blossom through it. Although you get a little competitive with memory verses.
  • Your teachers all say what a polite, kind, well mannered little boy you are. You're the first to obey directions and you never get (nor want to get) in trouble. Glad you are SO well-behaved outside of the home cause you have some room for improvement in the home.
  • You started Kindergarten on August 29 and it's just amazing how much you have learned already!!! You can even read a little bit.
  • You did swim lessons (for the 4th summer) but second year in a row with Miss Brittany. You are a great swimmer just fearful of the water. You definitely prefer you life jacket to be on at all times.
  • You played Spring t-ball again. And just started Upward basketball last month. Your first game was last Saturday.
  • You STILL need help wiping your butt after a poop. You said when you turned six you would start wiping yourself. That came and went...
  • You are SO SO SO super competitive. You ALWAYS want to win. And are a super bad sport if you lose.
  • You're an AWESOME big brother.
  • You're favorite show is Pokeman.
  • You're favorite color is still RED.
  • You want to be a Police Man when you grow up!!!
  • You learned to ride your bike sans training wheels this summer. You fought us tooth and nail and the wheels went back on a couple of times but you finally became confident in yourself. Way to go Buddy!!
  • You are STILL scared silly of the basement. You rarely willing go downstairs unless someone else goes with you. Even if its two in the afternoon. {Sigh}.
  • You and Mols share a room downstairs. Sometime mid to late summer we got in the habit of letting you two sleep in sleeping bags on the floor of our room every weekend. That habit continued until just before Christmas. There was one night that you were super lippy (and Mols whiney) so we told you no more nights in our room. Crew said you could sleep in his room and that's where you slept the rest of break...and you now sleep (in sleeping bags) on the floor of his room Sunday-Saturday. Whatever floats your boats. One perk is Crew doesn't come into our room in the middle of the night anymore now that the two of you are on his floor.
  • You became a big brother {again} on 7.7.2017 times 2!!
  • We switched churches in May 2017. You love our new church and its Children's Worship.
  • You thoroughly enjoyed "our backyard" this past summer/fall. Saying you're all BOY would be an understatement...
  • Mase you are the leader of our pack. Our superhero, sports lovin, U of M obsessed, Daddy's sidekick in everything little man. You will forever be our rainbow BABY. And we are SO glad God chose YOU to be OURS!!

{Molly} Four Years

Stats: Molly's FOUR year old well-child check up was today. She weighed 33 pounds 8 ounces. (25-50th%). And measured 40.5 inches tall. (70th%). She gained just over 4 pounds and grew almost 3 inches in a year and 6 days!!!
Sizes: Molly has been wearing 4T/4 clothing since the fall, is still in 2T undies, and her feet finally grew...she now wears a size 9 (as of a few weeks ago) in the shoe department. Although she was interchanging size 8 AND 9 since early fall.
Food: Not much has changed from the last two years {insert HUGE sigh}. Molly is (I swear) STILL the world's pickiest eater. Her fave foods are ANYTHING chocolate and ANYTHING snacky. Real health nut. She does love drinkable yogurts (so she gets lots of those), shredded cheese, cheese sticks, mac & cheese, cheese pizza, and bread sticks. She'll still only eat three fruits (grapes, strawberries, and apples). She dislikes all vegetables. And besides chicken nuggets (from McD's or Wendy's) she doesn't like meat. If forced she'll take bites of hot dog, bolonga, and chicken. She likes cereal, toast, and waffles. Molly is NOT a first thing in the morning eater. She loves apple juice, lemonade, and pop but mostly drinks water or chocolate milk.
Routine: Molly typically wakes when Mason wakes (which is between 6:30 and 7am during the week and between 7-7:30am on the weekends). She hates being left downstairs by herself hence why she always wakes when Mase wakes. (Its like she has a sixth sense every time he wakes). Molly goes to bed at 8pm during the week and more like 8:30/9 on the weekends. At bedtime its potty, brush, story, Bible story, and prayers. And then she is out cold a few minutes after her head hits the pillow.
Loves: Molly loves flip flops!! Molly loves make-up!! Molly loves to play with hair pretties!! Molly STILL loves her B (blankie)!! Molly loves Barbies and Shopkins!! Molly loves watching kids uTube on iPhones or Daddy's tablet!! Molly loves her cousins and neighbors Adryanna & Mekinley!! Molly (still) loves scary movies!! (NO JOKE). A fave this year was Jaws (1, 2, & 3).  And Molly loves it summer yet?!
Other Things I Don't Want To Forget:
  • You are obsessed with anything and everything Barbie. Good thing you got a TON of Barbie goods for your Christmas and Birthday. A Barbie house, Barbie Limo, Barbie Camper, Barbie horse, Barbies galore, and Barbie clothes.
  • You have never been a fan of getting your hair brushed so we finally had it cut this past December.
  • You still talk a lot but its toned down from last year.
  • You took swim lessons again this past summer with Miss Rita (but in the evenings so not actually with Miss Rita). You didn't mind it unlike the previous year..
  • You and Mason still share a room downstairs. Although you now have a fear of the basement. (Thanks to Mason). Sometime mid to late summer we got in the habit of letting you two sleep in sleeping bags on the floor of our room every weekend. That habit continued until just before Christmas. There was one night that you were super whiney (and Mase lippy) so we told you no more nights in our room. Crew said you could sleep in his room and that's where you slept the rest of break...and you now sleep (in sleeping bags) on the floor of his room Sunday-Saturday.
  • You're an amazing little and big sister.
  • Your favorite show is Masha Bear
  • Your favorite colors are pink and purple.
  • Your favorite Princess is Ariel and when you grow up you want to be a Princess with a magic wand.
  • You "wipe" yourself after going potty. Not sure you always actually wipe yourself though.
  • You are a momma's girl.
  • You became a big sister {again} on 7.7.2017 times 2!!
  • You stopped napping on July 7, 2017. (The day the twinners were born). Prior to that pretty sure you only napped because mom napped daily with you.
  • We started cutting your paci right when you turned three. Before long there was NO nipple left but you continued using your hand to hold that paci in place. Finally had to just trash that paci and told you it was lost.
  • You started Awana {Puggles} when it resumed in January 2017 and moved up to {Cubbies} this past September. YOU LOVE IT!!
  • Every night before bed and any time mom or dad leave you need to tell us a joke and give us a kiss and a hug. You start whining and freak out if we leave before this ritual is completed. (The joke is...(Mols) Why did a cat break out of a window? (Me) Why? (Mols) Because he wanted to break out of a house. (Me) lol).
  • We switched churches in May 2017. You love Children's Worship.
  • You LOVE clothes and you love shopping for clothes. (You're my bestest shopping buddy)!!! You love changing your clothes multiple times a day (especially if what you're wearing is dirty). You prefer no socks. Sweatshirts are jackets (and not meant to be worn inside). And you always want shorts on (even in the dead of winter). However, the only shorts you can find these days are your bike shorts. You also love skirts (especially tutus).
  • Three years running with the label of being our Sassy Strong-Willed Spitfire (although you do seem to tone it down a touch each year). Little girl don't you EVER change. Your fierceness and confidence will serve you well one day!!