Sunday, January 9, 2011

Not Much to Write About

Not much happening in the Helmholdt home but I thought I would blog a little anyways.  Plus its been almost 4 days since my last post...

So Tuesday is MOVE day!!!  As in we move into the new Children's Hospital!!!  I blogged about it before but I am very excited to be taking part in this special day for Grand Rapids (click here for more info).

My excuse for not blogging as much...pure exhaustion.  I worked Thursday and Friday which meant I was comatose all day yesterday.  All I wanted to do was lay on the couch and do absolutely nothing.  And that's exactly what I did since I don't have any other little ones to chase around.  Working 12 hours is draining when you're NOT pregnant so when you ARE it's almost too much.  So I am really looking forward to February 3 when I go to 3 eight hour shifts.

I haven't mentioned it before but my sister is pregnant too AND due just 7 weeks ahead of me TO THE DAY!!!  Baby Tibbe (#3) is actually due on Ella's birthday but since my niece Kylynn already shares that special day I am praying for a June 24th birthday so my little Layna shares her special day with a cousin too!  When I first found out that she was pregnant I took it really hard because I had only been implanted and hadn't confirmed that I was pregnant yet but God's plan is always perfect and everything is just as it's suppose to be.  And now I couldn't be happier that we are pregnant together. 

I had always dreamed of being pregnant with her but the timing was always off.  She got pregnant with her first when Brian wasn't even in the picture and with her second 3 months before Brian and I got married.  Then I got pregnant with the twins and I knew she would start trying shortly after they were born.  But here we are pregnant together...and just 7 weeks apart.  Praying for UNeventful pregnancies for the both of us with 2 healthy babies at the end!!!  And how much fun that our maternity leaves will be at the same time.  She is a teacher so she will actually be off a couple weeks longer than me when all is said and done...lucky duck.  Secretly hoping for 2 little boys or 2 little girls...but chances are we'll have one of each.  But healthy is all that truly matters!!!

I do have 2 BIG prayer requests that I wanted to share...

1. A dear friend just had her second miscarriage (in 3 mons).  Her first miscarriage was in late September (after a year of trying to conceive).  She had a D and C in October but found out later that month that they were pregnant again!  She went in for a routine 12 week ultrasound this past week and the doctors could not find the baby's heartbeat.  Please pray for my friend Jen and her husband and their two small children as they cope with loss on top of loss.  My heart is just breaking for them.

2. Another dear friend (and husband) are waiting for the arrival of their first child.  This sweet couple has gone through 6 or 7 rounds of IVF which resulted in 3 miscarriages.  They decided to start the adoption process and were blessed to be chosen right way by a young teenage mother.  They found out about 7 weeks ago that "their child" was due January 7.  So far no baby but praise God that their paperwork is all set.  Please pray that the birth mother does not change her mind and that Lindsey and Josh get to take this *their* sweet baby girl home (hopefully in just a few short days)!!!

And on this note I best be getting ready so we can get to Bible Study on time!  Happy Sunday my dear friends!!!

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