Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Benefit Celebration

On Monday night Brian and I went to a benefit concert in honor of baby Zander. (Baby Zander was a little guy who left this world too soon this past April). All I can say is that his mommy did an AMAZING job putting this benefit together. The purpose of this benefit concert was to raise funds for Care Packages (aka...super cute bags) that will be filled with books, blogs, encouraging songs, poems, and other materials to help baby-lost mommies (and daddies) move forward. When you give birth to a (take-home) baby you get a diaper bag filled with goodies for your new baby. So Jen (Zander's mom) wanted baby-lost mommies leaving with a special bag too...because leaving the hospital without your baby(ies) is one of the worst feelings in the world.

Since Brian and I were unable to partake in this years Walk To Remember...(check out last years walk by clicking here) remembrance of the girls I was excited when Jen emailed asking if I would like to have a picture of the girls in the slideshow and to also light a candle in their honor. (Jen and I have a mutual friend that cyber introduced us back in April and it was wonderful to finally meet her face to face).  Anyways the concert was filled with beautiful songs sung by talented local artists, amazing slide shows, prayers, and Jen's encouraging and heartfelt words. And at the end all the mommies who have lost a baby (or babies) lit a candle in their honor. And then Jen sent every mom (and dad) home with sky lanterns and a CD of the slideshow.

It was a wonderful evening made even better by the people that we got to talk with after the concert!!! And if you're up for a few prayer requests...please be in prayer for Heather at A Little Hope in My Pocket and Julie at Dykstra Family. I got to meet Heather officially for the first time. We have also met via the internet via the same friend that cyber introduced me to Jen. Please be praying that their dreams of becoming Earthly parents will come true oh so very soon. And Julie is the mother of a sweet angel named Mikayla who passed away just over a month ago. Please be praying for continued healing and direction in the days and weeks ahead.

Though he brings grief, he will show compassion, so great is his unfailing love. Lamentations 3:32

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  1. So great to finally meet you!!! And thanks for the prayers. I'd love to grab coffee sometime soon.