Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ten On Tuesday

1. This is Molly's "I was happy and now I'm gonna cry face." I had just told her to be careful...didn't know I would set her off so!!!
2. Somebody discovered the dishwasher...
3. Mase congratulating Molly on her first climb up the stairs...
 4. My Be-A-utiFUL pumpkin girl...just LOVE her so!!!
5. My lil arteest painting canvases for Mommy's wall. Finished product to come in my next Ten On Whatever Day I choose.
I bought some acrylic paint for this project and at last minute decided to go with the Crayola washable paint that was already up in the cupboard. SO glad I made that decision!!! The colors maybe bleed together a little more but the clean up was WAY easier.

6. October 15, 2014...Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remebrance Day. We lit our candle at 7pm (Wave of Light) in remembrance of our sweet babies (Alayna, Ella, Luke, and Blake) and all their little friends in heaven.
7. Zoo Goes Boo...
Mario and a Ladybug
 Mario checking out the bear. (His favorite animal).
Had to have a picture by the mean looking big ole dragon.
On a funny note...I kept calling Mase Mario. He finally looked at me and said "I'm not Mario. I'm Mason."

8. Walk To Remember 2014...
(Clockwise): Cambrey, Me, my Mom, Brinley, Cole, Mason, and Molly
Love these little Rainbow Babes
Pink balloons for Alayna and Ella, Blue for Luke, and White for Baby Helmholdt.

I gave the hubster permission to go hunting instead of the walk but since I still wanted to go I asked my mom to come with me. A win-win for everyone!!! This walk was definitely one to remember. We stood around for an HOUR before the program even began. When I registered it said the walk was from 10-12. They didn't clarify that registration was from 10-11 and the program/walk from 11-12. There were no programs to read this year and there was such a poor turn out since the sign up went up so late. And to top it off Molly literally screamed from 11-12. (Pretty sure she didn't like her jacket nor the cold). So basically I didn't hear any of the program but still very glad I went!!!

9. A look back at the Annual FALL Front Porch Family Pictures (2009-2013)
2011 (Pregnant with Mase)!!!
(Thinking Brian talked me out of the three of us because we had just gotten professional family pictures taken. It's the only reason I can think since no family shot was found).
2013 (Pregnant with Molly)!!!
10. And 2014's picture...
Love this perfect little family that God has given me!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Seven On Sunday

1. I took some fall pictures of the kids a few weeks back. Yea for cornstalks in my backyard! These pics were for a project I am doing. (And I will post a pic of this project once the hubster hangs it on my wall).
2. Brian was gone hunting so I took the kids to "visit" their big sisters. Had to grab the flower pot before it was confiscated.
3. After "visiting" the girls we had to run to Meijer. Meijer + kids ='s an interesting time!!!
(After Meijer we met my parents for dinner at Big Boy...that too proved to result in an interesting time!!! Just imagine spilled water (not by either child), spilled chocolate malt, food crumbs everywhere, and a child not knowing what "use your indoor voice" means).

4. Mase asked me to take the below picture. Only because he loves to look at all the pictures (ahem himself) on my phone. Not only does he like to look at pictures but he also likes to take pictures these days. Just the other day he took 175 pictures of his movie while we were in the car. AWESOME!!! Good thing it doesn't take much to delete them all.
5. I have figured out how to keep Mase (for the most part) in a cart these days. And on that note I am SO thankful he's easier to run errands with. Makes me kinda sad that were entering flu season...
6. His mad face that daddy ate all the Oreos...
 7. Somebody loves cheeseballs...

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Ten On Thursday

1. My sister called me a couple weeks and said I just have to tell you a quick story. She continued to say that recently two cats had made there way into their barn. They were making themselves right at home so her older daughter named them. Guess what she named them?!! Alayna and Ella. So sweet!!! Crazy to think that she was exactly Mason's age (2yr 9mo) when the girl's passed away. And its even crazier to me that she still remembers them. Love her and her sweet self!!!

