Monday, September 12, 2011

Nursery Happenings

Slowly but surely we have started thinking about and buying things for the nursery. Back in my naive days when I thought we'd just get pregnant right when we wanted (this would be when we were planning our wedding and building our house) I had decided to paint the future nursery yellow because when we got pregnant I wanted it to be a surprise. Well fast forward a few years and an IVF later and we were expecting twins. We obviously decided to find out the sexes since twins take a little more planning. And after we found out that Ella was for sure a girl I told Brian that if both the babes were girls that I wanted to repaint the room. His response...absolutely NOT. I was still trying to talk Brian into letting me repaint the nursery when I was in the hospital with the girls but once they were born the subject was obviously dropped.

When we were fairly far along in this pregnancy Brian asked me if I wanted to repaint the nursery. I said no that I wanted to keep the sunny yellow color since we weren't going to be finding out the sex of this babe. So sunny yellow it is. And I LOVE the color!!!

And we didn't have to shop for a crib or a changing table since we had already received two cribs and a changing table as a baby gift the weekend before I was hospitalized with the girls...

(our crib and changing table but NOT our baby's room)

So my (our) first big purchase this pregnancy was the babe's bedding which I ordered when I hit 20 weeks...

(This is the pattern...just substitute the pink for yellow. Plus I ordered a 
second crib sheet that is black with white dots.)
(And this gives you a little more of an idea...even though 
this isn't the exact print or color...just the correct pattern.)

Next on my agenda was looking for a cute bookshelf for the nursery and then Lindsey (at Worth the Wait) posted some picture of her baby boy Foster's room and I fell in love with the bookshelf that she had purchased. I asked her where she got the bookshelf and told the hubby that we needed to make a trip to IKEA...which we did this past Friday!!! I first checked to see how much it would cost to just buy it online and have it shipped to our house but when I read $350 for shipping I told Brian that we would have to make the 2 hour drive. Let me just mention here that this was only after double-checking to make sure that the bookshelf would be in stock at the Canton IKEA. The computer said that there was plenty in stock at that location. The icing to the cake was when we got to the bin where the bookshelf was stored and it said SOLD OUT. Brian walked away (swearing under his breath) to double check the bin number. Thankfully there were two bins of the bookshelf...otherwise it would have been a loooong drive home. Neither of us had ever been to IKEA before and one of us will never go back...I bet you can't imagine who said that they would never go back.

"the bookshelf"

And then USA baby was having a huge sale this past Saturday and since the in-law's wanted to buy us a glider as a baby gift we asked them to meet us out there for the last big nursery purchase. We were there for over an hour (an hour and a half to be exact) because I was having such a hard time deciding which one to get. At first I was trying to decide between these two styles (not the colors)...

The top chair was super comfy but also very bulky. We thought it would be too big for the nursery so we were leaning towards the second chair in this print (see the picture below).

However, this chair was not extremely comfortable compared to the top chair but because I really loved the print I kept going back to it. But we took another look around and finally decided on this rocker...

We ordered it in a canary yellow suede fabric (not what's shown) in white wood. As much as I loved the black/white swirl...I just didn't think it went that great with the white wood and they didn't have it in black. But I always said I wanted a white rocker with a yellow cushion so I guess I'm getting my wish!!! I left the store very happy with my decision.

Now we just need to order a mattress for the crib and start putting stuff together. Hoping this will happen sooner rather than later. Although we have some time since both the bedding and rocker will not be arriving for another 6-8 weeks.

So of course after purchasing the bookshelf on Friday and ordering the rocker on Saturday morning my anxiety set in BIG time Saturday afternoon. I am always so worried that I might jump the gun by ordering stuff. I know this all goes back to ordering the cribs and changing table and then getting hospitalized ASAP when preggers with the girlies. All I can do is keep reminding myself that this is a different pregnancy and that my doctor feels very confident that I will go full-term with baby bug. In the end all I can do is pray for strength to make it through each and every day of this pregnancy.


  1. Love the bookshelf! I'll go back to IKEA with you!

  2. Love all the purchases you have made for buggy's room! I know the anxiety, can't say I wasn't the same way, but we made it and you will too! :)