Monday, September 5, 2011

An Update + Labor Day Weekend

Today I am 23 weeks and 1 day preggers!!! However, I am already on the countdown (ONLY 6 MORE DAYS!!!) to hitting the 24 week mark...yea for viability!!! And maybe JUST maybe I will breath a lil bit easier (although I'm not counting on it). 

First things like I already mentioned (in this post) I had my follow-up US last Thursday and Praise the Lord that everything was back to normal. What a nerve-wracking two days. Pry lost a few pounds with all the added stress...but I'm sure I packed those pounds right back on this weekend. After seeing my US results on Thursday...Dr J was even more sure of the fact that I had definitely had a contraction during Tuesday's US but he (again) reassured me that having a contraction at this stage of pregnancy (and not feeling it) is all very normal.
Let's just say that I was VERY happy to hear (on Thursday) that I had not been dilated at all on Tuesday but only slightly funneled. I guess funneling can come and go in a pregnancy and that its all very normal (per Dr. J). But as always I am praying for a good report at tomorrow's appointment. My cervix measured in at 31mm on Thursday which my doctor said was way more my norm than the 40-44mm from Tuesday. I am just really praying that tomorrow my cervix is longer...still tightly closed...with absolutely NO funneling. I get worried when my cervix is hovering just above the normal range but I HAVE to believe my doctor when he says that everything looks perfect. After tomorrow's scan we have only 1 more cervical check and then we move to appointments every 2 weeks...hopefully I can make the 2 week stretch. If I can't my doctor said that I can always call and make an appointment :)

Here's the two pics the US tech took. I wasn't too impressed with her or her picture taking skills but oh well...
My love's lil face
and waving at mommy and daddy!!!

Anyways onto Labor Day Weekend...we had a wonderful Labor Day weekend away with my family (at my parents cabin) but I must always feels good to be back home. This year I really took it easy since I didn't need any crazy business happening 6.5 hours away. So no 4-wheel rides, horsing around with the nieces/nephews, or long walks for me. I laid low in the cabin reading my book, taking naps, watching movies, playing cards, eating, and playing a lil bit with my nieces/nephews. The cabin also means not caring about what one looks like. We do have running (indoor) showers and electricity but barely there make-up and wet hair is typically my cabin look...(however this is pry the reason why I'm only including 1 picture of me among the hodge podge of pictures taken this weekend)!!!

Get ready for picture overload (of my beautiful nieces and nephews)...
I just want to eat her up!
Brinley's 1st trip to the cabin.
Uncle Brian with baby Brinley...what a pro!!!
Had to have a picture with their yummy cookie bars...
Going for a ride...(bro) dad...(aka Papa)...the hubby
...(bil) Jason and the 4 oldest grand-chillens.
Cole climbed up and had some snuggle time with Aunt Linnie :)
The boys: Cole and Easton
Cole giving E some loving...
The girls: Brinley, Cambrey, Addisyn, and Kylynn...aren't 
they B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!
Addi wanted a turn hanging on to Brinley but can you tell that she had 
had enough of being passed around...poor baby.
We calmed her down and Kylynn got a turn!

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