Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mason's first (11) Days

Yes this is my THIRD post of the day...don't miss M is for Mason or The Long Awaited Birth Story.

Where do I even begin. The last 11 days have been some of the very best days of my life. It's amazing how fast a day can go by when you're taking care of a newborn. lack of postings this week. Mason is such a good little boy. He barely fusses. He barely cries...(unless he's getting a bath). He is such a good eater...(breast-feeding is going extremely well). He is peeing and pooping. And he LOVES to sleep...(he's even had a couple 5 hour stretches on a few different nights)!!! Basically he's an angel!!!

We arrived home around 11am Thursday morning (12/29/11). To say it was an emotional car ride home (for me) is putting it quite mildly. About 5 minutes into our drive home the tears started falling. I said to Brian...this is not PPD...I am just so happy that we have a healthy little boy in the backseat. Believe me I will never forget driving home from the hospital in an empty car with an empty womb. One of the worst experiences of my life. So yes this time I was simply overjoyed that our sweet baby boy Mason was coming home WITH us! And yes Daddy did drive a little bit slower with our little miracle in the back seat! The drive TO the hospital was a bit emotional too. When we were driving to the hospital (on Monday night) we were both pretty quiet. I asked Brian what he was thinking about and his response was...just thinking about what could go wrong yet. Funny thing is I was thinking the same thing. It wasn't until Mason was placed in our arms that we finally (both) relaxed.

Friday brought about Mason's first outing. We had to get his weight checked at his Pediatrician's office. When we left the hospital Mason weighed 8lbs 11oz and at this check he was still 8lbs 11oz! During the night (Thursday into Friday) I noticed (while feeding) that Mason's eyes looked a little jaundice but I wasn't too concerned since my breast milk was just coming in. However, the nurse also noticed the yellow in his eyes so she said that she would talk to Dr. M and see if he wanted us to get Mason's bili level drawn. Sure enough later that afternoon we got a phone call saying that Dr. M did want a bili level drawn. So we were off again to get his bili checked. Thankfully it came back at 11.5 so nothing needed to be done.

We laid low on Saturday. We had our first home visitors (Grandpa and Grandma Vugteveen, mommy's friend Noell and her hubby Jeff, Grandpa and Grandma H, and daddy's friend Ryan). On Sunday Mason made his first (of many) trip to Gpa and Gma V's house to celebrate the New Year. Mason also met his great-grandpa Scholma!!!
4 Generations

Monday was another low-key day. But Tuesday brought about Mason's newborn visit with Dr. M and a trip to Target. About the newborn visit...we LOVE Dr. M (our Pediatrician)!!! Mason gained 4oz (in 4 days) which put him at 8lbs 15oz...mommy was SO proud!!! And when everything was said and done Mason checked out to be one healthy little guy. The only slight concern was about his gum line...(it's crooked). The pediatrician that we saw in the hospital first noticed it but said he hadn't really seen it before so to make sure to follow-up with Dr. M about it at our newborn visit. Thankfully Dr. M said he sees it all the time. What Mason has is a form of tordicollis (of the neck). Basically in utero he was probably jammed into one position for the last 6-8 weeks and couldn't turn his head/neck. So the right side of his neck is tighter than his left. So this means that Mason needs to go to therapy once a week for (approx) the next 4 weeks.

The second "concern" was about his mild hydronephrosis. Dr. J had said to have Mason ultrasounded before we left the hospital. The pediatrician that we saw in the hospital said to wait at least 2 weeks after birth. But Dr. M wanted to wait at least 6 weeks. So we set up an appointment for Feb 13. Dr. M said since Mason is peeing so well that he believes the hydronephrosis will just resolve on its own. And then after his appointment we ran to Target to pick up some odds and ends. Again he was a super star and didn't make a peep!

Wednesday was a crazy busy day. It started with me waking up at 7:30am so I could shower and eat before waking Mason up to feed and dress him. We had to be at his first therapy session at 9am. The therapist was awesome...calls himself "Uncle Todd." He stretched Mason's neck side to side while Mason just watched. After awhile Mason became uninterested and fell asleep. We had to run a couple of errands afterwards and then it was off to get his newborn pictures taken!!! Kerry (the photographer) was amazing and Mason slept for the most part. I had to feed him a couple of times and I was lucky enough to be peed and pooped on during these feeds times (newborn pictures = a naked baby)! Pictures took 3 hours and since we hadn't eaten since breakfast the hubby was starving we made a quick Taco Bell run before heading home. I jumped in the shower, returned a few phone calls, and fed Mason before Mason and I headed out to my cousin's wedding shower. Yes this was Mason and I's first trip together!!! It was a small shower at Carrabba's but once again Mason was an angel. He slept the shower away in his car seat. He got a little fussy towards the end but it was almost time to feed again so I picked him up for a bit before sneaking out a little early.
Mason's new hat for his newborn pictures!!!

Since we were so busy on Wednesday we took it easy Thursday and Friday. We were home all day Thursday and the only outing on Friday was to Meijer to pick up a few groceries. And now its Saturday. Tonight its off to my parent's house to celebrate my mom's birthday and tomorrow we're attempting church and then lunch at Brian's parent's house. I think that mostly sums up Mason's first 11 days of life...and a wonderful 11 days it has been!!!


  1. my oldest had torticollis too. we just did therapy at home and it resolved quickly! it cause a lot of acid reflux too, which unfortunately, didn't correct. i never heard of another child with torticollis before! funny. glad everything went so well. he is so handsome!

  2. Oh my word, you are so busy! I don't think I left the house once the first two weeks with either of my boys unless it was to the dr of course. So glad that you are feeling well and that Mason is such a good little boy!