Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas From Heaven

Wishing my 3 little angels in Heaven a very Merry Christmas. Know that mommy and daddy love and miss you 3 so very very much!!!

Merry Christmas From Heaven
(Author Unknown)

Throughout the Christmas season.
Don't fall into despair
Relive the special times we shared
We promise I'll we'll be there.

You'll find me us in the stories
Of loved ones who stop by
I am We are the flickering candlelight
My Our spirit did not die.

Continue with traditions
And gather round the tree
We want you to be happy
You were everything to me us!!!

So, fill the house with warm thoughts
And know that I am we are a part
Of all the joy the season holds
Here always, in your heart.

Love From Above,
Alayna, Ella, and Luke

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