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The Long Awaited Birth Story

Where it ALL began...Implantation Day.....4/12/2011

Because of my high blood pressure (since 27 weeks) Dr. J did not want me to go past my DD (of January 1)...which was TOTALLY fine by me. So on December 15 my induction date (December 26, 2011 at 8:30pm) was put in the books!!! (Dr. J and I had talked a few weeks prior about tentative dates but I got my paperwork on the 15th...thus making it official). A week later on the 22nd he checked my cervix to see what kind of induction medication I would need. I was only dilated to a 2 and 50% effaced so it was decided that I would start with a small dose of cytotec and if needed I would start pitocin around 6am the following morning.

Induction Night.....12/26/2011
Ready to POP!!!

We arrived at the hospital at 8:30pm and were brought to the big corner suite on 3 Center. I was so thankful to be on 3 Center and NOT 2 Center. (I delivered the girls on 2 Center). And before I go any further I want to thank my sister's friend Lisa D. for assigning me my nurses and (I think) for getting me the big corner suite too! I had the BEST possible care (Kat, Kristin, and Amy) and loved my big room. 

My first dose of cytotec was placed at 9:30pm (at this point I was only dilated to a 1 and 40% effaced.....a few steps back from what Dr. J said I was on Thursday). Unfortunately upon arrival my blood pressure was C-R-A-Z-Y high so I had to be hooked up to a blood pressure machine that was set to go off every 15 minutes. As I'm sure you can imagine I got zero sleep with that thing going off so frequently. So when I was checked 4 hours later (at 1:30am) I asked if they could take the cuff off so I could get a little sleep. Thankfully my nurse was fine with taking the cuff off and they also gave me a small dose of ambien (in hopes that I would get a little bit of sleep). At my 1:30am check I was only dilated to a 2 and 50% effaced. 

I managed to get a good 3 hours of sleep after I took the ambien but at 4:30am woke up with the urge to pee. Once I settled myself back in to my bed I finally started feeling some (mild) contractions. They were coming every 2-3 minutes but were very tolerable. An hour later at 5:30am (4 hours since my last check) I was checked again and was now a whopping 3 and 70% effaced...slow and steady on the dilation and effacement wouldn't ya say? 

At this point the resident talked to one of Dr. J's partners (the on-call doc) and she gave the go ahead for them to start me on pitocin. So my pit was started at 6am. Being on the pit did not change the intensity of my contractions. (I could still hold a conversation with no problem). Around 7:30am my day nurse (Amy...whom I had requested) came onto the scene. She gave me the most amazing care but I already knew that she would because she took care of me for one 4 hour shift when I was still pregnant with Ella. (She was the nurse taking care of me when I found out I was infected. She also went to high school with Brian and we come from the same home town so we know a lot of the same people). A few minutes later Dr. J arrived. Dr. J said that if I wanted he would break my water. (Since I had delivered before he felt comfortable with breaking my water....otherwise he would have wanted to wait it out a bit longer). For some reason it seemed like Brian didn't want him to break my water so I said we would wait a bit and see if the pit would put me into labor. Not more then 10 minutes later the day resident arrived and asked me if I wanted my water broken....(pretty sure she didn't know that Dr. J had just asked). She said that it would definitely speed things up. Thats all I needed to hear...I said lets do it!!! For some reason at this point I didn't care what the hubby thought. So the resident broke my water and not more than 30 seconds later my contractions were more than uncomfortable...they were downright PAINFUL. And believe me I could NO longer talk through them. 

Because of my blood pressure issues I needed to have some labs drawn (to check my platelet count) before an epidural could be started. So Amy immediately called lab and told them it was a STAT order. I asked Amy what "STAT" really meant. Remember I work at this hospital and STAT isn't always quick. She said STAT means they have an hour to get to me. Oh my word is all I could think at this point. My contractions were horrible. And changing positions only made it worse. But not more than 10 minutes later lab arrived...PTL!!! Amy called the anesthesiologist next and of course both the L &D anesthesiologists were in sections. Thankfully they found another anesthesiologist willing to come right over. Once that bad boy was in I was feeling lots better. *Note to self NEVER let anyone break my water before an epidural is placed.*

Well about an hour later I was checked again and wouldn't ya know...I was ready to push!!! Dr. J was called and when he arrived 15 minutes later I began pushing (it was 9:45am). He waited around for a few contractions but said that he would check back in an hour if he hadn't gotten a call from Amy telling him I was ready. Well an hour passed and there appeared Dr. J again. He wasn't too impressed with my progress and without saying the "C" word threatened a C-Section. Basically he said that at this stage most people would have had their baby by now. Then he was off again but that was all I needed to hear to really start pushing. (I will be very honest in saying that I was so afraid of pooping and/or farting while pushing that I definitely wasn't giving it my all). After 20 more minutes of STRONG pushing...Amy gave Dr. J a call and said that I was ready. He thought she was joking but no sir this momma heard his warning. Dr. J came back all smiles and said I didn't say the "C" word did I? My response...I understood what you meant! Neo had to be present at delivery because my sweet little Mason boy had decided to poop in utero...(this was noticed when my water was broken). Thankfully they were not needed because Mason came out with a soft whimper and Dr. J had told Brian and I that as long as he made some sort of noise after delivery that all would be fine.

And at 11:13am our Miracle BOY Mason Dale entered into this world!!! Brian cut the cord and Dr. J said dad what do we have? But I saw that Buggy was a BOY at the same time Brian said we have a boy. Oh when I saw my healthy baby boy it truly was the BEST moment of my life. Words cannot even begin to describe my emotions at that point. I was instantly in love. My first thought was he's healthy AND HUGE!!! But I didn't know how huge until he was weighed...and yes I was a bit surprised at my 9 pounds and 5 ounces of pure perfection!!!

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  1. What an amazing story! Sounds like such a beautiful experience! I'm so glad you were able to avoid a c-section and that he arrived so healthy and happy! :)