Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Looking Back at that First Post

For some reason the other day I went back and read my very first post... It's A Roller Coaster Kind of Life. It brought tears to my eyes. It's crazy how fast life changes. One minute I was pregnant with twin girls. The next minute my life was turned upside down. Now a few minutes year and a half later I am holding my precious Rainbow baby in my arms.
I patiently (or not so patiently) waited on my Heavenly Father and trusted that He had a plan for my life. And I trusted that His plan included me being an earthly mother. With faith that never only sometimes wavered my promise came true on December 27, 2011. I honestly don't know how many times a day I stop and thank God for my little miracle. And when the tears come (because they still do) I look at my little miracle and remember that God's plan is perfect. Oh yes...God knew all along what He was doing!!! 
In that post I wrote..."She (my mom) gives me so much hope for the future. That someday I will be a mommy again and that Brian will be a daddy. And that we will be able to tell other children about their big sisters." There were times when I wondered "will I ever be a mommy again" but I am so thankful for the encouragement that my mom always gave me. She kept me believing even when I doubted. No one knows God's plans for their lives but for me the desire of being an earthly mommy never went away. And because it never went away I believed that my dream would someday come true. And praise the Lord it did because now I can tell Mason all about his big sissy's (and his big bruder)!!! 
So here I am a year and a half later and so thankful that my life is not quite as "roller coasty." But man oh miskins has it ever been quite the ride. And even though I know this ride is far from over...I am so excited to finally sit back and enjoy a little bit of it!!!
So keep trusting. Keep believing. And KEEP PRAYINGBecause God IS still listening to you. And He KNOWS your pain. But He (and only He) knows what's best for you...so desire His plan...His perfect plan!!! And most importantly continue to wait patiently (or as patiently as you can) because the end result WILL be worth all the pain and suffering it took to get there.

You will have pain but your pain will turn to joy. John 16:20


  1. I just ADORE those newborn photos! You look amazing, too, Mama!

  2. I could eat that kid right up!

    Love this post, love the verse- love that you can enjoy the ride!

  3. By the way- tessa is six months old, and I still do that frequently through the day. Stop what I am doing and dance like David because I am so happy to have her!

  4. Love the pictures! The one of you and Mason is awesome, you look fantastic! I need a newborn pic of him they are all so cute. Can't wait to snuggle him again soon!

  5. Awesome post! Very inspiring and heartwarming!