Sunday, October 10, 2010

Weekend Recap (long post)!

The weekend started with an afternoon spent with my sister-in-law (Kristi), my nieces (Kylynn and Addisyn), my nephew (Easton), and my mom.  I met up with most of the gang and we headed to pick up Miss Kylynn from school.  She was all smiles when Aunt Linny appeared in the door to pick her up.  Next stop...McDonalds for some "healthy" lunch.  Then it was off to Hager Park to enjoy us some lunch and have us some fun.  Here are just a couple of pictures of our afternoon...

Addi and Kylynn in the tire.

Sisterly Love

Then later that night we went out with our good friends Steve and Laura AND Eric and Jenny.  It was nice to "get out" since we don't do a whole lot of "getting out" anymore.  We headed to Holland to do a little wine tasting, then dinner at 84 East and ended the night with ice cream from Coldstone.  Can we say FULL tummy's!!!  I snapped this picture right before we left for the evening.

The hubby and I (with our "roses" in the background)!

Saturday morning started bright and early for the hubby as he went out hunting.  I slept in a little and met my grandpa, parents, and my uncle for breakfast at our beloved Rainbow Grill.  Then I ran some errands and got home about the same time as Brian.  Then we headed out to Holland (again) but this time to do a little writing in the sand!

Written in the sand on the shore of Lake Michigan

Me working on Ella bugs name...

and the finished product!

Brian just messing around.

A beautiful day at the beach.

Love him!!!

Even got him to walk the pier with me.

I've been wanting to write the girl's names in the sand for awhile now but I wanted to wait for the month of October because its the month of remembering all the lives that were lost too soon.

Then we stopped for lunch at Goog's Pub and Grub...a new favorite of Brian and I's.  Our first visit was on my birthday back in July.  And then made it home with plenty of time to spare to watch the Michigan vs Michigan St. football game.   


He wouldn't smile (notice the photo above) so I thought some tickling would help...but it ended up working against me...

And I am sad to say that the game did NOT go in Michigan's favor.  Hopefully next year...

After the game we headed to my parents so Brian could fix their computer but they were at Hager Park so after the computer was fixed we headed over to Hager Park so we could spend a lil time with these cuties...

Coley Boy!!!

And his big sis Cambrey!

My mom with Cole and Me with Cambrey

My parents were on baby-sitting duty for the night. 

This morning we headed to Georgetown CRC for my nephew Easton Marc's baptism.  Glad to report that it went better than the last baptism we attended in August.  But I (we) are 6 more weeks into this journey and time only helps.  My prayer is that in the years to come Easton will be my reminder of where the girlies would have been.  Right now it hurts but I trust that it won't hurt forever.  ***No picture of the lil guy because he was sleeping for most of his party.*** 

When we got home I made Brian snap a "fall porch decoration shot" of us.


Last years photo...10/09.

Now we have a relaxing afternoon ahead of us that includes football watching, reading, and sleeping.  And we'll end the weekend with week 2 of our Walk Across The Room Bible Study.  Yea for GOOD (3 day) weekends!!!

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  1. thank you so much for your sweet comment on our blog. its so refreshing to journal all my thoughts and emotions, just praying the Lord uses it for His glory and purpose. Your porch is so beautiful. Our email is Praying for your family~