Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bug's Last Shower

Last night I attended my last baby shower given by my wonderful friends (and coworkers) at Helen DeVos Children's Hospital. And as usual Buggy was spoiled! Ten lovely ladies were able to make it to the shower (although many more gave towards Buggy's loot) at El Barrio. We ate until our bellies were full and then proceeded to top it off with some yummy cake. And then we got to the gift opening...

Me and Bug's changing pad
Nichole and I
Kara and I

The gang...
Front: Kate, Me, and Lousie
Back: Tina, Jen, Kara, J Lo, Stacy, Nichole, and Sarah

And the loot...
Bathrobe, changing pad, changing pad cover, small changing pads, tiny-tots placement, silverware, miracle blanket, teething soothers, and silence sound machine.

They also gave me two very generous giftcards to both Target and Buy Buy Baby. And with the giftcards (and the giftcards that I already have) Buggy will be more than set. Can't wait to do a little damage to those giftcards on Friday (with the hubby) when we go to pick up the last of Buggy's necessities and also a few things that I just want!!! And Buggy's spoiling doesn't end least 3 coworkers (who couldn't make the shower) told me that they have a gift for Buggy. And one of the gals who came to the shower is getting me a 31 organizing utility bag with Buggy's name on this will obviously be coming after Bug is born. So loved!!!


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  1. Yay for Buggy coming this month!!!! Looks like a wonderful shower!!!