Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Boys Rule

I had to run some errands today and one of those errands was a trip to Target. I had to return some pink and purple sippy cups (that I had received at one of my showers) because Brian said he didn't want his son drinking out of "girly looking" cups. So the cashier (a young girl) asked me if there was anything wrong with the cups and I said nope. We just didn't know what we were having and obviously we had a boy!!! I then added...and I'm not sure why someone bought me pink and purple sippys since we didn't know what we were having. The cashier said the person pry hoped you'd have a little girl. I kind of looked at her and she said well when I was pregnant I really hoped for a little girl. And I asked why? She said because I'm a single mom. In response I said...well I wouldn't trade my boy for anything...we went through a lot to have him. And I'm sure now that you have your little boy that you wouldn't trade him for anything either. Her response...I still wish he were a little girl. And then she went on to say...I didn't know what I was having either but I was still disappointed when he first came out. WHAT (insert swear words here). I just couldn't believe the words coming out of her mouth. I guess some people don't realize how lucky they are to just get pregnant and to just have a baby.

This is totally not to say that I wouldn't love a little girl (again) someday but I wouldn't trade my BOY for the WORLD!!! Never once have I felt disappointed that my Buggy was a HE and not a SHE.


  1. Thank Heaven for little boys. :)

  2. So sad that she feels that way! I had a surprise pregnancy with my first, and hoped for a girl, but was not disappointed that he is a boy! This girl has way more issues than what she stated; so so sad.