Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Appointment Update

So it's official...I HAVE "White Coat Syndrome." Before my appointment today I ran into Walmart to check my  blood pressure and it was (on 3 takes) an average of 125/68 (yea!!!) but of course at the office it was 150/84 or 94...my nurse told me 84 but it was written in my chart as 94...either way not to Dr. J's liking. Dr. J asked me how my blood pressure was when I am NOT at the office and I told him that it has been stellar since starting the labetalol. However, since it was still high (at the office) to be on the safe side I will now be making twice a week treks to the office for non-stress tests. So basically (minus Thanksgiving week) I will be having appointments every Monday and Thursday.

In other (very positive) news Dr. J felt my belly and thinks that Buggy has moved into a head down position...praise the Lord!!! This will however, be confirmed at my next ultrasound which is scheduled for November 22. Since Buggy is now (possibly) in the correct position I was curious if Dr. J would just let nature take its course...meaning would he let me go past my due date...and I was very relieved when he said NO. Well he first asked if I wanted to go past my due date...to which I responded with a big NO. I told him that I worry about cord issues and losing the baby if I were to go late. And to be honest I feel like my anxiety/blood pressure issues are in large part related to the fact that I know at any time something could still go wrong. I know stillbirths are not the norm but that they do still happen a fair amount of the time...enough to make me nervous. He told me that he cannot prevent birth defects or preterm labor but that he can prevent stillbirths by taking the baby a touch early...and that he will take every precaution with me to give me my healthy take-home baby.

We had a good chat today but I am going to try to just blog the basics so here goes. With my history he would like to induce me around 39 weeks (and I am totally game for this). However, since my blood pressure still spikes when at the office (something he does not care for) we will be doing (as I have already stated above) the bi-weekly non-stress tests to monitor the baby as well as continuing to watch my blood pressure. If he becomes uncomfortable at any time (with the non-stress test results or my blood pressure) there is the chance that I could be induced between 37 and 38 weeks. Basically I/we will have to take it week by week (just like any other pregnant person). But I will be very honest when I say that I am extremely happy to know that I will be induced before reaching 40 weeks. I know lots of peeps don't agree with this (meaning inducing) BUT with my history...its just what I need. Kind of crazy to think that I can NOW say...my baby WILL be born next month!!!

To sum it up...I will still have the ultrasound at 34 weeks to check baby's position and if he/she is in fact in the head down position I will continue to be monitored bi-weekly with an induction date between 37 and 39 weeks. If baby is still in the transverse position then we will do an amnio (or two) and schedule a C-section between 36 and 38 weeks. I for one am praying for the first scenario.

Lastly, baby's heartbeat was 145 today, my belly was measuring right on, weight gain was normal, and no protein in my urine. All in all it was a good appointment. One thing I can say is that my schedule is getting jammed packed. Jammed packed full of appointments that is...but if it means making sure that Buggy is safe then jam that schedule up!


  1. Lindsey, I hope all goes well the remainder of your pregnancy!! I ended up having gestational hypertension so they put me on bi-weekly NST also, and ended up inducing me at 37.5 weeks because my BP had spiked WAY too high for their liking. Being induced wasn't that bad for me (besides long labor, but hey, that usually happens with the first anyway), and I'm sure it will all go well for you too! Praying for a safe rest of your pregnancy and a safe and healthy delivery!!

  2. lindsey i am just so happy for you, really really happy for you! I will be praying for an amazing labor and delivery and will by ANXIOUSLY awaiting pictures next month of your miracle. My prediction... a boy!