Saturday, October 23, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge...Days 4-6

4: My Parent's

I have always had close relationships with both my parents.  I love them so much and I thank God every night for the wonderful and Godly parents He gave me.  I seriously don't know what I would do if something happened to either of them.  Hope I don't have to deal with that for a looooong time. 

So let me tell you the story of how I came to be!  My parents were done having kids.  They had two boys and a little girl so they thought that their family was complete.  Little did they know that God had a very different plan in store for them.  My mom had to use progesterone and estrogen supplements to have my brothers and she was on clomid for my sister.  Since (in 11 years) they had never gotten pregnant on their own nothing was done to prevent anything (or anyone) from happening.  About a month after my sister's 1st birthday my mom told my dad that she was late.  A short time later a blood test shouted BFP!!!  My dad was shocked and said that I couldn't be his (this is a joke for those of you who don't really know dad knew I was his but said it anyways).  To this day we laugh because there is NO DENYING that I am his daughter.  I am a replica of his mom (my grandma Vugteveen).  So let me rewind a minute and tell you that my mom almost died when my sister was 6 weeks old.  I'm not going to go into too many details but my mom (they found out) has a very weak heart from a childhood illness (rheumatic fever).  She was told not to have any more kids.  My parents said no problem (they didn't want anymore anyways).  And then came the BFP.  My mom met with her doctor and he recommended a therapeutic abortion to save her life.  My parents said under no circumstances would they abort their unborn child.  Her doctor then said if any issues should arise they would occur at 7 months or at delivery.  But my mom had a perfect pregnancy and I arrived on July 29, 1983 with NO problems at all.  

I was a daddy's girl growing up and I am proud to admit that I had him wrapped around my finger growing up!  Didn't hurt that I could be a girly girl and a tomboy in the same day.  I played 3 sports in high school and I can count on one hand how many times my dad missed a game.  He is the most giving guy I know.

And then there is my mom.  I am proud to consider her not only my mom but one of my closest friends too.  A constant in my life and someone who has always been there for me.  I will always treasure the walks we took behind our house during my college years.  It was during those walks that I poured my heart out to my mom (and wondered when) my future mate would ever appear.  Through my tears my mom kept pry already know him Linney.  Little did I know...

But never have I loved my mom more than now.  She has been a ROCK for me throughout  infertility, IVF, and the loss of my girls.  She called me every day during IVF and was at the hospital every day during my bedrest.  After I lost the girls she was always checking in on me.  And she is still the one telling me to not lose hope and to keep trusting in Jesus because He will never fail me.

5: My Siblings

I am the youngest of 4.  I come from the "perfect family" (two boys then two girls)!!!  My oldest brother is Jason and he is married to my sis-in-law Kristi.  They have 3 beautiful children...Kylynn Joy (4yr), Addisyn Joy (2.5yr), and Easton Marc (3 months).  Next comes my big bro Brandon.  He recently got married this past June to my now sis-in-law Jana.  No kiddos yet.  Then my sister Courtney.  She is married to my bro-in-law Jason (whom I refer to as Tibbe (their last name) since there is already a Jason in the Vugteveen bunch).  They have 2 adorable children...Cambrey Annette (3yr) and Cole Richard (16 months).  All I can say is that I have the best sister in the WORLD. And I feel privileged to call her my sister. No one else is as lucky as me to be able to say that. We may have fought a bit growing up (being only 20 months) apart but she is another constant in my life. And another person I am forever grateful that God has placed in my life. As my hubby likes to say if it isn't Tweedle Dee calling then its Tweedle Dumb (Dee being my mom and Dumb being my sis)!  And last but not least came ME.  And I am married to the wonderful Brian Helmholdt!!! 

I am so fortunate that all my family lives within 10 minutes of me except my sis who lives 25 minutes away (which really is nothing).  I love my family and I love spending time with them too.  They have been HUGE for me through the loss of Alayna and Ella.  Every Fourth of July we go camping to Holland State Park and every Labor Day we spend the long weekend at our family cabin in the UP.  We enjoy Sunday dinners together, celebrating birthday parties, sharing the holidays, and summer boating at my parent's house.

The fam as of 12/6/08 (missing sis-in-law Jana and the unborn nephews)
The beautiful and adorable nieces and nephews!
6: A Picture Of Something That Makes Me Happy

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