Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Every Day Means We're ONE Day Closer

First things first...thought you would all enjoy a lovely picture of my belly. I've told you before but I'm telling you again this little babe LOVES the right side of his/her mama's belly. (And YES this IS a straight on picture of the belly...isn't it a beaut).

Non-Stress Test...CHECK.
Hair Appointment...CHECK.
Counseling Session with the hubby...CHECK.

So my husband who is totally NOT a talker can officially say that he attended his first counseling session (not that he will share this with anyone)...but I am happy to say that it went very well. We learned all about post-pardum depression and its signs and symptoms. We also had time to just ask general questions about labor and delivery and the such. (My counselor was a L&D nurse for over 20 years at the hospital I will be delivering at). She also recommended writing a note (to go on my chart) with a list of requests for my delivery. My requests are fairly simple...I do NOT want to be put in the same room where I delivered my girls and I WOULD like a nurse who is aware of my history. There are a few nurses that I know who work in Spectrum's L&D so I will be putting their names down.

After counseling we had to stop by my sister's house so Brian could take a look at their computer. They were having a little computer trouble and since Brian is good with computers he was recruited to fix the problem. I have no computer talent so I just went along for the ride. Well waiting my niece hopped up on my lap and wanted to feel Buggy move (which means Cole hopped up too)! And this is what my sweet niece said to me..."You know what Aunt and mommy prayed for you and baby when we were doing the laundry." And then she went on to say and I would like to pray for you and baby right now too. (She is only 4 years old folks)!!! And this was her prayer..."Dear Jesus, please be with Aunt Linnie and her baby and all my grandpas and grandmas too...Amen!" Oh how I love her!!!

Relaxing on the couch...CHECK!!!
2nd to last shift at work...CHECK

And I came home from work to this sweet gift from one of the hubby's coworkers...

Nursery Rhymes DVD, a book, and 2 lil toys.

Prenatal massage...CHECK.
Made a few meals to freeze...CHECK.
Bible Study Christmas Party...almost CHECK.

And guess what arrived today...

Bug's diaper stacker!!!

And guess what else came today...

The proof of the wall saying that will be in Buggy's room!!!

Mandy (the gal who helped me design the wall saying) said she could drop it off tonight or tomorrow so here's to hoping the hubster will have it up by this weekend. Time-out who am I kidding...IT WILL BE UP BY THIS WEEKEND :) 


  1. Glad to hear that things are going well - so very close now!!

  2. Blake always went to the left, in fact when I went into early labor they could not even pick up contractions on the right side and thought I was being dramatic. I love your nursery, so cute! Praying for a wonderful delivery and smooth recovery!

  3. You're so very close!!! I wouldn't want to be in the same room I delivered Isaac in either. Our nurse, though, was fantastic. She had the most gentle, caring spirit (she was in training to be a midwife.) If you want her name, let me know.

    Your niece is too cute! Many continued prayers for you in these next few weeks.

  4. Your feelings are so valid. It is hard to thing to anticipate returning to the same hospital where you had such heartbreak. I can say from experience that the nursing staff at Spectrum is very sensitive. I even had my delivery nurse (with April) peek in and say hello and encourage me while I was in labor with Naomi. That was very touching. You will have all kinds of emotions, but the excitement and anticipation of holding this little bug will be so strong.

    God will give you all that you need as he brings you through each moment. I can attest to the peace He gives and the joy He gives. And the sense of balance He gives with your loss and this new life. hope that makes sense :)

    Your heavenly angels will be in your heart and make the moment of bug's birth extra sweet.

    Praying for you!