Monday, October 31, 2011

Helmholdt Happenings

Ahhhh last week was a B-U-S-Y week. Every day felt like it was jammed packed. And by Saturday I was too tired to even leave the house (or barely shower for that matter...). Praying that this week is a little slower paced but that the week itself (again) flies by!!!

After my appointment on Tuesday I thought I better pick up the pace on my "Baby To Do List" that the little stinker might be making his/her appearance a little earlier than previously thought/planned. Some of the things I accomplished this week out the fridge, getting my prescription sunglasses and my prescription (every day) glasses tightened, getting my ring cleaned, buying Christmas presents for all my nieces and nephews and my mother-in-law...(only ones left to buy for are my parents and my father-in-law). Brian and I decided to omit everyone else this year (including buying for each other) with Buggy's arrival being right around Christmas. I also ordered some cute "boy and girl things" off Etsy and from Jan's Unique Creations for Bug's newborn photo shoot. Plus (not pictured) is a boy hat that my sister had bought while pregnant with Brinley...obviously Brinley was a girl so she said that she would give me the hat if I had a boy.

If Bug's a boy...he's gonna be a lil stud in this hat (from Jan's Unique Creations).
Too cute!!!
I only bought the white headband...not all 3 :)

I bought myself some nursing bras, nursing tanks, a cute sweater for my 1st shower (which was this past Friday), a cute new PJ set for the hospital stay, some baby essentials that I hadn't registered for like Dreft baby detergent, Tylenol and gas drops. I of course attended my very first baby shower and on Saturday washed everything that needed to be washed and put away all my awesome gifts as well. And my week was also made busy by things NOT on my to do list as well. I had to work my 3 four hour shifts, do my Bible Study lessons plus make a dessert for my Bible Study plus attend Bible Study, I got a prenatal massage, had a doctor appointment, and I went to another "31 Party" hosted by my sis-in-law Kristi. I order this collapsible cube bag in Black Parisian Pop with "TOYS" written on it in yellow for the nursery!!! And I of course ordered some other super cute bags too.

Well I hope everyone has a Happy Halloween today/tonight...I will be living mine up by working the 3-7:30pm shift at work. However, I cannot wait to dress my little pumpkin up next year!!!

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