Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Nursery Tour

The nursery is basically complete. Well as complete as it can be until Buggy arrives!!! And I LOVE how it turned out...

View from the door.
(Don't mind the swing...its not a "part" of the nursery but I didn't feel like moving it).

Diaper stacker, changing table, and diaper champ.

Pictures above the changing table...Mommy and Daddy with Alayna, Buggy at 20 weeks, and Mommy and Daddy with Ella.

IKEA bookshelf...needs some filling up yet!

Rocker and baby's name (in these letters) WILL go on the wall next to the window.  

Rocker, crib, and my awesome (I Samuel 1:27) phrase.

Close-up shot of "the phrase!"

Left side of the closet...yes its a little empty yet but that will be fixed really soon!!! I love how baby friendly the closet is...5 shelves on the left side and 3 on the right...plus the perfect amount of room for baby/toddler clothes! You can't tell by the picture but the top shelf is already full of my extras (crib sheet, changing pad cover, pack 'n play sheet, crib mattress, etc...plus Alayna and Ella's plush toys from last Christmas.

The right side of the closet...what clothes will need to be returned?!?

Buggy's toys (I LOVE my 31 bag) and hamper (both in the closet).

Once Buggy is here I'm sure the bookshelf and the closet will fill right up but otherwise I am very happy with Bug's nursery!!! Yes I might add some things here and there but for now its feeling complete. As you pry noticed I don't have a lamp in the nursery but Brian put a dimmer on the light switch last night so I don't feel like a lamp is necessary. However, I would like to get a clock for the room but to be honest I haven't even started looking for one yet (and it has to fit my yellow, black, and white theme). I also might look for some cute artwork for the walls but I'm in no rush. I got done what I wanted and thats all that matters to me!!!


  1. it looks so adorable! i can't wait to find out what you are having and when he/she arrives safely!!!

  2. Oh my goodness, I love it! I completely teared up when I read the verse... I LOVE that verse! Where did you get the application?

  3. The nursery is very cute,Lindsey! I can no longer read your blog though! The yellow print on the white background is really hard to read...I can only see it if I bring my laptop a few inches from my face...maybe it's just me though!