Saturday, October 29, 2011

My 1st Baby Shower!!!

A few weeks ago I received my first baby shower invitation in the mail. And last night was finally the big event!!! My sister hosted it at her house with lots of help from my best friend Karie and my sis-in-law Kristi.

Everything was perfect down to the last detail. Yummy food. Perfect decorations. Wonderful gifts. And great friends to share in my joy!!! It was so surreal to finally be celebrating the arrival of my "Little Miracle" (as the banner appropriately stated). Earlier in the day I had met my mom and some of my nieces/nephew for lunch and after I strapped them in to their car seats I turned right into a tearful hug from my mom. She was just so happy that it was finally my turn. And you know what I was too.

Me by the yummy (all desserts) food (and perfect decorations)!!!
Me by the wonderful gifts!!!

Me and the friends/sisters that made this evening so special!!!

Front: Sis-in-law Jana and baby V, Kami, Laura, Sis-in-law Kristi. Andrea (with my niece Brinley), and Jen
Back: My sister Courtney, Erika and baby S, Me and Baby H, Karie, Gretchen, Rachel and baby S, Melissa and her son Cohen, and Lisa

I received so many wonderful gifts. And I cannot wait to use every single one of them when my sweet baby arrives. When I opened my first gift I was surprised and very excited to receive my Jumperoo. I will admit here that I enjoy peaking at my registry every now and then day...and my Jumperoo was NOT marked as purchased. Oh but it was (the store just hadn't marked it as purchased)!!! And my sister's best friends gave me the cutest themed present(s). It took me awhile to get the theme and that was only after a few hints but I did get it before I opened the fourth gift :) The first box had a cute snuggle teddy head blanket that said "Babies Are A Gift From God." The second box had 2 gowns and a swaddle me wrap. The third box had a ducky blanket and the book "Good Morning, Good Night." And it was at this point that my sister asked if I had caught the theme. I hadn't yet and then my sis-in-law said to read the title of the book. I read the title and immediately saw the theme...bed time!!! And the fourth box had my Rainforest Waterfall Peek-a-Boo Soother in it!!!

All my wonderful pack-n-play, my jumperoo, bottles, pacifiers, blankets, toys, diapers, wipes, grooming kit, gowns, books, car seat cover, swaddle me wrap, infant night time soother, 1st 4th of July bib, and a bottle drying rack!!!

We played two games. The first was "The Price is Right" baby style. There were 8 items and we had to guess how much each cost. The person closest to the total (before tax) who did NOT go over the total was the winner. (I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I was only $2 under the grand total...although there was someone that came even closer). But being the guest of honor I got to take home all the items. The second game was guessing how many candies were in a bottle. My prize for this game was the super duper cute diaper cake pictured below. You did an EXCELLENT job Kare and the colors (yellow,black, and white) are my nursery colors which made me love it even more!!!

I must was the perfect first shower...


  1. So fun!!! Very sweet!!! Looks like a wonderful time and lots of wonderful gifts!!! :)

  2. Really beautiful baby shower. I want to have something amazing for my niece’s baby shower. Have booked one of LA venues for the day. Planning to have a red and pink color scheme for the day. Want to have some great ideas for the day.