Sunday, December 4, 2011

Buggy To Do List

It's officially crunch time!!! We gotta get to all the finishing touches in preparation for Bug's MUCH anticipated arrival (because it could be anytime)!!! Which means this past Friday (since I had my last shower on Wednesday) Brian and I went to Buy Buy Baby to buy the last few item that I felt were necessary off our registry. These items included...a snugly little winter hat for Bug to come home in, a second car seat base (one for each of our vehicles), a crib mattress pad, and the diaper champ. We were fortunate enough to have 4 showers so Buggy really did get most of the necessary items (plus some) that he/she needed (or that mom just wanted)!!! There are only two things off my registry that have been bought that I have not yet of which I NEED (the baby's car seat head support). And in talking with my mother-in-law today...she told me that she had bought both items so I have no need to worry that I will get them (or at least the head support) before Bug arrives. 

I ordered Buggy's diaper stacker a few weeks ago so now I am just waiting for it to arrive. I was told it would be shipped by this coming Tuesday (I ordered if off Etsy) which means it should arrive by Friday...if not Friday then hopefully by early next week. The diaper stacker that I ordered matches Bug's bedding so I already know its gonna be awesome!!!

Another thing on my Buggy-to-do list is picking out a little wall saying to put above Bug's crib and I think I have finally decided on a phrase. I was deciding between...For this child I have prayed, and the Lord has granted the desires of my heart, I am a child of God, and Blessing from Heaven. But the winner is...drum roll please...For this child I have prayed, and the Lord has granted the desires of my heart. 1 Samuel 1:27. I found a website that I could order the quote from but I really want to order it from someone who lives locally so I sent this person a picture (one that I got from the website) to see if she could do something (almost) JUST LIKE I'm just waiting to hear back from her. However, if it costs too much (the phrase IS pretty long) then I think I'll go with "I am a child of God" instead. Here is a picture of the photo. I LOVE everything about it except the font (way too loopy for my liking) and I would order it in black lettering...

Yet another thing on my Buggy-to-do list is ordering letters to spell out Buggy's name. However, since we don't know the gender of Buggy...this will have to wait until after he/she is born. But these are the letters I am going to get (in white) from USA Baby...

"Funky" by Twelve Timbers

Unfortunately the local USA Baby is going out of business but thankfully there are many USA Baby's around the country that I can order them from instead!

Another thing we scratched off the Buggy-to-do list this weekend was putting the swing, bouncer, and sleeper together. My awesome hubby put them all together last night...while I packed my hospital bag!!! Brian made me laugh so hard because after he put them all together he said...why does the baby need 3 of the same thing. Oh silly man don't ya know they all have different functions.

Portable swing and Bouncer
And the sleeper...Bug will be in reach of mommy!!!

Now we just need to get the car seat base IN the car...probably going to enlist the help of my sister or sister-in-law on this one. And then I think we are basically set for Buggy's arrival!!!

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  1. Love Mandy's Wall Expressions! I had a saying painted on the nursery wall when Grant was born. If Mandy's ends up being too expensive, that is always an option. I am pretty sure it was under $50 but it has been 2 years so I may not be remembering it correctly. I can get you her name if you want her to quote it out for you. You can facebook message me if you want it- krista schrotenboer