Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Non-Stress Test #12

I started this post yesterday afternoon but when the eyes started to close I decided to take a quick nap instead. And obviously since I am posting it today...I never got back to it...whoops.

But back to my update...Ahhhhh only a few more appointments to go until Baby Helmholdt arrives!!! I am so ready to be done with weekly (or since 32 weeks twice a week) appointments...not that I don't enjoy hearing my sweet Bug's heartbeat and knowing that he/she is okay but I just want to hold my Miracle Baby already...and that's all there is to it. Bug cooperated nicely today...meaning lots of accelerations and back to baselines. But my nurse was being super picky and wanted the accels to baselines to last longer. So she did a little belly pushing to get one more really good acceleration. But I have NO qualms with her being super picky with Bug's movements....just means everyone cares lots and lots about my little Buggy!!! Heart beat on average was more in the 150 range yesterday and hit the 160's and 170's frequently during his/her accelerations. Blood pressure was 138/80...a touch higher but nothing to be concerned about per Dr. J. Urine looked good. And Dr. J is happy with my weight gain. He said he couldn't be happier with where were at and that our prayers (to get to 37 weeks) have been answered!!! Back again on Thursday.

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  1. I will be sooo sooo soooo excited to hear you went into labor with your sweet, sweet baby! I could not be more thankful that you have cooked that sweet baby to a point that he/she is healthy. Any time now...