Saturday, October 9, 2010


There is no footprint too small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world.

(Alayna's little footprints)

(Ella's little footprint on Brian's thumb)

And THIS is my constant Prayer...

What is a believer to do in times of darkness...The right thing is simply to trust God, for while we trust, He can work. Worrying, however, prevents Him from doing anything for us. If the darkness covering us strikes terror in our hearts and we run back and forth, seeking in vain to find a way of escape from the dark trial where God's providence has placed us, then the Lord cannot work on our behalf. Only the peace of God will quiet our minds and put our hearts at rest. We must place our hand in His as a little child and allow Him to lead us into the bright sunshine of His love. He knows the way out of the dense, dark forest, so we may climb into His arms, trusting Him to rescue us by showing us the shortest and most reliable road (Streams in the Desert).

by Travis Jones

For the questions I can’t answer
For the mysteries I can’t know
For the moments I’m forgotten
For the times I feel alone

For the trials that I suffer
For the aching in my heart
I will bow in awe and wonder
And remember who You are

Almighty. All knowing. All-powerful King.
Your greatness inspiring my frail heart to sing.

For the riches of Your mercy
For the knowledge of Your love
For Your death and resurrection
For the power of the cross

For the gift of life eternal
For the grace by which I’m saved
To the only One who’s worthy
Be the glory due Your Name

Happy watching...Saturday my friends!  Get excited for my post tomorrow.  A weekend recap FULL of pictures...


  1. Ella's footprint on Brian's thumb is amazing. Hang in there, friend. xoxo