Saturday, November 5, 2011

Baby Shower #2

Today was my second baby shower. And boy oh boy was Buggy ever spoiled...(again)!!! Today's shower was brunch-style thrown by my mother-in-law...attended mostly by aunts and cousins from my father-in-law's side since my mother-in-law is originally from Wisconsin. Although my mother-in-law's sister (Aunt Helen) flew in from Texas just for the very sweet of her! It was a simple yet perfect shower. And everyone (literally everyone) told me how excited they are for our sweet bundle of love to arrive.

The invite...
The grandma's and mom-to-be
The center piece that I got to take home...isn't it beautiful!!!
Me with my gifts

The play mat pictured below was my gift from my mom...originally meant for the twinners (because it was big enough for TWO). I was with my mom when she bought it back in May of 2010. And after losing the girls I told her just to hang on to it because someday my Rainbow baby would LOVE to use it. And in a few short weeks my Rainbow baby will indeed be putting it to good use!!! 

Group Shot...
Front: cousin Barb, Millie, June, Aunt Betty, cousin Linda, and me
Back: my mom, Aunt Carol, cousin Jill, cousin Sharon, Aunt Mil, Aunt Marian, Aunt Helen, and my mother-in-law.

 The loot...
My bouncer, newborn rock-n-play sleeper, play mat, play-yard fence, infant bath, drainable bath scoop, bath toys, towels, wash clothes, pacifiers, toys, blankets, burp clothes, onesies, bottle brushes, sippy cups, kiddy plates and money and giftcards!!!

The beautifully (hand made) crocheted blankets made just for Buggy. Made by my mother-in-law's friend Millie (well actually Millie's mom) and by Brian's Aunt Betty...I just love 'em!!!

Like I already mentioned above...the shower was nice and simple. We just ate a nice brunch (egg dishes, a french toast dish, fruit, homemade bread, and (Panera) danishes followed by the gift opening. No crazy games...not quite the crowd for that :) But it was nice to be loved on and for Buggy to be loved on too! Next shower is a week from today...can't wait!!!

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  1. Wow! Love that buggy and you are so spoiled!! I love the frog pod and the snug a bunny seat...Meg slept in that a few nights when she was brand new. :) I am so excited for you and look forward to buying something gender specific once you have your sweet rainbow baby. :)