Thursday, December 15, 2011

Non-Stress Test #13

So today's appointment was a loooong one...almost 2 hours long...(they were running a bit behind). But once again I left feeling very reassured. Yesterday and this morning Buggy was less active (which I know at this stage is totally normal) but it just makes me a little uneasy. So I loved how cooperative ( Buggy was today during the non-stress test. Heartbeat was mostly in the 150's and 160's with a few blips into the 170-180's. Blood pressure was a little elevated (140/82) so I had to lay on my side for a few minutes but thankfully it came down nicely (and quickly) to 116/72. All in all Dr. J was happy with everything. And if he is happy then so am I!!!

So I wrote my letter to the L&D staff at Spectrum (which included my wants and my don't wants concerning delivery) and my nurse said that when she faxed over all of my information to the L&D charge nurse that she was very receptive to it. And Dr. J LOVED (absolutely LOVED) that I wrote a letter. He even personally went to make a copy of the letter and told me to personally walk that copy over to the charge I did. He said to me...if a parent personally walked a letter over to your floor who had previously lost a child (on your floor)...wouldn't you do everything in your power to meet their requests...and the answer is obvious...most definitely YES.

They are going to try their best to put me on 3C (I delivered the girls on 2C) but if that's not possible then they will most definitely make sure to NOT put me in the same room as the girls (this is all I truly care about). I was bummed to find out that my 2 favorite nurses (from the girls) no longer work L&D at Spectrum but I did list a few nurses that already know my history (whom I would love to have as well)...just praying that one of them is working. If on the off chance none of the nurses that I mentioned are working (when I am induced) then I just asked for a nurse with experience in caring for a woman delivering after loss. Simple enough requests...don't ya think.

As I was leaving Dr. J gave me a little hug and said the moment you hold this baby will be a moment of sadness and joy all in one. Sadness over all I (we) never got to experience with the girls and joy that this sweet little miracle has finally made it into our arms. All I can say is tonight I am so thankful for such a wonderful and caring doctor that has made this journey of pregnancy after loss that much easier.

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