2. The kiddos message to dad last week on Opening Day (of bow hunting)...
(Sadly he did not get one nor has he yet...)
3. Helping dad with work in the yard...
The ground under our grass is clay so water doesn't soak in well AT ALL...thus leaving it really wet in the back. Often with puddles. So this was Bri's solution. Hoping it works! *Update...since I wrote #3 a week and a half ago...it has rained...and it has helped some.

4. LOVE THIS KID...and his cheesy CHEESE face...
5. Someone got stuck (and this someone was NOT happy about it)...
6. This girl LOVES sucking on whatever paci she can get her hands on...even if it's big brothers. (Mind you he rips them out of her mouth the moment he notices she is sucking on one of his).
7. This past Saturday morning Mase got to watch this nice Costco lady make some pizzas. He thought it was pretty SAweet!!!
8. I bought Mase some under boopers (underwear) last week. I SO wish I would have videotaped giving them to him. He instantly burst into tears and said "I doh want. Take em back." And then proceeded to scream hysterically. It was AWESOME. (Insert sarcasm)! A couple days later he found them in one of his drawers and was none too pleased. When we threatened to give them to Molly he somewhat changed his attitude...
9. This kid is rarely without an apple in his hands. Funny thing is...he eats the skin and then says "all done." Kinda a waste of my (expensive) honeycrisp apples...thinking I might have to buy him a different kind.
10. Pouring the cement (for the shed that will be built next Spring ...

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Ten On Today (Just Two Days Late Posting...Oops)

1. I've been telling Brian for the last month that he really needs to buck up and take the kids to church on the Sundays that I work. He agreed and so a few Sundays ago he finally manned up. (Love you babe)!!! I get a text after church that said..."man that was a lot of work." A little later I get another text that said..."I must have lost her blanket at church." The thought of her blanket lost brought a sick feeling to the very pit of my stomach. This blanket is her lifeline. She LOVES her blankie. We made it through the night with a substitute (Mason's taggie that he never took too). She wasn't overly impressed with it but eventually she went down. The next day I drove to our church. It was locked up tight. Next I drove to our Ministry Center (5 minutes down the road). (Our church rents a building that we meet in every Sunday hence the Ministry Center). And lo and behold THERE IT WAS!!! What a relief. Molly had fallen asleep in the car but when she woke up later that afternoon she was hugging her blankie with a huge smile on her face. Pretty sure my little lady was happy to have her blankie back. That night she went down like she normally does...without a single fuss (of course with blankie in her arms)!!!

2. My 'coon and my princess...
Pretty sure I couldn't love them more if I tried!!! Truly God's greatest gifts to Bri and I.

3. Oh you know...just picking weeds (well mom's annuals). He was in heaven picking away...
4. With the beautiful fall weather we've been having Brian and I took the kids to Post Family Farms one night last week. Mason had an absolute blast. Funny how much difference a year can make at this age. Last year he refused to ride the pumpkin train...this year he couldn't get enough!!!
Sis had to have a spin too (after she had to sit with dad while brother rode it the first time)...
Else she did a lot of watching...
Both kids had fun on the hayride to pick out their pumpkins...
You can't tell or anything that he was pretty proud...
And one last picture of my precious littles...
5. Our neighbors had pizza one night (they were eating it outside) and Molly helped herself to a breadstick. Not sure how she is only 17 pounds. =)
6. Mason knocking on our neighbor's door last week asking if Drana and Blake could play. So cute!!!
7. Someone LOVES her brother's old toy. She could play in it ALL day long.
8. We met G&G Vugteveen (along with cousins Cole and Brinley) at our beloved Frog Hollow Park last week. This little lady swung (is that even a word) thee entire time.
9. After the park we went home and had a McD's picnic lunch outside.
10. And after our lunch we went on a walk to see the goats. This "little" walked turned into quite the long walk since Dale just had to ride his 2mph four-wheeler the entire way there AND back. And pretty much the entire way back I heard about how much his finger hurt. But the kid kept riding!