Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ten On Tuesday

1. We filled last week with lots of F-U-N!!! On Monday the kids and I along with Gampa and Gamma Vugteveen went to the Critter Barn. Mason loves himself some baby critters!!!
He wanted to pet every.single.animal!
Mason with Gampa and Gamma
Mommy, Molly, and Mason
Sweet baby Molly

2. On Wednesday the kids and I went to Catch Air with my girlfriend Rachel and her three boys. It's a new indoor play center in Grand Rapids. It was amazing. Mason had SO much fun!!! (I apologize for the poor quality pictures...they're all from my phone).
3. On Thursday I took the kids to my Mason's favorite store...Target. I mean what kid wouldn't love to walk down (what seems like) aisles of toys. Guess he hasn't hit up Toys'R'Us lately.
4. On Friday we went to the Kroc Center with Gamma Vugteveen, Aunt Kristi, Aunt Jana, and cousins. Mase was a little tentative at first (per his norm) but by the end he DID NOT want to leave.
He found a whistle on his new life jacket.
The "N" ending grandchildren...Easton, Austin, Kylynn, Mason, and Addisyn
And then a shot with Gamma and Molly
5. After swimming we all headed to Frog Hollow for some playground fun and lunch.
Kylynn and Molly
Mason and his "baby-sitter." She was such a sweet big cousin following him all over the playground!!!

6. For dinner we grabbed a Little Ceasar's hot and ready and took it to one of the local elementary playgrounds. We didn't take a jacket for Mase. Didn't think he would need one but with the sun no longer shining it was a wee bit chilly. Mase kept saying "brrr cold" so here he is wearing my jacket... 
7. Mase has an obession with this stool. It has gotten him to places (and to things) where he's never been before.
8. On Saturday (while I worked) Brian took the kids to his parents. Mason loves their huge sandbox (aka...beach). Who cares if its a bit chilly. And who needs a swimsuit!?!
9. Mason was desperate to play outside on Sunday...nevermind the rain...
10. (Today) in a matter of 10 minutes Mason banged his head against the headboard of my bed and ran into my bedroom door. The red mark (from the door) went away asap but the goose egg (from the headboard) just got nastier.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Difference A Year Can Make

April 13, 2013... 
April 13, 2014...
Every good and perfect gift is from above...
James 1:17

On a side note...two embryos were implanted on 4.13.13 but since we had gone back and forth on whether to implant one or two we were only given a picture of one. I like to believe that this IS the embryo that stuck around to become our Molly Elayne!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ten On Thursday

1. Mason is back to being a champion sleeper!!! Why must toddlers switch things up so much!?! For now I am thankful that bedtime is not fight-time and that bedtime is IN Mason's bed!!!

2. Mason is getting closer and closer (or so I think) to potty training. Fow awhile now we've been able to tell when he's pooping. But as of the last few weeks he's been taking his diaper off more and more and on his own terms he's been sitting on the toilet. Unfortunately no poop or pee has landed in the toilet yet. (Actually whenever WE notice him pooping we tell him to go into the bathroom or ask him if he wants to sit on the toilet but he typically refuses to do either when we mention it...hence the getting closer but not there yet. He just likes to sit on the "john" when it suits him)!!! He also no longer fights us about changing his diaper because the boy does not like to sit in poop. He wants it changed ASAP. And then he needs to see it. So gross!!!
Checking things out down yonder and yes that is ALL the toilet paper he used to wipe...
Hmmm which potty do I like better (thinks Mason)?!?

3. Miss Molly in her $4.23 steal...so stinking C-U-T-E!!! (And just so you know the original price (for jacket, pants, and onesie) was $52. Not that anyone would ever spend that much (I hope) on a baby outfit).
4. He was a good boy running errands with mommy so I treated him (and myself). Donuts anyone!?!
5. Spring IS in the air. Some days we can feel it (other days we cannot). But we COULD feel it this day...
Yes we forgot to cover his sandbox one night. Needless to say he enjoyed the wet beach sand. Me...not so much!!!

6. As I was writing this post Mason saw the picture of himself on his 4-wheeler and said..."I wanna go there." Ever since Arizona anytime he sees a picture of himself (doing something fun) he wants to go there. I said you want to go outside and ride your 4-wheeler. YES (he says). Good thing he has such a good daddy who willingly goes out. It was way too cold for this mama.

7. In the last week or so Molly has started to watch everything Mason does...precious!!!
8. Today Mase shopped, pretzeled, and played. Here he is "shopping" at Younkers. If I had to guess his little mind was thinking which one do I want... Unfortunately he was a sad little boy because mommy put the itch-nay on purchasing any cars.
Next he (we) enjoyed us a yummy Auntie Anne's pretzel and Strawberry Lemonade...
And then he did a little mall playing...
9. Why thank you Molly. Next time see if you can make it ALL the way to your neck...
10. Tomorow is my first two in a row. Kids go to Grandma V's tomorrow and then its daddy daycare on Saturday. Can't wait to see what my house looks like after one day of daddy daycare ;) And praying my sweet Molly can handle two days of little to no mommy. After one day she was quite a mess. Two could put her over the edge. Prayers please!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ten On Tuesday

1. My first day back was a success...I worked with some of my faves, I shed not a tear, and I got out on time!!! Although when I first arrived I did introduce myself to a girl who kindly responded that we met before I went on maternity leave. (Haha on me).

2. This boy loves him some outdoor play. Rain or shine. Cold or.....well cold!!!

3. Just a typical afternoon at the Helmholdt House...
 4. I love me a sleeping baby (or two)...
5. I definitely knew Mase was feeling better (from the flu) when I saw him do this...
Getting every last drop of his frosted flakes with milk!!!

6. One day last week Mase was in baby mode...
 7. On Saturday we went to Playworld to celebrate my nephew Austin's 2nd birthday. Go figure Mase would wake that morning at the crack of dawn (6AM)!!! The party wasn't until noon but by 10:30 Mase was already yawning (and becoming a might bit cranky). Thankfully Brian took him for a little drive and he was able to get a 45 minute snooze in before the party. And because of that snooze he was able to enjoy himself at the party!!!
Gamma and Mols

 8. Had to snap a picture. Mase always "protected" his paci too!!!
(Molly 3 months and Mase 6 weeks)

 9. Looking good in her Sunday best...thanks to her big cousin Brinley. (Headband, sweater, dress, and tights were all hand-me-downs from my sister)!!!
 10. Had to support the Wolverines on Sunday so Michigan apparrel it was...(sadly they lost).