Monday, October 4, 2010

Walk Across The Room

I can't think of a better way to end the weekend than to fellowship with God's people.  And since our church is doing a 4 week Bible study called Walk Across The Room that is just what we did!  Thanks to (Torie) a coworker of mine (who came into work early for me) I was able to make it to week one.

And fellowship was just what I needed after this tear-filled week.  But I am thankful to say that by the end of this week God still gave me reasons to smile.  On Friday I received two cards one from my sister-in-law and the other from one of my sister's best friends (Andrea).  I just wanted to thank you both for your words of encouragement.  They meant the WORLD this week.  And on Saturday morning I opened the computer to find an email from an awesome human being and an even more amazing friend...Lacey-Jae.  Your kind words made me cry but will keep me fighting.  And in the mail on Saturday we received yet another wonderful card from "the Card Lady!"  Thanks for not forgetting us.  On Saturday my brother Brandon and sister-in-law Jana gave us this wonderful gift... 

(Bible cover with my absolute favorite verse)!

And finally thanks to my bestie Karie for her constant support and constant checking in on me moments this week!

Our weekend was memorable as a lot of it was spent remembering and loving our girls. And then the rest was spent watching football (yea Michigan), hunting (for Brian), and working (for me). And once again its a new week and this lil lady is praying for a better week!

I have lots of prayer requests that I would like to share...

1.  Leslie Evans and her family. I mentioned her in my post called Rough Week...New Month.  She has not been showing any more signs of improvement and the doctors have not been very encouraging BUT we know that we serve a faithful God who is capable of miracles and so please join me this week praying for God's healing hand on this beautiful individual.

2. A young couple who has struggled with infertility and IVF and is now looking to God for answers of how their family will grow.

3. My friend Kami and her hubby.  They lost their children Jay and Morgan this past February.

4. A colleague from work Heather and her hubby Sammy as they get ready to welcome their Rainbow baby Makena Jewel in the next few weeks.  They lost their daughter Amani Grace exactly a year ago from tomorrow.

5. Libby Ryder and her family.  Libby a young wife and mother was diagnosed with cancer this past July and is now enduring chemo treatments in order to beat her cancer.  You can follow her blog at (dontwasteyourcancer).

6. A friend from church who changed jobs 3 months ago and is having a hard time adjusting to her new job.

7. A new Angel Mommy and Daddy (Luke and Jacquelyn) who lost their precious son Cole on September 17, 2010.  My heart goes out to them as does many prayers for this fellow angel mommy.

8. And last but not least...this week kicks off my church's Beth Moore Ladies Bible Study's (there are 3 different groups) and I pray that God will bless each lady taking part in this years Believing Him series!

Happy Monday and God Bless 

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  1. I just read & prayed over your prayer request from A Love Worth Waiting For.
    My heart just broke.
    I have twin girls, also through IVF {my husband had cancer}. They were born 2 days apart at 23 weeks 5 days & 24 weeks even, Grace & Faith.

    I haven't even made it through your story/blog yet, as I was covered in chills and was immediately compelled to pray {amidst the tears}.