Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Helmholdt Happenings

Last week Thursday I called my mom to see if she wanted to do something on Friday with me during the day and on Friday morning my sister called my mom to see if she wanted to do something with her and her kids on Friday too. So we all ended up having some last minute fall fun together. We headed out to Robinettes's for a yummy lunch (topped off with pumpkin donuts and apple cider) followed by trekking through a corn maze.

Cambrey, Grandma, and Cole

Courtney with Brinley, Me, and Cambrey. Oh and Cole escaping...

Courtney with Brinley, Cambrey, Grandma, and Cole

Not sure when I last did a basement update so here's where we're at...slowly but surely we've been making some progress. Since we're not in a hurry we decided to take it slow and pay it off as we go. (So we have officially been at this project for 6 months and 1 week...since May 1st). Anyways in August Brian and my bro-in-law (who is an electrician) spent a whole Saturday (while I hung out with my sis and her kiddos) doing some electrical work. Next Brian (with lots of help from his dad) put up the drywall in August/September and then a friend's dad (who is a retired dry-waller) did the mudding and taping (aka the "finish work" of dry-walling) later in September. Then Brian's cousin (who is a painter) and his dad came a few weeks ago and primed our walls (with a sweet sprayer). And just yesterday our lumber for the finish work was delivered (yea!!!) and Brian's best friend (who is a finish carpenter) will be starting the finish work next week (another yea)!!! And then after the finish work Brian's cousin will be coming back the first week of December to spray our woodwork and also do the staining/lacquering in our bar area. And after that Brian's dad will be painting our walls. Then all that is left is the finishing of the electrical, plumbing, and heating and cooling and the flooring and counter tops. Hopefully Brian's dad will have all the painting done before Bug arrives and then we'll take a little break until a few weeks into the New Year!!!

View of the bar area, office area, hallway leading to bathroom, storage, and bedroom, and part of the family room.

Another view of the family room and play area.

Play area and the two doors are more storage rooms.

Bathroom...hard to get a good picture.

And future bedroom.

Just this week we went to the paint store to pick out colors. Ohhh I love picking out paint colors!!! And here is what (I think) we've decided. Most of the walls will be painted springfield tan. This is actually the same color that we have on all our main walls upstairs too but I really like it so I think we're just going to carry it downstairs as well. Then for the bedroom and office area we're going to go a touch lighter with
yosemite sand. For the bathroom I decided to do a light green. The color I chose is brookside moss. And finally for our accent wall (in the main room) I was going back and forth between a rust color or an orange-ish color. I finally decided to go with butterscotch (the orange-ish color). But I like this color too...taos we'll see if I can add this color in somewhere too.

And last update is a little praise!!! I have been going to a "pregnancy after loss" counselor since being about 9-10 weeks pregnant...and let me just say here that she is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and if anyone in the Grand Rapids area needs a recommendation let me know cause I will email you her name. Anyways I took a post partum depression (PPD) screening test at my last session and I passed with flying colors. I have been told (not only by my counselor but by many other people as well) that I'm at an increase risk of PPD because of losing the girls and all the anxiety/stress of this pregnancy. So I was very happy when I took the test and it showed that so far I'm doing well. My counselor will have me take the test once more before delivery, and then in the hospital I will take it again, and finally after the baby is born I will continuing see my counselor for awhile and I will take the test again. Also she is having Brian come with me to a session so she can teach him all the signs of PPD...trying our best to be on top of this because I've heard it (PPD) is awful.

Anyways this was suppose to be a short and sweet post but if you've read all the way to the bottom you know its not...

 And HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY to my sister!!!

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