Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What I've Been Up To...

What a busy last few weeks...although you wouldn't know it since all my updates have revolved around the girls and sweet baby bug growing inside me (which are very important updates I must say) but here's what else I've been up to...

On June 24 (Alayna's birthday) Brian's cousin, his wife, and their 3 daughters came up/down/across Wisconsin to spend the weekend with us. It was a wonderfully distracting weekend. Friday ended up being not the best of weather so we just headed to the mall, relaxed around the house, and ate lots of food. Saturday was a beautiful you guessed it...we spent the WHOLE day outside. Brian's parents live on a lake so we beached it all day. Our good friends Steve and Laura and their 3 girls hung out with us all day too. We swam, laid out, fished, and of course ate a ton more food. And of course this was the night my sweet niece Brinley was born so Brian and I made a stop up to the hospital to see her sweet little face. Sunday was another beautiful day so after church and dinner we spent a few more hours outside enjoying the sunshine before the Flegners headed home. It was a good weekend and no breakdowns because I was so distracted. And lets just say I love distraction because I hate sitting inside crying on sun-shining days.

Then it was off to work for 2 days before enjoying a week of camping at Holland State Park. The weather was absolutely perfect (except for one very rainy day). This year my mom, sis-in-law (and her 3 kiddos), and myself did the most camping with the men joining us on Friday (for the rest of the weekend). My sis and her hubby made it out for a couple of evenings and my niece and nephew (Cambrey and Cole) did sleepover one night. My mom's best friend (and her hubby) and their three children (plus spouses and kiddos) all from out of state were camping as well. We had a wonderful time (again great distraction for me). We went to the beach every day and relaxed around the campfire at night. Oh and of course ate LOTS of food again. I took a few pictures but to be honest I mostly sat on my butt :) and just watched "the show"...

Aunt Linnie (and the babe) with Kylynn and Addi at the beach.
My lovable...huggable...squeezable nephew Easton.
Me and the hubster.
My bunkmates for a night...Cambrey and Cole :)
Happy Birthday Kylynn beautiful 5 year old niece!!!
Celebrating Kylynn's birthday...Gabe (my mom's BFF's 
grandson), Addi, Ky, Cambrey, and Cole.
6 days old...Brinley Mae.
Aunt Linnie and Brinley.
Eating smores!!!

And now I'm home so that means back to work...ugh...

Oh but two last pictures. On Thursday I took a quick drive home (it's only a 30 minute drive) so that Brian and I could stop by the cemetery on Ella's birthday together.
Mommy and Daddy wishing our sweet Ella girl 
a very Happy Birthday!!!

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