Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Yesterdays Appointment

So yesterday's appointment was a busy filled to the brim kind of appointment. The first thing that happened was me getting my weight checked...all good there. The second thing was me peeing on a protein in the urine!!!

The third thing on the agenda was a non-stress test. But right after my nurse had me strapped in she wanted to take my blood pressure. Now I have been going on a Monday/Thursday schedule which means I have a nurse named Beth but if I go on a Tuesday I have a different nurse. So when Mary got out the blood pressure cuff I told her two things...first that Beth never takes it until the end AND second that if she took it now it WOULD most definitely be high. Mary laughed at me (she knows how anal I am) and said that she was planning on taking it at the end too. So first blood pressure was 142/88 (not passable) but thankfully the second was 132/78 (passable). And I am very proud to say that Buggy passed (the non-stress test) within the first 10 minutes (more than likely due to the glass of OJ I drank on the way to the appointment) but of course I was strapped in for the full 30 minutes anyways. This was the hubby's first time witnessing a non-stress test and during it I asked him if this is what he thought it would be like. His response...I didn't know you sat in a comfy recliner! Other stats from the non-stress test include...Buggy's heart rate which ran anywhere from low 140's to high 160's...and even hit the 170 mark a time or two. But baseline was once again upper 140's to low 150's.

After the non-stress test I (we) had what might have been our last ultrasound this go around. And I know this sounds funny but for some reason I was nervous but I always get nervous for ultrasounds. Brian said he was a little nervous too. And we both agreed its because of all our bad experiences with ultrasounds. Kind of an oxymoron since pretty much everyone I know LOVES ultrasounds. But the best news of the day did come during our ultrasound...that news being that BUGGY IS HEAD DOWN!!! So NO amniocentesis's for me!!! Again Buggy was a mover and a shaker during the ultrasound too but we got all the measurements that we needed. Buggy's heart rate was 161 and he/she weighed in at 6lbs even...putting him/her at the 79th percentile. (And here I wrote a few days ago that I thought Buggy would be in the low 5 pound range...guess I was a little off). And another praise is that Buggy's fluid in the kidney (not sure if he/she has hydronephrosis in the left or right) stayed stable at 7mm (same measure 4 weeks ago). And at this stage of pregnancy anything 6mm or below is considered normal so although Buggy still has to have an ultrasound after birth we're only 1mm over normal which is awesome!!!

Then the final stage of this appointment was talking to Dr. J. He gave us all the above stats and asked if we had any questions (and yes I had a few). But since Buggy is head down we are sticking with the plan of inducing between Christmas and New Years...unless Buggy decides to come earlier or if my blood pressure starts to increase from my baseline. I think that about wraps it all up. I go back on Friday for non-stress test #7.


  1. Yay! So glad to hear about all of your good results from your last appointment! He/She will be here so exciting! LOVE the maternity pictures...they are so beautiful and you look so it!!