Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Meant to post something this morning about my (errr our) 2 years of wedded bliss but once morning arrived I was up and running.  Met a friend for a 9am coffee date, then it was off to get some groceries, and then hung out at my mom's for awhile.  Made it home a good hour before the hubby so I was able to watch my DVR'd GLEE!!!  Then as is our annual tradition the hubby and I went to Outback for a wonderful steak dinner compliments of a giftcard!!!  And now he is waiting for me to hurry up and post this so we can watch some of our DVR'd you can see we live a simple life.

But once the hubby got home this is what he received for our 2 year anniversary...
yes its just a card

And wouldn't you know that he asked if this card was for him.  Smart ass. 

And then he handed me this...

So of course I asked if this was for me.  But as always I get a little chuckle out of his card motto which is...bigger is better!  And wouldn't ya know that each of us wrote that we're praying year 3 brings us our third miracle child...praying so hard for you sweet baby Hemy!!!

before heading out for dinner

Hard to imagine that 2 years ago it was an absolute blizzard outside...
our fabulous wedding party

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  1. Love your festive colors! Happy Anniversary:)
    That would totally be something Rob would say! Ha,ha..made me laugh.
    Praying for that miracle too friend.