Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One Down...

All I got for today is...I completed my first 12 hour shift (well since May 17).  The day went by very quickly since I was crazy busy.  And even though it was a good day I was still a wee bit cranky driving home.  I was frustrated that I had to work 12 long hours.  I said to my mom, "I should NOT be working these hours until January and only two 12's at that...aghhh."  But everyone reminds me that this is only short term.  Tomorrow is only an 8 hour shift...thank heavens!  Because of the shortage at work (so many peeps out on maternity leave)...those of us left "behind" have to pick up an extra 8 hour shift during our next scheduling period.  This means that next week I get to work three 8's and one 12 (instead of the two 8's and one 12 I had planned on) for a grand total of 36 hours (the normal hours I work in a week) and then the following week is my normal three 12's work week.  Trying to think positive thoughts!

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  1. Yes, positive thoughts! Just know you are NEVER alone when you are at work, at home, anywhere. Your sweeties are always with their mommy and daddy. May you feel their steadfast love.