Sunday, November 6, 2011

Babies Galore and My Babe's Bedding Has Arrived

Last Sunday Brian happened to look out the front door and saw a package sitting behind one of our columns on the porch (who knows how long it was sitting there). Anyways it was from Buy Buy Baby. He carried it in and said that it was really light. I told him to open it up and inside was a lonely package of outlet plug protectors. I said to Brian...that's odd that someone would just give outlet plug protectors. He (of course) told me I was being ungrateful and that I needed to be thankful for every big and small gift. Well as you can all imagine I was quite curious as to who the gift-giver was and low and behold it was from one of my dearest friends Amy with a note saying that she was so sorry she couldn't make it to my shower (she lives in Colorado and at the time was 39 weeks pregnant). Upon looking a little further I saw a note that said the Supergate III Safety Gate would be shipped separately...guess the joke was on me...haha.

Thanks are TOO sweet!!!

And this dearest friend of mine just gave birth to her first child...a handsome baby boy on the 3rd of November. Ame I cannot wait for Will and Buggy to meet...they will be BFF's FOR SURE!!!

And yesterday morning my husband's good friend and his wife welcomed a second daughter into the world...sweet Greta Joy!!! Yet another friend for Buggy...yea!!! We stopped by to see her this afternoon and she is a real beauty.

All I can say is soooo many babies are being born. VERY glad that I am pregnant too or else this would have made for a miserable few months. Starting with my niece Brinley in late June...14 (other) friends/acquaintances have had babies and there are still 5 more friends/acquaintances due before me...oh mi oh many little miracles!!! 

But on to some MAJOR babe's bedding arrived yesterday and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! So much so that I'm now going to order the matching diaper stacker since I couldn't find one to register for.

The whole she-bang!!!

With the blanket...

and a close-up!!!


  1. Love the bedding! So adorable :) Congrats on 32 weeks, such a huge milestone. You are doing so wonderful and look so cute too.