Saturday, October 22, 2011

Keeping Things Interesting

So yesterday was another interesting day in the life of pregnant ole me. After two days of feeling less noticeable movement I started to worry...big time. On Wednesday night (let me clarify by saying sometime in the middle of the night) Buggy did a complete flip and this flip scared me because it was nothing like I've ever felt before. But it only got worse when I felt less movement the following day (this being Thursday).

I basically spent all day Thursday staring at my belly...that is until I had to go into work. And once I got to work I checked my blood pressure and lets just say it was high. I rechecked it a few more times throughout my 4 hour shift and it was all over the place. By this time I was consumed with wanting to feel Buggy move. One of my coworkers told me to drink some orange juice which helped some but when I got home I once again wasn't feeling a whole lotta movement. So I drank some more orange juice and was happy when Buggy started moving again. But Bug's movements were so subtle that I really had to focus to feel and see them.

Normally I feel Buggy move throughout the night but Thursday into Friday I once again was not feeling Bug move a whole lot. So yesterday I was once again consumed with staring at my belly. Bug moved here and there but it was so subtle that I again had to really focus. As you can all imagine I could feel my blood pressure and anxiety rising so I finally called my OB's office.

My doctor is not in the office on Wednesdays or Fridays but a nurse is always there to answer any questions. I was put through to a nurse that I was not familiar with (but whom I now adore). I told her that I was still definitely feeling my baby move but that it wasn't as often or as pronounced as it had been. She didn't sound too alarmed but said that she would page Dr. Jelsema and ask him his opinion. I waited and waited and no call came. The nurse had said that she would only call if he wanted me to come in. Well the clock struck 2:15 and I had not heard anything yet so I decided to head to Walmart to check my blood pressure before going into work. (You may wonder why I didn't just check it at work but since it seems to run high at work I wanted something to compare it to...hence my trip to Walmart). At Walmart it was upper 140/90's...yikes. So I start thinking that my blood pressure was causing a lack of blood flow to the baby's placenta and maybe that was why I was feeling less movement. (Sometimes I hate that I am a nurse).

Well I was just getting on the on ramp when my phone rang and it was the nurse calling me back. She apologized for taking so long in calling me back but that she had just gotten a hold of Dr. Jelsema...let me remind you that he is not on-call but keeps his pager with him at all times just in case. She said that he was not too alarmed since I was still feeling my babe move (and because like I had already discussed with the babies grow their movements can become less frequent for periods of time because there is less room for them to move plus they start having sleep/awake cycles)...but because of my history and because of how anxious I am he wanted me to come in for a NST (non-stress test). At this point it was only 20 minutes before I was suppose to be at work. I quickly called worked and profusely apologized for the late phone call (we're suppose to call no later than 1:30 if we're calling in) but that I would not be coming in today because my doctor wanted me to come in for a non-stress test since my baby's movements haven't been as strong or as often. Then I called the hubby. I didn't want to alarm him if  it wasn't necessary but this warranted a phone call.

I made my way to the office and as I was waiting I could feel Buggy start moving a little bit more and it was more pronounced. I saw one of my regular nurses and she asked what I was doing there. I explained and she immediately put me more at ease and said that she was glad that I had called if I was so nervous. Better to be safe than sorry...YOU GOT THAT RIGHT! The nurse that I talked to on the phone came to get me just a few minutes later and hooked me up to the monitor. I heard my baby's heartbeat right away and it was music to my ears. The nurse and I talked for awhile and as we were talking she reassured me that what she was seeing so far looked really good. Then she dimmed the lights and let me relax for a little bit. One of my regular nurses came in to see me and we chatted for a little bit too and reminded me that I can call at any time because that is what they are here for. I know its silly but I don't want to be an alarmist.

The nurse came back in to take my blood pressure after taking me off the monitor. Blood pressure was 142/82...still high but not as bad as it was at Walmart. So she had me lay on my side to relax some more and when she rechecked my blood pressure it was down to 126/72...BOO-YAH!!! We then checked my weight...that looked good. And we had already checked my urine...which by the way was protein FREE. She laughed at me because as I walked out of the bathroom I said well at least the stick looks good. I pay way too much attention to everything :) And then I just had to wait for the on-call doctor to see me. She was great and told me that my Non-Stress Test looked perfect. It showed baby moving with good deceleration's and acceleration's of the heartbeat and my uterus was nice and calm. So I left feeling SO MUCH better than when I had arrived. And the on-call doctor happened to be the doctor that a friend of mine nanny's for. I didn't mention anything at first but I could tell she didn't know my full story so I said that I was Gretchen's friend and she instantly knew why I was so nervous. She told me to come in every single day if I needed to...not that I will (and not that they truly want me to) but it's so nice to know that I can if I really wanted to.

And yes Buggy has started moving more. My body was pry stressing Bug out so much that he/she just didn't want to move. Now that my body is less stressed Buggy is on the move once again!!! Praise the Lord!!!


  1. So glad to hear that everything turned out OK. Keeping you in my prayers!!

  2. Sounds like a nerve-racking few days! :( I'm so glad that you went in and that your fears were eased. I'm also so glad that they're encouraging you to come in whenever you need... that sort of assurance I think is really important. Wishing you all much health and happiness!!!

  3. So glad that everything is okay! Continuing to pray for a healthy remainder of your pregnancy.