Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy B-Day to my Love and 30 D.B.C...Day 22

Happy Birthday to YOU...Happy Birthday to YOU...Happy Birthday Dear Hubby...Happy 35th Birthday to YOU!!!  I love you more and more each and every day.  Ohhhh and I cannot wait for OutBack tonight!

The 1st birthday we got to celebrate together in 2007!!!

Day 22: Favorite City

I am definitely NOT a city girl but someday I can't wait to go back here...

New York City

We (Brian and I and our friends Steve and Laura) woke up early Friday morning (and by early I mean 4am) and headed to the big beautiful and oh so busy city of New York.  After dropping off our stuff and grabbing dinner we headed to Yankee Stadium to catch our first LIVE Yankee's game.  If you know my hubby at all...he is a HUGE Yankee's fan. The whole trip to NYC revolved around this game and although it was delayed for over an hour and a half (due to rain) thankfully they still played and we still had a good time!

Go Yankees

And then all day Saturday was spent touring the city. I have never walked so much (in one day) in my life. But it was amazing and we had so much fun seeing the Big Apple!  Just a few of the site's that we saw...

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge

Me and the Statue of Liberty

Steve and Laura in Chinatown

Brian and I in Times Square

Me and my LOVE

Cannot wait to visit you again!

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  1. Happy birthday Brian! I love the new look, so pretty!
    Have a great dinner at Outback. :)