Saturday, December 24, 2011

(Merry) Christmas Eve

Last Sunday the whole fam went to my parent's house for Sunday dinner and we snapped a quick photo of the (thus far) grandchildren. It's nearly impossible to get them all looking...especially with 4 cameras snapping away..they just don't know which way to look!!!
Easton, Cambrey with Brinley, Cole, Kylynn, and Addi

And on Wednesday we snapped a quick picture before heading out to our friend's (Steve and Laura) house to enjoy our second Christmas party of the season. (The first was Thanksgiving weekend with my mom's side). I didn't take any pictures other than this one...oops. We kept our tradition going which meant a yummy dinner of (oil and cheese) fondue and boy was it ever tasty!!! 
The hubby and I

And last night we celebrated Christmas with my family. Oh the noise but oh what fun!!! Can't wait until next year when Buggy and baby boy Vugteveen (due in April) get to join in on all the fun. We started with some appetizers and punch and then moved on to a wonderful steak dinner with lots of good side dishes (broccoli with cheese, strawberry pretzel salad, mashed potatoes, bacon cheese bread, (homemade) applesauce, etc). And after present opening time (which was chaos as usual)...we ended with a more then excellent ice cream dessert!!!

If you were on the got to open a present. You better believe they ALL made a dash to the carpet when they heard that!!!
On the "special" carpet square!!!

Kylynn and I

Cambrey and I

Addi and I

Cole...he is quite a challenge to take a picture of these days...

Easton Marc...funny boy who wanted all of cousin Cole's presents!!!

And Brinley with Aunt Linnie and her soon-to-be 
favorite cousin!!!

Papa and Grandma V with all the grandchildren.

The 3 big girls opening their gifts from Uncle Brian 
and Aunt Linnie.

I could eat her up...Brinley came up with a new way to open up her presents.

Daddy and Mommy sitting on Buggy's Christmas gift from Papa and Gma V. (another gift originally bought for the twins)...but so thankful that we get to use it with our Rainbow baby!!!

Tonight Brian and I are heading over to my parent's house for pizza and games...just the 4 of us. (All my siblings have other Christmas parties to attend). And then tomorrow afternoon after church we'll celebrate Christmas with Brian's parents. And that will wrap up Christmas 2011. 

And on a totally different note...Happy 18 months in Heaven (today) to my sweet Alayna Joy!!!

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