Saturday, December 10, 2011

Helmholdt Happenings

I can hardly believe that in less than 3 weeks my sweet Rainbow baby WILL BE HERE!!! Oh this mama is over the moon EXCITED and more than READY!!! We're Brian is hoping that Buggy will cook for at least another week (or two) because he really wants to have most of the painting finished in the basement before our sweet bundle arrives. I on the other hand will be more than ready after this coming Wednesday (but if he/she decided to come before Wednesday you wouldn't hear me complaining)...not that I think this is going to happen!

The finish work (in the basement) was done last week (yea!!!) and Brian's cousin started priming/painting all the trim and doors this past Tuesday and should be starting on the staining this week (hopefully done by midweek) and then Brian's dad will get as far as he can with the walls before Bug arrives. Then we will take a little break to adjust to our new life before finishing the whole she-bang. It's coming along nicely or so I hear (I haven't been down there at all this week with all the paint fumes).

My reason(s) for wanting Bug to arrive after Wednesday are purely selfish. On Monday I have a hair appointment and my last counseling session before Buggy's arrival. Brian will be attending this session with me because my counselor will be going over post-pardum depression signs and symptoms for Brian to look out yes I would really like to get this last session in. And then on Wednesday I am planning on getting a pedicure (gotta have pretty toes in the delivery room) and I have my last scheduled prenatal massage (unless I book an appointment for the following week). Oh and at night I have a Christmas get-together with my Bible Study girls. This week I also have 2 more non-stress tests plus 2 more shifts at work (my last 2 shifts!!!)...and our house gets cleaned one final time on Monday...then its back up to me to keep the house all spiffy. So its gonna be another busy week but that just means were ONE WEEK CLOSER TO BUG'S ARRIVAL!!!

This week I received a few more shower gifts from some of my lovely coworkers...thanks Jenn, Melissa, and Jesslyn for the awesome gifts!!! And Jen for the Target giftcard.

From Jesslyn: homemade baby wipes (plus the recipe) and some super cute toys!!!
From Melissa: diapers and this book by Max Lucado 
Jenn: these SUPER cute onesies, book, and a giftcard to Buy Buy Baby

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  1. Very sweet!!! I love these gifts!!! And I am so, so excited for Buggy to arrive!!! Just wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for an award! :)