Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Appointment Update

Well I had my 28 week (and 2 day!!!) prenatal appointment today and it brought mostly good news except for the fact that my stinking blood pressure was up...again.

But let me get to the GOOD stuff first. Baby's heartbeat was between 150 and 152. (Last week baby's heartbeat was 155...I only mention this because I forgot to mention it last week). My tummy is measuring right on. No protein in the urine. And my doctor is happy with my weight gain. However...(like I mentioned above)...my blood pressure once again did NOT cooperate. Today it was 150/88...yikes-a-roonies is all that I can say. Let me stop right here a minute and say that I could feel that it was going to be high today...because I could feel the blood pulsating through my veins. I felt this same way last week before my blood pressure was about to be taken. Last week I was nervous about the ECHO. And this week (for some reason) I was nervous about the glucose screening. Basically because of my losses I worry about everything. EVERY.LITTLE.THING.

So after my nurse took my blood pressure she had me lay on my left side which ended up only lasting for less than 5 minutes because then Dr. Jelsema came in to measure my belly and listen to babe's heartbeat. Then it was time to get my blood drawn for the glucose screening. So as I was waiting to get my blood drawn Mary (my nurse) rechecked my blood pressure and it went down a wee bit to 142/84...and that was with very little laying on my side time.

For the few minutes that I was laying on my side Dr. Jelsema and I had a little chat. And this is what he said to me. My high blood pressure could be caused by two things. First maybe I have "white coat syndrome." Meaning that every time I step into the office my blood pressure goes up. I completely agree with this scenario. To test this theory I have to take my blood pressure a few times in between now and my next appointment which is a week from today. Praying that when I am NOT at the office that its back to normal. I actually went to Walmart after my appointment to take it quick a minute and on average (I took it 3 times) it was 130/76...still high but NOT preeclampsia high. And let me also note here that after losing the girls and after my September (2010) IVF cycle was canceled...as we were preparing for the October cycle my blood pressure reached 200/100...now that is CRAZY high.

The second cause of my blood pressure being high could be the beginning stages of preeclampsia. Praying that this is NOT the case. On the plus side...I have no protein in my urine, I have not gained an excessive amount of weight nor do I have swelling of any kind, I have not had any headaches, excessive nausea, or any issues with my eyes. So the only symptom that I have is the high blood pressure. Today when I got my blood drawn for the glucose test...Dr. Jelsema also had them draw some blood to check my liver enzyme levels. These levels can indicate whether I am at risk for preeclampsia. My nurse said that they would call if any of my labs were off. I did NOT receive a call today (praying I don't receive one tomorrow either) so I am praying that means I do NOT have gestational diabetes and that my liver enzyme levels were normal. They did not say "when" they would call but since they know I am an anxious person...I think that they would have called me today.

Dr. Jelsema said that if its "white coat syndrome" that they will just continue to monitor me very closely. But if my random checks are high and if its high in the office next week that he will have no choice but to take me off from work until I deliver. And if things get too serious that I would have to be induced earlier rather than later. Praying with all my heart that I can keep working (it passes time) and that my baby will not be born until on or after December 11...at which point I will be 37 weeks pregnant.

So that wraps up another appointment. As you can see...I like to keep things interesting!!! Stay tuned for random blood pressure updates and next weeks update as well...


  1. I am voting for "white coat syndrome"! Are you planning to return to work after your sweet miracle arrives?

  2. Must be something in the air- my BP was high today too! Praying both of our issues can be attributed to white coat syndrome.

  3. I bet it is just white coat syndrome........try not to worry about it too much......you don't have any other symptoms of pre-e. Glad to hear everything else looks great!!!