Saturday, November 12, 2011

Baby Shower #3

Happy third baby shower to me and Buggy!!! And once again Buggy was beyond spoiled. Today's shower was thrown by my mom with a little help from my sister and sis-in-laws. It was another brunch-filled affair with lots of yummy food. It was attended by all my wonderful aunts and a few of my fab cousins...from both my mom and dad's sides. (Many of my cousins live out of state...hence why only a few were able to attend). So all in was another perfect shower with a fun game to boot!!! And the fun game to boot was a list of 16 different characteristics that my sister came up with and I had to decide whether I wanted Buggy to have each characteristic from Brian or myself. Here's what I came up with...

What I want Buggy to have from daddy...toes, size of hands/feet (Brian's hands are basically the same size as yes I think that makes my hands way too big), legs, butt, eyes (only because my mom really wants a brown-eyed grandchild), nose, skin tone, and intelligence (although I am way more book smart...Brian is just more street/common sense smart).

What I want Buggy to have from texture (GO curly hair!!!), hair color, teeth, humor (I am way more humorous than the hubster), lips (mine are full and luscious), height (I am taller for a girl than Brian is for a guy), smile, and ears.

Wouldn't Buggy be cute!!!

The invite...

Always have to have a picture of the cute center piece!!!

Me with Buggy's high chair

My gift-opening helpers...Cambrey, Naomi (my cousin's little girl), 
Kylynn, (Me), and Addi

Group Shot...
Front: Addi, Naomi, my mom, Cambrey, and Kylynn
Middle: cousin Shannon, Me, Aunt Dawn, and Courtney with Brinley
Back: Aunt Jan, Aunt Betsy, cousin Krista, Aunt Di, cousin Amanda, Jana, Kristi, cousin Kellie, cousin Rachelle, Aunt Deb, and my mother-in-law Jane.

Me with my sis-in-law Jana, my sis Courtney (and Brinley), my mom, 
and sis-in-law Kristi

My favorite little nieces!!!

I could EAT her up!!!

 My plethora of gifts...
My high chair, bumbo seat and tray, booster seat, baby swing, baby monitor, baby bjorn carrier, picnic seat (aka...portable "high"chair), training potty, breast-feeding kit, newborn rock-n-play sleeper (got this at my last shower too), lots of toys, a few books, diapers, a bath towel, lots of receiving blankets, an outfit, bottles, bottle brush, paci's, comfy bath cushion, boppy, hangers, bathtime giftset, sippys, snack catchers, bibs, more white onesies, booties and mittons, miracle blanket, pack-n-play sheet and a formula dispenser.

my Aunt Jan gave me all this stuff for FREE since someone she knows works for Gerber...bottles, paci's, paci holder, paci clip, bottle brush, bowls, breast pads, and infant tooth and gum cleaner.

Looking forward to my last shower in a mere two and a half weeks (with my fabulous coworkers)!!! After that Buggy should pretty well be set...except for the fact that he/she is most definitely lacking in the clothing department. And yes I have returned (and will return) a few of the double items that I have received...who needs 4 bottle brushes or two newborn rock n play sleepers or 19 receiving blankets?!?

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