Wednesday, December 21, 2011

More Nursery Stuff

So I know I said yesterday that Buggy's room was basically complete and I know I said I was in no rush to pick out a clock or some artwork but that was before I spent all yesterday afternoon on Etsy :o) I have been relaxing (aka...couch sitting) a  little LOT more than last weeks "GO...GO...GO motto" because at this point I would prefer that Buggy spend a few more days in my belly. I would just like to get through all the Christmas parties before his/her arrival...instead of spending the holidays at the hospital but if Buggy has other plans...then so be it!!! 

So back to the nursery talk. I was on Etsy yesterday and came across some super cute artwork. I messaged a couple of the owners to see if they could "modify" the colors because I want all the artwork to be in my color scheme...(although I am okay with a little gray here and there) and one owner told me she could (yea!!!) but I haven't heard from the other yet (not surprising seeing as its December 21). But here are a few of the pieces I am considering...(again remember that all of the artwork WILL be in white, gray, black, and yellow).

I will be choosing between one of the first two pieces...
You can find her work at Apple Blossom Print.

 And I will be choosing between two of the following five pieces...
(If I went with either of these pieces I would have the wording taken off)
You can find her work at VT Designs. And this is the owner that I KNOW can change all colors to my color scheme!!!

And these are the frames I picked up (today) at Michaels for 50% off for the above artwork...

And I went to Target (with my handy giftcards) and found this clock (I know gasp...its not in my color scheme but I liked it so I bought it) and another picture frame for the bookshelf. Here's my funny story behind these purchases. Target (as you can imagine) was c-r-a-z-y busy. The cashier quickly rang up my two purchases, bagged them, and was already ringing up the next person before I had even grabbed my bag or put my giftcard back in my wallet. Once I got home I looked at my receipt and wouldn't you know...she didn't charge me for the picture frame. And there was no way pregnant 'ole me was heading all the way back to Target for a $10 frame.

And I saw on Lindsey's blog (Worth the Wait) a super cute DIY project. So I went to Hobby Lobby and bought some blocks, yellow paint and black letters. Unfortunately they only had one block (in the size that I wanted and it was cracked) so then I headed over to Michaels and they didn't even have the size I wanted at I guess I'm just gonna have to wait until after the New Year. But I plan on spray painting the blocks yellow and putting the stickers on to spell Bug's name...can't wait to see the finished product!!!

Oh and yesterday when I was checking out nursery ideas at this website I came across a white changing table where the peeps had switched out the white knobs for pink. I loved the idea so yesterday when Brian and I were picking out hardware for the basement we order 6 black knobs for our changing table. Now we just have to wait for them to come in. Oh the ideas keep flowing!!! 

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the last 2 pics of the 5 that you will be picking from. i wanted to do the yellow black white theme for a nursery, but my husband said it's too "glum"...wait til I show him yours!!! i love it so much, i know he will to! great ideas. so "pinteresty"...:o)