Sunday, November 7, 2010

And we're back (and 30 D.B.C...Days 25-28)

So Brian and I just got back from our 4 day get away.  A get away that was very much so needed.  I was pretty distracted the whole weekend which in my mind was a good thing.  We went to Chicago, Milwaukee, Fort Atkinson, WI (where Brian's cousin, his wife, and kids live), and we made a day trip to Randolph, WI where we celebrated Brian's grandma's 90th birthday.  I will post a couple of pictures tomorrow but I am whipped right now so off to take a nap...

But (one last thing before I go) I just cannot say THANK YOU enough to everyone for your encouraging words these past few days...November 4 will always be a very special day.  A day that we will never forget.  These last few months have been very hard...almost unbearable at times...sorry but no sugar-coating here.  I would never wish this heartache on anyone.  I have shed more tears in these last 4 months than I thought possible...more than I ever shed in my "previous life."  As we were leaving Michigan on Thursday it was pouring rain.  It felt like my girls were reminding me that it was okay to cry.  And although I held the tears in on Thursday, they seem to be flowing freely today.  And that's the thing with grieving, it hits hard at the most random of times.  But the one thing that truly keeps me going is that one day I will be reunited with the two most beautiful little precious daughters.  And every day lived means I am one day closer to holding them again! 

And smart me had these last 4 days pre-blogged so here are days 25-28... 

Day 25: Put Your iPod On Shuffle (first 10 songs).

When I was on bed rest my sweet hubby downloaded songs to give me encouragement.  Encouragement to keep fighting for our daughters.  The songs were mostly how nothing is TOO big for the God we serve.  Every single night I fell asleep listening to my iPod knowing I served a faithful God who could move any and all mountains from our paths.  So after we came home brokenhearted the hubby added some more songs.  Songs to remind me that our girls were with Him.  That they were complete and whole and WOULD NEVER KNOW hurt or pain.  What more could a mother want?  I don't know why God didn't "move this particular mountain" but I have chosen to continue to believe, to continue to trust, and to continue to believe in His most perfect plan.  So when I pressed play on my iPod this morning these were the first 10 songs.  Funny how most of them were the post-girls songs.  God must have known I needed a little reminder that they are still safe in His arms!   

1. How Great is Our God
2. Healing Begins
3. Who You'd Be Today
4. Precious Child
5. Blessed Be Your Name
6. Your Hands
7. Glory Baby
8. God of This City
9. Streets Of Heaven
10. Borrowed Angels

Day 26: Picture of Your Family

This is the whole family at my brother Brandon's wedding. And I mean the WHOLE family because my sweet Alayna and Ella were in my little 'ole belly for this very special occasion!

Dad and Mom with Cambrey and Kylynn,
Kristi with Easton in her belly, Jason with Addisyn,
The Groom and his beautiful Bride (Brandon and Jana),
Courtney, Tibbe with Cole,
Me with Alayna and Ella in my belly, and Brian.

Day 27: Pets

This is an easy one.  I have only had two pets in my entire 27 years.  The first was a gray little bunny named Floppy and the second was a big chocolate lab named Webber. 

Floppy came to us from one of my mom's cousins...already named and already old.  We loved her and had so much fun letting her hop around in the backyard.  The part that was not so much fun was de-freezing her water every morning in the winter (yes she lived outside) which happened to be a job that my sis and I shared.  My brother Brandon was the lucky one who cleaned the cage (like once a month).  My other brother Jason wanted no part.  I don't remember the year we got her and I don't remember the year she died but I do remember that it was my sister who found her flat on her back one morning.  She came screaming up the stairs saying Floppy was dead.  We all ran down to her cage and there Floppy was staring at us from her cage...saying whats the deal.  But a few short hours later it was the real deal.

And then there was Webber.  We begged and begged my mom to let us get a puppy.  Finally (and I cannot stress finally enough here) she said yes.  But full responsibility (and cost) lied within us 4 kids.  And the one rule was that the puppy was NOT allowed inside the house.  Everyone fell head over heals for this little fur ball of love.  And wouldn't you know from that very first winter (we got her in the summer) we couldn't bear to watch her...with her sad eyes asking why as she sat in the freezing cold and we by the warmth of the fireplace.  So yes we snuck her in every single night.  And no we did not tell my mom that she pooped and peed all over her carpet that first year!  She was a naughty puppy but became the best dog ever.  Even my mom fell in love with her and Webber became an inside dog...just not allowed upstairs.  I could go on and on with so many stories that would make you laugh and smile but I will leave it at this...Webber died in March of 2006 with the Best Doggie Award ever.

Day 28: Something That Stresses You Out

This one is easy MY BODY.  Ever since pregnancy and fertility I am constantly stressed that my body is not functioning properly.  I feel a pain for a split second and I wonder what it is.  My back aches and I wonder what that means.  And it could go on and on.  But it's stressing me out now just thinking about it so I'm just going to put a period down and be done with it.

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  1. glad you're back safe and sound, also glad you were able to get away and enjoy some time together. hope you had a piece of cheesecake for me. praying for you and thinking of you often. call me soon, love ya!