Thursday, December 22, 2011

Non-Stress Test #15

Thankful for another good appointment!!! Well the blood pressure was a little high (which meant I had to lay on my side for a few) but other than that...everything was looking GOOD!!! My blood pressure was 140/76 and after laying on my side for 5 minutes it came down nicely to 120/72. Buggy was super cooperative during today's non-stress test. No extra tummy pushing nor did I have to sit there a little longer to get a few more acelerations. Heartbeat did its typical fluctuation between the 140's and 150's. Oh and I found out a few appointments ago that my strep test was negative so no antibiotics for me!!!

The office was so busy today. I'm guessing because they have limited appointments this Friday and are closed this coming Monday...just trying to cram everyone in. So I had to wait just a bit for my nurse to call me back. I was just getting comfy in my recliner chair when she had to quickly go into another room. When she came back she apologized and said that a lot of sudden appointments had popped up (aka...bad things happening to other patients). I told her it was no problem. She strapped me in and I didn't really see her again until my test was over (and normally she checks in frequently). So she again apologized and said that she wasn't trying to ignore me but that she had just run a patient over to the hospital. Again I told her that I completely understood. Plus by now I can read the monitor just fine so I knew that Buggy was kicking the non-stress test's butt!!! When I got into the car I told Brian why I was calling a bit later and told him how thankful I was that we were not in that situation again. Makes you put things into perspective...thats for sure.

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