Tuesday, October 25, 2011

If its Not One Thing...Then its Another

So as I already stated in my title...if its not one thing...then its another. As my usual though first things first. Blood pressure was/is still high so my doctor is putting me on a blood pressure med...(a very small dose of a drug called labetalol). At this point I still have NO signs of preeclampsia (praise the Lord) but since the blood pressure is still high he feels like it would be in my best interest to as he says "put a cap on it." Meaning he doesn't want it to get any higher. He said that its a positive sign that in the last 3-4 weeks it hasn't increased week by week. If it had then preeclampsia would be on the horizon. But for now (praying it stays that way) IT'S NOT!!!

In other "first things first" news...baby's heartbeat was 148 and he/she is a whopping 3lbs and 13oz...putting him/her in the 68th percentile. (This is up a pound and 4 oz in just 3 weeks)!!! So as you can see Buggy is growing healthy and strong and that makes this mama H-A-P-P-Y!!! Bug still has mild hydronephrosis (thankfully its still mild) and since he/she still has it...he/she bought him/herself an ultrasound a few days after birth. Still not worried about this though because my doctor is still not concerned. And lastly, Bug has plenty of amniotic fluid surrounding him/her.

Basically everything looks good except for one lil issue. Unfortunately though, this issue happens to be a big issue. What is the issue? Bug is transverse. What a little stinker. For those of you who don't know what this means here I go. Baby being transverse poses a huge risk to me and baby at delivery. So in 4 weeks I will have another ultrasound to see what baby's position is. Chances are he/she will still be in the transverse position according to Dr. J. because babies in the transverse position have a hard time righting themselves...they basically get stuck in the side-ways position. As Dr. J put it the majority of babies in the transverse position at 30 weeks will not right themselves...just lovely. So if Bug stays in the transverse position I would have to have a planned C-section because it would be very dangerous for me to go into labor on my own.

So the tentative plan is to see what the ultrasound shows in 4 weeks and if baby is in fact still in the transverse position I will have to have an amniocentesis at 36 or 37 weeks. If baby's lungs are ready...a C-section will be scheduled and Bug will be arriving a touch early. If the amniocentesis shows that Bug's lungs need a little more time a second amnio will be scheduled about a week later and hopefully this amnio would show that Bug is ready to enter the world.

This is all so crazy to me...NOTHING has been normal this whole pregnancy from start to (possible) finish. If its not one thing...then its another...placenta previa, cervical checks, on/off antibiotics for possible infection, hydronephrosis, blood pressure issues, and now Bug being transverse. I know lots of peeps who have C-sections but I do not personally know of anyone who has needed one because their baby was transverse...leave that to me.


  1. You don't know me officially ( I am a friend of Rachel Scholten) and have been following your story for some time. I just want you to know that I will pray for peace and calm for you during all the comes up and want you to know that I admire your attitude and faith.

  2. Saying a little prayer that your Buggy will get turned around!

  3. Buggy - you need to start cooperating so your momma can calm her nerves a bit. She wants you to flip so her recovery will be quicker and she can start showing you off to the world!!! :)

    Lindsey - many continued prayers for you and buggy. Praying he/she flips, that your BP will stay under control and that these last weeks will fly by without complication.

  4. I know that this is not what you wanted, however this is something that you can handle and in the end knowing that you can meet your little one a few weeks early might be a good thing! Grant was born at 37 weeks and was very healthy and having him those few weeks early really saved me a lot of anxiety! Will pray that buggy moves so that you don't have to go through all these extra steps. Will pray for peace if you do end up having to go this route.

  5. I had to have a c-section to deliver Faith because she was also transverse.
    Have the doctors mentioned/suggested flipping baby? With Faith, they flipped her in my tummy with a technique they use...it worked with her for a couple hours then right before I went into delivery she flipped back...sticker!
    They tried again & she didn't move but they explained it works best in moms/babies who are further than 30 weeks.

    Praying...as always!
    I CANNOT wait to "meet" your precious baby!!!!!!