Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend Happenings

Brian and I had a wonderful Thanksgiving (and Thanksgiving weekend). On Thanksgiving Day we went to my parent's house for lunch. And boy oh boy was the food ever GOOD!!! As you can imagine my pregnant belly was hurting but lets just say (in my opinion) it was well worth it. Most of my family was together (except my sister's family because her 2 oldest kiddos had strep throat). But the best news of the day was when my brother and his wife told us that baby Vugteveen was a healthy baby BOY!!! After leaving my parent's house next on the agenda was a nap (for both me and the hubster). And then to end our day we went to see Breaking Dawn Part 1.

Friday morning brought a doctor appointment for me and some hunting for the hubby. And then the afternoon called out for some Christmas music as Brian hauled up our Christmas decorations so I could start decorating the house...oh how I just love decorating for Christmas!!! Then later that afternoon I headed into work as Brian headed out to do some more hunting.

My new table centerpiece...I just love my new red and green balls!!!
A little "spice up" of Alayna (above) and Ella's (below) pictures!!!

The Alayna and Ella tree!!!

We decided to not put up our big Christmas tree this year for a couple of reasons but the main reason being that we always take the tree down the day after Christmas and there is NO way at 9 (technically 10) months pregnant that I am going to feel like taking a Christmas tree down plus if Buggy is born already I'm not going to feel like taking it down either. But next year it WILL BE back in action!!! But I still really wanted to display the girl's ornaments so up went the mini tree with all their special ornaments. Last Christmas my parents gave us a Christmas ornament for each of the girls, as did my friend Kami, and I made them each a (few) "First Christmas" ornaments. And then my sis-in-law Kristi and our friends Steve and Laura gave us an ornament for the girls to share.

Saturday morning brought about (yet another) hunting escapade for the hubby and a coffee date for me (at my house) with some of my closest girlfriends. This (entertaining) was a pretty big step for me since I have barely seen some of these friends since losing the girls. But it was nice catching up and seeing their little ones (some that I have never seen or have only seen once). Those that made the date included Janna and her two boys Ezra (20 mo) and Josiah (7 mo), Melissa and her little boy Cohen (3 mo), and my friends Karie and Krista (who was in from Boston). The other 2 gals that round out our group of 7 are Gretchen (who was gone for the weekend) and Rachel (who had just had her second little boy the night before...congrats to Matt, Rach, and big brother Jude on little Rhys Matthew)!!! I did some baking and cleaning (oh and some napping) in the afternoon and then at night we headed out to our first Christmas party of the year with my mom's side of the family. Sorry no pictures...I don't like moving much :)

The 7 of us taken sometime in 2007 (I think...)
Me, Kare, Gretch, Krista, Rach, Janna, and Melis

And that brings us to Sunday. We went to church and out for brunch with our friends Steve and Laura and then after brunch we stopped by their house to pick this up...

Laura I CANNOT thank you enough for your kindness. What is this (some of you may be asking)...its her $350 electric breast pump that she is just giving to me. And isn't it stylish!!! And the rest of the day was spent napping (big surprise) and relaxing...oh and finishing up the Christmas decorations!!!

And last thing to blog about is the sweet baby gift I got in the mail yesterday. My dear friend Kristin sent me a gift when she totally did NOT have to. Kristin your thoughtfulness is much appreciated. As I have already mentioned...I don't like to move too much so here is an alternate picture of the wonderful gift that I received...

Cannot wait for Buggy to enjoy the bath toys!!!
and I cannot wait to read Buggy this book!!!

Praying for you and Dan and the journey you are about to begin!!! SO SO SO worth it!!!

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