Monday, November 7, 2011

Non-Stress Test #2

Today I went in for my first scheduled non-stress test. This time around instead of sitting on an examining table...I got to sit in a nice comfy recliner while listening to Bug's heart just a-beating away!!! Bug's heart rate jumped anywhere from 130's-170's but was more often than not in the high 140's to low 150's. And according to my doctor the test looked great. AND my blood pressure was a mere 120/82...and that was on the first attempt. Ohhhhh that blood pressure made me so happy!!! Praying that my blood pressure meds continue to work their magic. Next non-stress test is this coming Thursday.

The "neat" thing about today's appointment was that as I walked into the "non-stress test room" I immediately recognized the other pregnant lady sitting in the only other chair in the room. This mama-to-be lost her son (he was born sleeping at 38 or 39 weeks) a few months before we lost the girls. (She use to go to my parent's church and her in-laws still do). Anyways a few weeks back I ran into her when my parent's church threw a fall festival event at the church and we chatted a little bit about our pregnancies and how uneasy we both felt. At that time she knew she was going to be doing twice a week non-stress tests but at that time I obviously did not. But now we're both on a Monday/Thursday schedule so here's to hoping I get to chat with her at a few more of our scheduled tests. As she was leaving she said that it was nice to know she's not alone...and you know what...I couldn't agree with her more.


  1. Yay for a good test! And while it does suck that you both had to be on the journey, it's so nice to have a friendly face along the way.

  2. I'm still following you Lindsey and can't wait to see you holding your precious babe! According to the ticker here on your blog-- about 54 days!-- you can do it! What a blessing it has been to watch you belly grow, you faith grow, your hope grow. God is always Good !!