Monday, October 17, 2011

Anxiety is the Name of the Game

Ahhh another interesting appointment today if I might say so. First things first baby and mom are doing excellent...despite my blood pressure reaching 160/90 today (holy cowser beans...can I get an AMEN). So as you can imagine I once again had to lay on my left side and after 5 minutes of rest it was already down to 148/72.

I am going to stop here a minute and say that once again my urine was clear of any protein (yea!!!). My weight stayed stable. Still no swelling, no headaches, no double or blurry vision, or right sided pain. Another sign of preeclampsia is decreased urine output and lets just say that Brian tells me that I pee too we all know that my kidneys are working just fine. Baby is moving like crazy which is a huge relief to me. And baby is also definitely growing because he/she is now jabbing me in the ribs. So all of this makes me feel much better that preeclampsia is NOT on the horizon. Oh and it doesn't hurt that my labs from last week were completely normal. And I passed my gestational diabetes test too (on a side note)!!!

So after my nurse rechecked my blood pressure Dr. Jelsema came in and then we had a little chat. He first reassured Brian and I that because of the sudden drop in my blood pressure that he was not at all concerned about preeclampsia (along with the fact that I have no other signs/symptoms of preeclampsia). And since the blood pressures that I have taken over the last week have all been normal he said that these spikes in blood pressure are not harming the baby in any way. Basically I just have some serious anxiety issues. It was at this point that I told Dr. Jelsema that during infertility treatments that my blood pressure reached 200/100 (so yes I definitely have serious anxiety issues). He told me he was glad that I shared this bit of information with him because he was not aware of my past blood pressure "issues". I also told (kinda asked) him that I believe that my blood pressure is high I because I do not exercise, because I am carrying an extra 27lbs, and because this pregnancy has been extremely stressful on me...both mind and body. He completely agreed that this was also causing my blood pressure to be high.

So where do we go from here. Well as of this week I am only going to be working 3 four hour shifts. Then I have an appointment next week Tuesday to recheck baby's kidneys, see how he/she is growing, and of course to check all the regular prenatal stuff. He told me to tell the nurse next week that I need to lay on my left side for at least 5 minutes before she checks my blood pressure. If my blood pressure is still high he is recommending that I start on a low dose blood pressure medication. So that's the game plan for now. Last two things to share is that Bug's heartbeat was 148 and that my belly is measuring 2 weeks ahead!!! Grow Buggy grow!!!

Thanks for your continued prayers...11 weeks and counting!!!


  1. Lindssey- I take a blood pressure medication (high blood pressure runs in my family, even though I am a super small person.) My blood pressure has been great through my pregnancy even though I have severe anxiety issues like you. If you do have to take will probably be the one I am on....aldomet/methyldopa. Another gal I know is on it and we've both had super normal blood pressures through our pregnancies! Hang in there!! Glad buggy is doing well!

  2. Yaaay for big, healthy babies! :) I think my favorite part of our appointments is seeing how much weight babe has gained. We have been measuring ahead too!