Wednesday, October 27, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge...Days 16-17

So yesterday was another one of those days.  The kind of day where you get asked how your babies are.  A patient's mother (that I care for often) asked me (and it just so happens that the last time I cared for them I was 20 weeks pregnant).  I explained what happened and she gave me a BIG hug.  She did say the top two things you should NEVER say to someone who has lost a child.  1) You will get pregnant again and 2) everything happens for a reason.  Yes I WILL get pregnant again (like my positive attitude) but I wanted Alayna and Ella and they will never be replaced.  And saying that everything happens for a reason does NOT make me feel better.  But she also said some really nice things too so for that I am thankful.  Just had to rant a little...onto the 30 Blog Challenge...

Day 16: Dream house

Yes, there are things I would change about my current home but it is the home that Brian and I built together and so its the home I LOVE!  The home we pray we get to raise our future children in (at least for awhile)!!!

But someday it would be fun to build on a little land (Brian's dream) with a pool (my dream) in the backyard!

Day 17: Something you're looking forward to

Being a mommy again and hoping to be pregnant with my sister AT THE SAME TIME!  When Brian and I found out we were having twins we thought two would be enough for awhile so I gave up my dream of being pregnant with my sister.  Now I'm hoping that dream will come true.  And here's to praying that my angel mommy friends Kami and Andrea will be pregnant with me too (and glad that Erin already is)!!!


  1. I'm sorry! Just remember how loved and cared for you are, not just by Him, but by all your friends, family, and blogging friends. =)

  2. I am sorry that woman said those two things...def not what you need to hear. I am grateful that she did say some nice things.
    Another child will never replace our sweet twins.
    Looking forward to our rainbow babies! Hope is a beautiful gift from God.