Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Walk To Remember

So this morning we walked.  We walked in honor of Alayna and Ella.  October is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month.  In honor of our girls Brian and I took part in the 24th annual Walk To Remember and Memorial Service at Fallasburg Park.  Although it was a wee bit chilly we are thankful that we could take part in this important event to honor the memory of all beloved children who died due to miscarriage, stillbirth, or early infant death.  We were also thankful that my brother Brandon, my sister Courtney, my brother-in-law Tibbe (actual name Jason) my niece Cambrey, and nephew Cole could join us today in both support and remembrance of lil Alayna Joy and Ella Adrianna!  Unfortunately my parents and in-laws were both out of the state.  And my brother Jason and sister-in-law Kristi (and their three cutie pies...Kylynn, Addisyn, and Easton) were visiting family in Traverse City.  And my sister-in-law Jana (brother Brandon's wife) had to work.  Next year!

--A Walk To Remember--

I walk to remember
The steps you'll never take.
I carry you with me
As I firmly plant my feet.

How you'd have loved the sun shining
Blue skies without a cloud.
The autumn leaves turning
The snow falling all around.

The flowers in the summer
Would have filled your eyes with smiles.
And the rain that might have fallen
Would have caused you great surprise.

You would traveled far with me
Holding me by the hand.
And I'd have shown you all I could
More than I can imagine.

 Hubby and I with our balloons

With our friends Rob and Kami

 With our support...Me, Courtney, Brandon, Cambrey, Cole, Tibbe, and Brian

Cambrey and Cole with Aunt Linney

In Memory of Jay Robert and Morgan Jillaine

In Memory of Alayna Joy and Ella Adrianna

Watching the balloons (go up and then down...down...down and finally up!)

We Love You Our Angel Beauties!

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