Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Merry Christmas

It really didn't feel much like Christmas this year. I think for 2 big reasons. First because there is NO snow to be seen and second I just want to meet my sweet baby (already). But Christmas it was and we truly did have a very wonderful Christmas. 

I was getting ready for church this morning when Brian said are you at a point where you can take a "break." I asked him why and he said because Santa had left some presents for me under our Christmas tree. I told him that we didn't have a Christmas tree and he said...yes we do!!! And sure enough sitting under our "Alayna and Ella" tree were some presents all wrapped up. The hubby...even though we had agreed to NO presents (for each other) this year....bought me us some presents. The (us) presents: the last 2 Harry Potter DVD's and 2 card games (Quiddler and Five Crowns). The (me) present: my "L" for Luke charm and then Brian got himself something too. Gotta love that hubby of mine!!! 
The gifts under our precious tree.

My Alayna, Ella, and (now) Luke charms!!!

Then after church we headed over to Brian's parents house to celebrate Christmas. A much quieter affair than  any Vugteveen get together...thats for sure!!! But we had a wonderful time talking, eating, opening some presents, and playing a little Quiddler. And Baby H even got him/herself another present...his/her Chicco Liteway stroller!!!
The annual "in front of the tree" pose.

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  1. You all have been constantly on mind heart...waiting to hear any updates on baby :) Praying fervently for you!!!