Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Three Months Since "That" Day

Today marks 3 long months since that horrible day back in June.  The day that our world was shattered.  Like any mother who has lost a child, I would do anything to hold my girls just one more time.  I would LOVE to turn back time and walk out of my 20 week ultrasound with a smile on my face.  Knowing that in approximately 17 weeks I would be a mommy to the two most perfect little girls.  But it is what it is and time cannot be turned back.  I am hurting.  I am missing.  I am struggling.  I am feeling oh so bad for myself.  I wanted the happy story that it seems like everyone else gets (which I know not everyone truly gets).  But still I cling to my Father and pray without ceasing for His everlasting peace and comfort.

Twin Angels

Last night two little angels
Came and whispered in my ear.
And this is what they told me
"Don't worry Mummy, we're right here.

It feels like a long time
Since we last felt your touch.
And we wanted you to know
We miss you and Daddy so very much.

We know that you love us
and think of us every day.
And it makes us very sad
That we had to go away.

But we know that our memory
Will never ever die.
And we know that sometimes
when you think of us you cry.

But don't worry Mummy
There's so much here to do.
And every day remember
We are watching over you.

Then my angels kissed me
As tears rolled down my face.
And I knew we'll all be together again
Another time. Another place.

Loving On Our Little Beauties
Alayna with Mommy and Daddy & Papa and Grandma V

Ella with Mommy and Daddy & Papa and Grandma H

Ella with Mommy and Aunt Courtney

“God is good, a hiding place in tough times.
He recognizes and welcomes anyone looking for help,
No matter how desperate the trouble.” Nahum 1:7

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