Thursday, December 1, 2011

Non-Stress Test #9

Buggy and I had a little chat this morning and during that chat I told Bug that he/she better cooperate during today's non-stress test. But do you think he/she listened? Mmmmm...that would be a NO. We had to sit there for a good 40 minutes before we "passed." Buggy was pretty sluggish to begin the test but after a little poking and prodding he/she became very active!!! But most importantly I left feeling reassured AND Buggy once again reminded me that we all have our sluggish days.

Heart rate was all over the place from mid 130's to high 150's with a few blips into the 160's. Blood pressure was rocking at 134/76 and no protein in the urine. Next appointment is this coming Monday and I will be swabbed to check for that lovely little thing called Group B Strep. I asked Dr. J if he'll start manually checking me next week and he told me that he is "new school" and that he doesn't do manual checks. And then he explained why. He said that he believes manual checks only increase the odds of cramping and bleeding...which lead to extra OB triage visits...which more often than not results in "the patient" being sent home...which results with "the patient" receiving a nice bill in the mail. He also said even if I (or any patient) were at a 4...that I could sit there for a few weeks. Bottom line is...if he doesn't feel that it's necessary then I don't either. But I did ask (since I won't be manually checked) if I would be having any more ultrasounds to make sure that baby's head was down. He said no because he can tell by feeling my belly. So he pushed on my belly and said that baby is definitely head down and definitely locked in!!! Oh man oh miskins I cannot believe that we're heading into week 36 (9 months baby!!!) nor can I believe that this is finally the month of Buggy's MUCH anticipated arrival!!!

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