Monday, December 19, 2011

Non-Stress Test #14

Had another good appointment today!!! Blood pressure was 132/84. No protein in the urine. Bug's heartbeat bopped between the 140's and the 150's. And Buggy passed the non-stress test with relative ease.

Now when I say Buggy passed with relative ease what I mean is there was one "little hitch" to us passing. Since Buggy was pretty calm today (he/she was moving but not a whole lot)...the "little hitch" was that we got buzzed. And did that ever get Buggy moving :o). Because Buggy wasn't moving a whole lot today they put a buzzer right up to my belly and it buzzed for like 5 seconds. (If the baby reacts to it...excellent. If not then an ultrasound is sometimes needed). But no ultrasound was needed because Buggy started kicking and moving with heart accelerations like crazy once he/she heard the buzz. Of course I was slightly concerned that I had to be "buzzed" but Dr. J reassured me that EVERYTHING looked excellent and that I had no reason to be concerned about anything at all. He said that at this stage babies have longer sleep cycles and chances are Bug was just sleeping...and that the BUZZ woke him or her right up!!! Thankful for another good report!

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  1. So glad for a great report! Sounds like Buggy was in fact sleeping... that's exactly how Mech wakes up. Deep, deep sleep and only responds to loud noises... at which point he's promptly a flurry of action! :) Hoping Buggy comes very, very soon! I'm so excited for you!!!