Saturday, October 1, 2011

Keeping B-U-S-Y

I have found that keeping myself busy has made time click along quite quickly. I can hardly believe that I will be 27 weeks tomorrow!!! And that folks is only one week from my next BIG milestone (of 28 weeks)...ahhhhh...can you feel my HUGE *sigh* of relief.

On Monday (after my excellent doctor appointment) I met up with my sister to go and register at Buy Buy Baby. (A big thanks to my mom for watching my sister's 3 kiddos so we could go kid-less)!!! Even kid-less it took us almost 3 hours. But I was so thankful that my sister went with me because I would have been lost registering by myself. And I definitely know the hubby appreciated it because he in NO way wanted to register with me. Plus we would have started fighting within minutes of arrival because of all the decisions that have to be made with registering.

After registering I headed out to bring a meal and a gift to my sweet friend Kami who had her adorable baby girl Megyn in July (to be specific on the 29th which happens to be MY birthday)!!! Kami is a very dear friend. We met shortly after Brian and I lost the girls because Kami and her hubby Rob lost their precious twins just 4 months before us. After Meg was born I told Kami that once I surpassed the 24 week mark that she could expect a visit from me. It was WONDERFUL catching up with her and chatting about our (stressful) pregnancies.  Can't wait for my lil babe to meet his/her friend Meg!!!

I had to work Tuesday (the late shift...from 11a-730p) and Wednesday (the nice shift...from 7a-330p) and then Wednesday evening I went to a get-to-gather with my Bible Study gals from last year. Again it was great catching up with more friends and I look forward to this years study that will be starting in a few weeks.

On Thursday I met up with my sis AND her 3 kiddos at Target to get some more registering done. We were much quicker this go around since the kids were ready to go after like 10 minutes :) My next stop was to Kohls with my 30% off coupon in hand (and in addition most of the stuff in the store was already marked down by 30-40%). I have not bought any clothes yet for our sweet babe. All I have are a newborn outfit that I received from my mom when we found out that Ella was a girl, two gender neutral sleepers from my sis-in-law that I received when we found out that we were pregnant with the girls, and the gender neutral outfit that my mom bought for me a few weeks back. So once I found out (from my sis) that Kohls does NOT have a return policy (meaning I can return things at ANY time) I decided to do a little gender specific shopping. I ended up buying 8 boy and 8 girl outfits. I called Brian to prewarn him of my purchases and of course to remind him that half of it would be going back. And then I also had to add in that I saved more than I spent!!! Below are a few of my purchases...

Bug's closet thus far...definitely a work in progress!

Once I got home I spent the next few hours "cleaning up" my registries and I can say that I am very happy with the results. Then at night Brian and I took his parents to Salt and Pepper (savory grill and pub) for his mom's birthday. It was a new restaurant to us (his parents had been there before) but it was delicious. And I would highly recommend it to anyone in this area. And just so you know the Idaho Nachos are TO DIE FOR.

Yesterday was another work day and after work Brian and I ran a few errands. Including a stop at Moelker's Orchard for (honey crisp) apples, pears, and apple cider (my fall fave)!!! And then because I was craving cheesecake we stopped at Olive Garden to get a piece of raspberry cheesecake and on a whim decided to just order dinner to go as well. I was pleasantly surprised when my gift card...that I thought only had a dollar left on it ended up having $20 on it...bonus for us!!! The rest of the night was spent relaxing and snoozing.

Mmmm GOOD...some fall favorites!!!

Which brings me to today. Being that its October 1 means two things. First my due date is officially 3 months from today!!! And it also marks the opening of bow hunting...which means my hubby was going to be gone for most of the day. So instead of sitting home all day I went to my parent's churches fall carnival with my parents, my sister, and 5 of my 6 fave lil ones. The weather was absolutely perfect and the kids had a blast riding ponies, petting animals, jumping in the inflatables, getting their faces painted, sitting in a firetruck, eating hotdogs, and watching a puppet show. After the carnival I headed home to blog, nap, and make dinner

Cole, Addi, Cambrey, and Kylynn in the inflatable
having a blast jumping!!!
Papa and 4 of his grand chillin. 

The above photo is of the kiddos "trying" to show off their painted faces which is why NO one was looking at the camera. (Addi had a fish, Kylynn a flower, Cambrey had a fish as well, and Cole had a pumpkin). As they were checking out each others faces Kylynn said to Addi what are those blue dots on your face? Addi's response...I don't know. They were bubbles the fish blew out in case you were wondering...but it was so cute when she asked.

Kylynn on the pony.
Cambrey petting an animal.
Addi sitting in the firetruck.

And now I am about to head out again...this time to meet up with my mom at the mall to do a little maternity shopping (since the hubby is going out hunting again). I'm trying to find something cute to wear for the maternity photo shoot that I set up with Brooke at B Modern Designs which will be taking place in early November!!!

Another preparation for baby Helmholdt was made this week. Brian put our single stroller together that we bought a few weeks back...
I got the carseat and base (along with the double stroller) when I was expecting the girl's. 

Another purchase that I wanted to share with you all that was also made when pregnant with the girls was my diaper bag. I still LOVE it and cannot wait to start using it...hopefully in just under 3 months!!!

And that folks is what I've been keeping busy with. Happy Saturday to each and every one of YOU!!!

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